{Reindeer Hand Print Ornaments}


 Every mom loves to have handprints of there children because they grow way too fast!  We made these Reindeer handprint ornaments so that I could remember my little ones’ hands every Christmas!  Plus…the kids loved to help me make them and hang them on the Christmas tree.
Supplies you need to make Reindeer Handprint Ornaments:
-Tan and red thick cardstock
-an acid free black ink pad
-scallop scissors
-brown pipe cleaner
-a google eye or black brad for the eye
-a small red pop pop for the nose
-hot glue gun
-small hole punch
Steps to make the Reindeer Handprint Ornaments:
1.  Rub ink on your child’s hand.  This works better than pressing your child’s hand in the ink.  Press down firmly on the tan paper to  make the hand print mark.
2.  Cut around the hand print and then glue on the red paper to create a cute border.
3.  Cut around the tan paper with scallop scissors to leave a darling edge.
4.  Add your eye and nose with a hot glue gun.
5.  Next you will punch one small hole just above the eye for the antlers and one small hole to hang the reindeer with some string or ribbon.
6.  Then you will cut your pipe cleaner in half (so you have 2 halves).  Then take one half and cut that in half.  SO you will have one bigger piece and 2 smaller pieces.  Take the bigger piece and push through the hole. Then twist it together on top.  Then add the small pieces to each side to create that antlers.
7.  And finally…add some cute ribbon or string at the top and hang on your Christmas Tree!
Make sure to add your child’s name and the date to their reindeer so that you can remember their precious hand print!


  1. says

    Darling! I love how it shows how big (or small) their hands are, which will be so much fun to look at when they get older! We will do this project for sure.


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