Keepsake Boxes

I have saved all of my kids things from when they were babies. Hospital hats, blessing shoes, bracelets, hair. I really needed somewhere to save it all, so I made these cute Keepsake Boxes. They were so easy to make. I got the tins at Hobby Lobby and Modge Poged scrapbook paper onto them. Then I just decorated them a little and put my kids initials on the top. So easy!!! :)


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    So cute! I made a recipe box out of one of those tins and I love it! Yours is so cute and that’s such a sweet way to keep all of your child’s keepsakes together!

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    Super cute! I have little keepsake boxes for my little girlies as well – it’s a great way to store their little things and keeps me in control of saving too much – if it doesn’t fit it usually doesn’t stay :)

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    I’m a lurker. I visit your blog all the time but rarely leave a comment. I know….bad! I hope you don’t mind but I shared the wonderful “Moms Brownie” recipe on my post today and linked it back to you. Our family LOVES those brownies. Have a great day.

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    I love this idea. Right now I have my kids keepsakes in a cardboard box, I am so going to make something cuter now!!!
    Where did you get your tin boxes?


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