For camping, or any occasion for that matter :)

Problem:ย  Girls couldn’t go down the river in flip flops, they fall off, and they HAD to wear shoes…..

Solution:ย  My brain….hmmmm……ok….let’s fold tape in half, make strap that goes around the ankle, cross them in the front and tape to keep shoes on….wear flip flops anyway….

Craft some cute flowers to go on top…..it’s amazing what we can come up with when we have limited resources…the girls LOVED them ๐Ÿ˜‰


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    Those are honestly adorable! My daughter loves to make things out of duct tape (she recently just made herself a wallet), so I can’t wait to show her these!! So cute (and so resourceful)!

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    Ummmm……Einstein called…..he thinks you’re brilliant!!

    (what a cute camp! It almost makes me want to camp. Almost. Still not though)

    Girls camp is SOOOOO much work. Kudos to you! And I bet you’re glad it’s done. (’til next year)

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