Monogram Bags

A few months ago I made these little Monogram Bags for my kids. They are their quiet bags for church or any other quiet activity. They love them!! I added the letter of their first name with pellon (two sided iron on sticky fabric). I used this tutorial to help with the main parts of the bag. I also added a little pocket in the front for snacks and what nots. Super easy project!

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  1. LOVE these!! so cute. Can’t wait to try them!

  2. i love these bags. i might attempt to make them for my kids. you always have the best ideas!!!

  3. I loved the idea of these bags that I made all my nieces and nephews (that I had for Christmsa) and my two kids bags. I blogged about it here – Thanks for the idea and the link to a tutorial on how to make them. Love your website. I jump over whenever I get a chance. You have some fun ideas

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