Welcome KIM! from a girl and a glue gun.  This is such a fun tradition for kids!  I love how this captures the memories each year!


HI! I’m Kimbo and I blog over at a girl and a glue gun and i’m super excited to be here (big puffy hearts the crafting chicks) and I like big run on sentences.

One of my most favoritest traditions is one my mom started! Each year in your stocking we got an ornament. Something that represents us for that year. If we did volleyball that year…or got our drivers license, I have a telephone one (I was 14!) After we got married my mom packed up all those ornaments and gave them to me to decorate our first little tree.

and I knew that looking at that little tree with all those memories on it would be a tradition that i would FORCE onto my kids!

christmas traditions an ornament each year

So each year I get to pick the PERFECT ornament for my kids to get each year.

Like the year my daughter was Barbie Ro for Halloween

PicMonkey Collage jordan

or the year my son watched the cars movie literally EVERY morning. and would carry a blue Lightning McQueen and a red McQueen in each hand. PicMonkey Collage kaje ornament or the year my daughter was born PicMonkey Collage ornament

Some years i can’t find exactly what i want, so i get creative (picture me screwing an i-hook into a littlest pet shop head. Last year i even diyed my kids with sculpey (go HERE)


and it’s actually my kids favorite part about setting up the christmas tree–they each get a bag that is filled with their ornaments


(i also stick their homemade ones they make in school)


and they get to put them on the Christmas tree.
(and i make sure each ornament has the year on the back–just for posterity’s sake.)
I even started giving my husband ornaments so he can feel cool too….
i’m sure he would feel cooler if the cowboys would win more…just saying.
After the Christmas tree is up, we love to sit around and remember all the fun memories that are associated with it.
I wouldn’t trade our little Christmas tree for the fanciest prettiest tree at pottery barn.
geez. Now I’m all excited to get my Christmas crap out!
Thanks for having me!!!!


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  2. We do the same thing, I love looking for special things throughout the year for them.

  3. having experienced that first Christmas on the other side of the country wondering how to try to create some decorations etc without even a penny to spare, I must tell you that I made sure there was a special ornament or other object for each child that they knew they would take with them to their grown up home. you have taken this to another level beyond what we did but you are blessing their future Christmases in ways only my now grown children could tell you.
    they will be so thankful

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