{Abby’s Kitchen}

My little girl got this kitchen last year and I had to add some fun decor to spice it up! I was inspired by the red striped and polka-dot apron that came with the kitchen. This has been one of my all time favorite projects. I made double sided placemats-very easy!

& double sided chair cushions. Very easy to make. Just used the seat of the chair for my pattern and used batting in between the fabrics. Added some polka dot ribbon to tie on the chairs.

And my favorite, the faux window. I just bought a canvas, painted an outdoor scene, added white grograin ribbon for the window panes and then made some drapes to go on the sides.

Happy Crafting Everyone! I think my crafting will now be on hold. My little muffins are going to arrive any day now!


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    Wow, that is amazing. My little girl just turned one but Ill be sure to give her a kitchen inspired from your design when she is older. I geuss I better start now

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    This is exactly what I have needed. Our frog has her kitchen and table nook in our large living room. I have wanted to make it more her space then a portion of the living room. These photo’s have hit the inspiration wave for me. I now know what we are going to today. First I need to brainstorm on how we will go with that awesome picture with curtains..
    Major Kudos on such a cool kid spot!

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