{Exciting News}

Crafty Chicks started as a group of friends that wanted to share fun crafty ideas with each other. Thanks to the magical world of blogs we had a lot of friends and followers join us on the way. We are so amazed at how many of you like our little blog. It makes us all feel good to know that our fun ideas help inspire you as well. Here are a few of the upcoming changes:

{More consistent posting}

We are going to challenge ourselves to post more often with little ideas, tricks, and tips as well as the fun crafty ideas that pop into our heads. We also would love to hear from you so let us know if you have any questions that you would like answers to.

{Guest Postings}

We love all the fun ideas out there so we are going to start to have some guest posts. We know we aren’t the only crafty chicks in the world.


You read that right. In fact, we will be kicking off our new blog launch with a fabulous giveaway so stay tuned for sure. You can also contact us if you would like your product to be part of a giveaway on our site. Just email us at, craftingchicks@gmail.com

{Crafting with the Chicks Classes}

We will hold some mini crafting classes where you are invited to come and craft with us. One or two of us chicks will put together a fun little craft and gather all the supplies. You will be able to pay in advance for the class and come craft with us. We are so excited to get to know our readers and have fun face-to-face.

Please let us know what you think of our new upcoming changes. We are so excited, but would love to have some feedback from our readers.


  1. says

    I came across your blog about a week ago. It is currently my favorite blog. I wasted way too much time looking through all your older posts. I love it! I’m excited to be a follower and for your upcoming changes.

  2. The Playin' Lakins says

    I love the class idea! I have been taking lots of classes at Heartland in Bntfl, and I love the girls there and learning new things. But I am excited that you will be doing classes as well, hopefully I can learn more new things!

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