{Blog Relaunch & Giveaways}

We are so excited for our blog relaunch and makeover this coming Monday, April 19th! We have some exciting things in store for our readers, followers and fans. Here are some fun upcoming changes with Crafting Chicks!
We are going to kick off our blog relaunch and makeover with 6 giveaways in three weeks! The first one will begin on Monday, April 19th. So remember to check back and leave a comment to be entered into our giveaway. Each week there will be two giveaways. We will also continue to have giveaways throughout the year!
We are excited to share more crafty ideas, to invite other crafters to guest post, and to begin offering some “crafting with the chicks” classes. So stay tuned.
Also, our fellow Crafting Chick Kirsten will be doing a guest post over at Knock Off Wood on Sunday, April 18th. She will be sharing her adorable kiddie kitchen that she made.
We are thrilled about the upcoming changes to make this blog even more fun and to keep us thinking about more crafty ideas to share with you!
the Crafting Chicks
Becky, Brooke, Jamie, Jen, Nikkala, Kirsten


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