Illustrator 101: Digi Scrapping with Alma Loveland

Nikkala + Alma

While at EVO we were able to meet some awesome and blog famous people. One of our favorites was Alma Loveland of Isn’t she just adorable?

The Crafting Chicks and Alma struck up a deal bound by a pinky promise. She’s agreed to teach a class all about Adobe Illustrator geared towards digital scrapbooking for our readers! This is a brand new class just for you! Alma will teach us (yes, us. you better believe we’ll be there too!) the basics of Illustrator and we will learn to make: patterned backgrounds, stamps, die-cuts, photo borders, and overlays. That’s everything you need to know to start designing your own stuff!

Alma has been teaching Illustrator classes since 2008, and is currently teaching with Nicole’s Classes–which offers both live and online courses in Illustrator, Photoshop, and photography. Alma works alongside her husband, Mike doing graphic design and digital portraiture. They are a dynamic duo! And she’s a pro at teaching (and designing–check out her work!)

If you’ve ever looked at scrapbook products and thought “I could so do this!” But really had no idea where to start, then this class is for you! I’ve been trying to figure out Illustrator on my own for years, and end up frustrated every time–so you can be sure I’ll be the first signed up to have Alma to show me how it is done!

Here are the details:

Illustrator 101: Digi Scrapping

When: August 14th 10:00-4:30
Where: Pebbles in My Pocket in Orem, UT
Cost: $100
What: You’ll need a laptop with Illustrator installed–you can download a free 30 day trial from

Click on the link above to register! While this is class is specially designed for us–it isn’t exclusive to Crafting Chick readers–so bring your friends and tell your neighbors all about it! (If you were a good friend/neighbor you’d tell them about Crafting Chicks too!)

Just to be sure of the difference: Illustrator is not Photoshop. While they are both Adobe products, Photoshop is more for photo editing and Illustrator is for illustrating-or drawing with your computer!


  1. says

    This is VERY tempting indeed. I’m feeling very comfortable in photoshop, and have taught myself bits and pieces in Illustrator. I can tell we’d love each other if we knew each other better. (I feel that way about Neil Diamond too…but that’s neither here nor there :) ) I’m gonna seriously think about this…..

  2. says

    Oh! I wish I lived close enough so I could attend….I am teaching myself Illustrator right now and would love some one-on-one guidance!


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