{“SPOOKY” Accordian Halloween Banner}

Trick or Tweet my SPOOKY friends out there…speaking of SPOOKY, I look pretty SPOOKY as I sit here and type, it’s a good thing my face isn’t being broadcasted across this page, that’s a SPOOKY thought.  Anyhow, I’m excited to share this spooky banner with you because it’s SUPER easy to make and I love how it turned out.  There are only a couple simple steps….(cute black and white frames designed by Crystal Wilkerson as well as elements in Halloween banner above, chick from Shabby Princess)

1.  Pick some cute letters that can be spray glittered or that are ALREADY glittered.  This is where I sprayed mine with the help of my five year-old.

2.  Make some fun accordion wheels out of old book pages (my pages were 5×8″-3 pages per wheel)…instructions with my Vintage Birthday Chandelier HERE.  Hot glue those to fun decorative paper that you trim to about 1″ larger than your wheel. Simple yea? Woot Woot!

3.  Hot glue your letters to your wheels.

4.  Staple your wheels to some fun ribbon, lace, or ric rac.

Hang your banner and ENJOY!  Seriously this is an easy one you MUST try.

So I have a questions for all your crafters out there…what’s something fun you plan on making for this Halloween season…favorite food, craft, decor, what are YOU working on?  Can’t wait to hear from you!


  1. Jenny D. says

    LOVE this! Just might have to try this one for my mantel. Right now I am working on Martha Stewart inspired pumpkins favors for my son’s Halloween party.

  2. says

    Did you put a cute border on all your already cute photos? Yes, you did? You rule! And I gotta say, I tried to throw together some little fold-ee halloween flowers with my cub scouts last night….yeah…not so much. Apparently I need to perfect this technique a little before I spring it on 8 year olds! I’m gonna try again though. Because I think the idea is super cute. And hopefully, I’m a little better at folding than the cubbies. Probably not though.

    • says

      Good luck with that Ellie….I’ve been a scout leader before and really that’s where I learned that boys DON’T APPRECIATE “ELABORATE” activities…I learned that they really enjoy the RANDOM activities in the book like hop on one leg and steal handkerchief’s out of the others’ pockets. Ha ha it’s a good thing I learned a thing or two about boys because I have 3 now :)

  3. says

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!! I am a word document saved on my desk top of all the cute crafts I wanna make…This is totally going on that list!! THANKS!

  4. says

    Love this idea! What is the spray glitter that you used? I have a paper mache tree that I just made and want to cover with black glitter. I was going to use the Extreme Glitter from Plaid, but spray paint would be much easier to get all the branches. Thanks!

  5. Kierstin says

    Kirsten, Wow! We have the same name! Crazy world. I’ll bet you were born in the same hospital a week apart from me too. You rock! Your banner is SUPER cute and I really should consider making one someday… or you could just make one for me 😉

    p.s. I think that the spelling of your name would be better if it was spelled like mine. Mine is better.

    loves n snuggs xo

  6. says

    Oh I just love this.. so festive and wonderful. I am working on some stamping projects.. involving some canvas cloth.. but it is a secret to be revealed next month on my blog.

  7. Laci Mattingley says

    My favorite thing so far is my spooky tree, I went out back and cut down a tree that was already broken off from the wind, its just a little tree with some branches, no leaves as they’re all gone. I spray painted it black and stuck it in a vase in my house and added cobwebs to it. I posted it on my blog if you’d like to see. http://www.kipp-n-ducky.blogspot.com/


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