Giveaway #4 Winner!!!

Oh wow, I am so excited about this giveaway! After reading through ALL of your sweet comments, I truly wanted to give something to each of you. Unfortunately I’m not made of money, dang. :) But thank you so much for entering.

Quick announcement before I share the name of the winner: If you would like to order a temple print, I am having a Mother’s Day special right now. Free Shipping if you order by Tuesday May 4. That’s when I need your order to get it shipped in time for Mother’s Day. Visit Crownberry Designs (  to place your order. Thanks!!

Now on to the big announcement! Drum roll, please…………………………

Giveaway #4 Winner!!! 16×20 Personalized Temple Print winner:  SUSAN E!
Yay!!! Susan, email us at ASAP with GIVEAWAY #4 TEMPLE in your subject line, so we can get your shipping info and you can tell me which of the temple prints you want! Congratulations!!!
Now, I felt bad about not being able to give everyone who commented something. So I decided to draw another surprise winner for a Crochet Headwrap!!
Crochet Headwrap winner: Viva los Villezcas!!!

Hooray!! Please email us at ASAP with GIVEAWAY #4 HEADWRAP in your subject line, so we can get your shipping info and so you can tell me which headwrap you want! Congratulations!!!

Don’t forget to tune in on Monday for our last week of giveaways!!!


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