Baby Legs Giveaway Winners

I’m excited to announce the Baby Legs Giveaway Winners :  Thank you everyone for the nice comments!  I wish I could send you all a pair!  But hopefully you can make your own following the awesome tutorials that I found!Here goes!


{Comment #6 Leslie: great giveaway! I just love babylegs, they are super cute.}


{Comment  #11 Heidi: I would love to win a pair of those cute babylegs! I have two little girls}


& since these baby legs are so easy and fun to make, I had to throw in one more winner:


{Comment #19 Micah: I love these, probably cheaper than buying the baby legs….. I want to try this. So cute!!}


Please email us at and let me know if you would prefer boy or girl baby legs!  I can’t wait to ship these off!XOXO Jamie

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