{DownEast Basics Vintage Looks, Modern Style Line + GIVEAWAY!}

The Chicks are huge fans of DownEast Basics clothing!  Right now they have a new line that mixes vintage looks and modern style.

I can’t get enough of their new jackets.  Love them all but my favorite was their Union Jacket.  I was lucky enough to get to sample one of these babies for spreading the word of their new line.  I love how the Union Jacket fits.  I love that it is light weight and simply adorable! (Who wouldn’t love those buttons!)

I am loving their embelished shirts and sweaters.  Flowers on shirts make me happy.  You could dress up these shirts for your holiday parties that are just around the corner.


Now for the giveaway!  DownEast Basics is giving one of our lucky readers a new arrival item of their choice!

Check out their new arrivals at: http://www.downeastbasics.com/newarrivals.aspx

To enter, leave a comment telling us your favorite item from their new line.

To get extra entries, you can also follow DownEast Basics on Twitter at http://twitter.com/downeastbasics  or ‘like’ (aka ‘fan’) them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/downeastbasics.

This giveaway will end at midnight on Saturday, October 30.  The winner will be announced on Sunday.


  1. Tabitha says

    I’d have a hard time choosing between the Grecian Goddess dress and the Know When to Fold Jacket!

    I’m also a fan on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

    I love DownEast! Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. Kristin says

    Wow, I am Loving those clothes (and accessories too)! I think I like the Frosted Flowers Cardigan or the Perfect Peplum Jacket. I really can’t decide. Oh, and the bags. And the scarves…….

  3. says

    I love DownEast Basics. The new line is great so many wonderful things to choose from, it was hard to decide but I think my favorite was the Infatuation Cardigan or Know When to Fold Jacket and many more.

  4. Kris says

    Ooh, I am so excited about their stuff. My bank account is going to suffer, but my wardrobe will be awesome!

    I think my fave is the frosted flowers cardigan. So pretty!

  5. Misty Call says

    Love it all, but if I have to choose just one, I’d pick “Know When to Fold Jacket- Plantation”. Thanks for this giveaway!

  6. Shayna says

    I just had a baby and am in desperate need of clothes and have been eyeing DownEast basics. I would so LOVE to win this giveaway. I love the dozen roses top!

  7. Laura Mo says

    I got to have Perfect Peplum Jacket in Plum. IT will make me feel Uber hip after having a baby. Thanks for the give away.

  8. Ann says

    I love the whole line, but really fell in love. I really love the Simple Silhouette Dress, but my favorite has to be the fall flowers bag in purple. It would totally have all the girls drooling!

  9. Lauren says

    I’m with you on this, I LOVE the Union Jacket in gray. But a close second is the Ollalieberry Skirt. Thanks for introducing this line!

  10. Amy Shumway says

    It’s so hard to choose. But I really love the Perfectly Pretty Skirt. It’s all too fun!

  11. Deidra says

    I like the sophistication dress. I love me a DownEast dress, especially since I don’t live in Utah anymore and don’t match half the women at church! :)

  12. Kim says

    I just got their catalog the other day. Love their clothes!
    My new favs are the Union Jacket, the Lovely Layers Cardigan, and the Dozen Roses top.
    So exciting, keep my fingers crossed!!!
    I’m gonna go “like” them on facebook now. :-)

  13. Martie says

    I love the Perfect Peplum Jacket- Heather Grey!! I can only imagine all the different places I could wear that beauty.

  14. says

    They have so much cute stuff it’s so hard to just choose one! :) But I really like the Infatuation Cardigan! SO Cute!

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  15. says

    Oooh this ends on my birthday so I hope I get an extra birthday present! I love the fancy flounce skirt, or any of the jackets are super cute!

  16. Amanda says

    Such cute stuff it’s hard to choose. I like the Know When to Fold Jacket in Hawaiian Blue.

    But, I love all the cute skirts and the Antique top, too.

  17. says

    I saw that Diva jacket at the store yesterday. It screamed at me. And in the interest of time and money….I ignored it’s cries. Those turquoise buttons! Seriously, it’s so loud. And I think we would be besties!

  18. Celeste B. says

    I follow Downeast on FB and I’m reeeaaally wishing there was one in Virginia, but can’t wait to go again when I’m out west over Christmas!

  19. Celeste B. says

    I really love the sophistication dress, know-when-to-fold jacket, and the antique top…just to pick my top three but LOVE them ALL!

  20. Brittany Evans says

    I am seriously in LOVE with Downeast Basics! Everything they design is so cute. The fancy flounce skirt is extra cute! :)

  21. Charlene says

    What an awesome giveaway! Its hard to choose one favorite. I think I’d go with the know when to fold jacket. Thanks for the chance to win.

  22. harmony says

    I’d have to say that I also think that the Union Jacket it my fav. So cute… and it looks like it might be forgiving of my broad shoulders. Yay!

  23. says

    The cross my heart top and the sprinkles on top top are darling, but what I like most is the fact that their prices are managable. Oh, the perfect plum jacket is pretty awesome, too!

  24. says

    I LOVE Downeast!!! Oh my gosh their new stuff is to die for!!!! My birthday is in a couple of weeks and I hope to be getting some stuff from there! My FAV is the Grecian Goddess Dress! So Stunning! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  25. says

    Thanks so much for linking to this awesome clothing site! It’s so hard to find things pretty, modest, and reasonably priced! I’m loving the Simple Silhouette Dress and the Pruned and Pretty Tee!! And the Weekend Tote in Cream. And the Crocheted Scarf. Hmmmm … could really do some damage at this store! 😉

  26. Christine says

    I love it all! I almost bought the Gourmet Garden Skirt but went with a dress instead. And I am thinking about going back for the Frosted Flowers Cardigan.

  27. Julia says

    Perfect Peplum Jacket- Heather Grey is my favorite although it is hard to choose! Missing Downeast stores so much now that I live on the East Coast!!!

  28. Adrian says

    I could definitely use this!! I LOVE the gray Perfect Peplum Jacket and the Frosted Flowers Cardigan… & the Sophistication Dress is beautiful, too!!!

  29. says

    Thanks for introducing me to DownEast Basics. I’ve never heard of them until now. I went crazy looking at all the awesome stuff on their website. It’s so hard just to choose one thing because everything they have is so beautiful and stylish. However, if I have to choose it would be the Perfect Peplum Jacket- Heather Grey. I’m a big fan of hoodies. Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. says

    I am digging these plum/eggplant colors this fall. I love their Perfect Peplum Jacket in Deep Plum. You could dress this up or down with a cute pair of jeans! Love it!

  31. Aubry says

    I love the Simple Sillouette dress. I just stopped nursing my baby and would love to have a new dress to celebrate.

  32. Ashley J says

    It’s so hard to pick just one. I’ve looked at the Flower Box Top in the store several times, but I also think the Perfect Peplum jacket would be….um perfect!!!
    Cute stuff!!!!

  33. says

    I love Down East and all their clothing. Right now I am really loving their Sprinkles On Top or the Dozen Roses Top as they give a little extra room for after I have had this baby!!

  34. Rebecca A says

    the sophistication dress is so adorable – and would be perfect for thanksgiving! it looks so comfy yet dressy enough for dinner.

  35. Kimberly says

    I love love love the fall flowers bag in purple- I think the purple gives it some extra uniquness and charm- plus I have to wear black a lot anyway (for my job) so I’m always looking for some color to spice it up.

  36. Lyndee Walker says

    I love DownEast and wear their products literally everyday, they are that great! I love the Dozen roses top and the textured knitted scarf! Amazing! I also am a follower of facebook!

    Thanks Chicks for hosting this giveaway!


  37. Dawn Damron says

    I have to say–not to copy :)–but I love the union jacket in black and I love the skip to my lou wrap top/jacket. Both would be fun and different to wear. I’ve loved their clothes for years. I go to their store in Cedar City whenever we visit family. Thanks for the Giveaway!!!

  38. Tenille K says

    I’m a fan on facebook!! I love downeast clothing. Very chique and VERY affordable. It is always my first stop when I need to dress up but don’t want to spend a fortune.

  39. Kate Stewart says

    I’m as so loving the frosted flowers cardigan– want the plum wine color! I also LOVE the Grecian Goddess dress and the Fall in Love bag. Giveaways rock- THANKS!!

  40. Katie Curtis says

    I love all this stuff! IT is just what I have been looking for! My favorite was the FROSTED FLOWERS CARDIGAN! Love it :)

  41. Deb Pouliot says

    What a range of choice!! I have to say the simple silouette dress would just be classic and flattering on any body type…yet it has a little update with the embellishment of flowers. Definitely a favorite…but then there are many. (Do agree about the jackets too…especially the union jacket.


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