{Kid Room Decor-Monogram Photo Wall}

I am SOOOOO excited to share this project with you.  My 3  1/2 year old twins recently moved into the same room (to make room for babies).  I needed some fun wall art for above their beds.  I needed it to coordinate, not be too girly or too boyish, and not be too expensive.

I had a really fun time creating this easy to do, monogram photo wall.

Here are the steps to crate your own Monogram Photo Wall:

Step 1:  Gather frames, photos and letters that coordinate with your bedding, pillows and other decor.

I found chipboard letters, wooden letters and metal letters.  I rounded up frames that I already had and was about to give away.  I also used Mod Podge to create a 8×10 photo canvas.  Much less expensive than ordering a wrapped photo canvas.  I wanted this to be very cute and very inexpensive because we weren’t sure how long A & B could last in the same room (we have already had many 4 am room parties and midnight roamers-but it is getting better! Hallelujah!) Step 2:  Trace your letters and frames onto paper and cut out the patterns. Step 3:  Use the paper letters and frames to move around and position your photo wall.  I moved these patterns around several times until I found a good fit.  You can’t really mess up-I found that there were a few different ways to place the letters and frames and they all looked great. Step 4:  Hammer your nails in the correct spot on your paper pattern-so that all you have to do in remove the paper and hang your letters and photos on the nails. Step 5:  Hang those photos and letters!  I have to say, these photo walls were a huge hit with my kiddos.  They loved having “their special letter” above their beds, as well as photos of themselves!  Very cute and an inexpensive way to spruce up a child’s room. 

It would also be fun to create a photo wall in your family room with family photos.  I’d love to see photos of your Monogram photo walls!

Also, Check out Crafting Chick Kirsten’s Awesome Photo Wall that she created for her entryway last year.


  1. says

    What a fun and adorable idea!! It looks great and I love the tip about positioning the paper shapes so it’s really easy to put the nails in. Love it!

  2. Renee says

    DARLING idea!! Love it! But I am curious, I also love the bedding-where did you find the quilts, pillows, etc for both beds? So very cute!! Love your blog! Renee

    • says

      Hi Renee,
      Thank you! I got the girl bedding from Pottery Barn Kids. It is called Abby bedding-which is fun because my little girl’s name is Abby. I bought the boy bedding at Target! Thanks!

  3. says

    So cute! And, you crafty gal, you made the arrangement look awesome on angled walls that I would have pulled my hair out trying to figure out what would fit up there!

  4. tina says

    i LOVE this idea!! we just put my son and daughter in the same room last week, and i’ve been looking for decorating ideas!!! thanks for sharing!

  5. says

    What a great idea! My sister has three kids. Girl, boy, girl and she’s thought about putting them all in one room so she can have a play room but she’s a little uncertain on how to go about giving them their own little space. Especially with her son. This is a great solution! I have 5 boys. The 10 year old and 9 year old share a room with bunks so do the 6 year old and two year old. What a great way to personalize their little nook!!! The baby is in his own room and I was looking for just the right wall decor for the wall where his crib is! Sorry to go on but I love that this is personal and yet still uniform. I love it! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. says

    LOVE this idea. I have twin girls who just turned 3 and I have a letter for each of them…but, now I am going to get more and some fun pictures printed. Thank you! Really cute…love your blog!

  7. Laurie says

    The wall turned out so cute! You mentioned that you modge podged a picture to make a canvas print . . . Did you just take a regular canvas and glue the picture on with modge podge and then m.p. over the top of it, too? I love gallery wraps, so I’d love to know how you made yours! :)

  8. Heather says

    I love it!! I plan on doing this above my little girls bed now! But what is that wall color?? I’ve been looking for a good green but can’t find one I like, but I really like the color of your walls. Do you remember the name?

    • Nicole says

      Benjamin More and Pottery Barn have a nice green called “Kittery Point Green” HC-19… This room looks like its the same color as my girls room, and we used Kittery Point Green… Check it out.

  9. says

    This is fantastic! Since the housing market is terrible here, we are getting ready to move our 6-year old son and our 2 1/2-year old daughter into the same room to make way for baby #3 and I have been looking for a way to make the room more personal for both of them (and not to girly or boyish). Thanks for sharing :)

  10. Christy says

    I love this it is adorbale I am going to use this in my daughter’s room. I would love to kno where you got your daughter’s bedding from my daughter would love it.

  11. Brittany says

    This is a wonderful way to make their bedroom soooo cute! Thanks for sharing! Also, just wondering where you got their beds? They are to die for!


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