Homemade Flowery Frames
I just re-decorated my daughters’ room in hot pink, black. and white.  I found these frames at Tai-Pan in just the perfect color to match their hot pink & white bedding.  They were so boring and kind-of cheap looking, so I just added some flowers to one of the corners.  So simple, but I really LOVE how girly and cute these Homemade Flowery Frames look!!!:)

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  1. Oh my goodness, that photo is sooo cute, and in such a cute frame no less!

  2. LOVE these jen lou!

  3. Great Idea, they look great!

  4. I love it! My daughters room is also black, white and hot pink!! I have some projects up on my blog of things I’ve done in her room. Great job.

  5. Too dang cute!

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