Welcome the amazing Mique from Thirty Handmade Days!  We love Mique’s printables, recipes and party ideas!  I love this idea (I {heart} teachers)  I know they will love this idea…the gift that keeps on giving throughout the year!


Hi everyone! I’m Mique from Thirty Handmade Days and the Queen Bee Market. I love sharing printables, recipes and gift ideas (like this Anniversary On the Hour– still one of my favorites!). Let’s talk traditions……

We have lots of traditions in our family for the holidays. Pjs for Christmas Eve, an orange in a stocking, opening presents oldest to youngest, food, and lots more. But last year I started a new tradition with my kids that they want to continue this year. Yay!

This new tradition has to do with a gift. I love giving gifts to people who are a positive influence in my kids lives. Last year I came up with the idea to do Dessert of the Month Club for Christmas. Instead of just giving an apple _______ (insert tchotchke there), why not give a gift every month throughout the year? Be forewarned- it does take some work. But I promise you that your child’s teacher will feel loved, appreciated and thought of for more than just the Friday before she or he gets of school out for winter break.
Here’s how it works:
Pick one day a month to bring treats to your teacher.
Print a sheet of Dessert of the Month Club cards.
Some elements from these printables are from the Ink Nest.

Dessert of the Month Club printable cards from www.thirtyhandmadedays.com

Get your kids involved! Each month on the day before it’s dessert club day, get in the kitchen and get to work. Wrap up your yummy treats and have them delivered on that day. We did the first Monday of every month last year.
This idea would work for friends or family members too- it’s not limited to teachers. But my kids teachers loved and looked forward to the 1st Monday each month. There was a parent volunteer who talked about how she lucked out with volunteering on that day every month too. Ha! Dessert of the Month Club- fun tradition for teachers from www.thirtyhandmadedays.com

Do you need some ideas for what to bake? I’ve got you covered. Visit my recipes with a plethora of desserts to choose from!
Thanks Crafting Chicks for letting me hang out and share a little bit about my family and our traditions. They are my world. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season!

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Mique is the owner of a creative blog, Thirty Handmade Days. She likes sharing printables, recipes and unique gift ideas. She also owns a craft boutique, the Queen Bee Market . She’s the mom to three crazy, cute kids and has been married to Josh for fifteen years. When she’s not creating: reading, the beach, being “baseball mom” flip flops and good food make her the happiest. Stop by and say hi at 30days or visit Mique on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook or Google+.


  1. I LOVE this idea! I think I may do this this year. Thanks so much for the idea!

  2. Such a super cute idea! Love it!

  3. I love this idea! It shows your appreciation for the rest of the year and not just at Christmas time. Thank you!!

  4. OMG I love this idea! My little guy is still too young for school but this would even be great for a Grandparent gift (since they seem to have everything). We lived with my mom and stepdad for a year and a half after moving from out of state and my mom always says how much she misses all the sweets and treats I used to make cuz she didn’t have to do the work or cleanup and just got to enjoy the goodies.

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