Silhouette Giveaway and Coupon Code

We are so excited for November! The Crafting Chicks have been busy planning to make this month a great one for our readers!

To kick things off we’re starting with an awesome giveaway!

We love our Silhouettes (we have 5 of them amongst us!) and you’ve seen some of the projects we’ve done with them:

Becky’s Be Thankful Board

Jen’s Sweet Wall Words

As much as we wish we were giving away an actual Silhouette SD, we’re not–but we have the next best thing! Silhouette product! And the great part is you can use them whether or not you have a Silhouette! Silhouette has come out with some really fun products–magnetic paper and tattoo paper (that you apply with water), and their heat transfers! Check out their site for more product information. The Silhouette blog is full of great ideas too!

Silhouette is Giving a $50

Bundle Package away for FREE!

And it includes…

2 Heat Transfer Rolls {Yellow & White Smooth}

1 Tattoo Pack

1 Magnet Sheet

You do not need a Silhouette machine to use these products…all you need are your handy scissors!

To enter leave a comment on this post. The winner will be announced on Nov. 10th and will have 72 hours to claim it!

And get this: Silhouette is also offering 25% off on all their accessories with the code: CHICKS
{Runs through November 13th at midnight!}
Saving some SERIOUS holiday gift-giving cash!

**Silhouette products can only be sent to a winner living in the states and a winner may only win once, even if it’s from a different host.

*While we paid for our own Silhouettes, we did receive a bundle package to review in exchange for this giveaway. Our opinions are our own.*


  1. says

    This past weekend in discussion with my husband, I explained the magic of the Silhouette! It’s on my wish list. These items would be a bonus! Thanks for the oppportunity!

  2. Tambryn says

    I hope I’ll get a Silhouette for Christmas and I’d love to use these with it. However, I can think of 100s of things I’d cut by hand if I had the materials!

  3. Tanya says

    Now this is one giveaway I would love to win! Since I can’t afford a sillhouette yet, I would love to start out with some product. I love your blog!

  4. Celeste says

    I cannot comprehend how I survived before mine. Especially as a new primary president. :/ thanks for the discount code, too, but I really really want to win!

  5. Lisa says

    I have been OBSESSED with the Silhouette ever since I saw what you can do with it (thanks to your site!), but still don’t have one! If I won this, then I would HAVE to buy one, right?? 😉

  6. Cindi says

    I could ask my husband for the Silhouette as a Christmas gift…
    Many thanks for the opportunity to win this delightful prize package!

  7. Tiffany says

    I would love to win this. I have so many things i would like to do, but not enough money for all of them, What a great giveaway!
    tiffern at frontiernet dot net

  8. says

    I can’t even count the number of times I have entered into a drawing for a silhouette! I can only imagine the countless things I could do with this baby! Especially the heat transfers! Please please please pick me!

  9. Shai says

    Hi! If I win this, my husband will be easier to persuade :) (Not that I haven’t been known to “happen to pick ____ up, Honey”)

  10. Sarah M. says

    Oh my goodness, I have been lusting over the Silhouette for several months now. This would absolutely make me the happiest Mommy in TN! :-)

  11. says

    I have never used any Silhouette products and I don’t know anyone who has, but I sure am feeling some butterflies in my stomach just thinking about winning this giveaway! Sure would be fun to try out something new like this! :)

  12. says

    I just got a silhouette machine. I would have SO much fun with this bundle. (Especially with the holidays coming up and three little grandchildren!)

  13. LightheartedinTexas says

    Wow! What a great giveaway!!
    I am still learning to use my Silhouette but love what I can do so far. :)
    Don’t you just love downloading new graphics and then instantly being able to use them?
    Thanks for a chance to win some cool stuff.

  14. Rhianna Shaw says

    Oh the things I could create and do…vinyl wall sayings, kid crafts, thanksgiving projects and christmas fun too….oh I soooooo hope I win!! ~Rhianna

  15. says

    Dear Silhouette, I think we could be good friends. Looks like my odds of having you are about 1 in 1700. Hope we can get together soon :) Love, the sunshine queen :)

  16. Breezy Lazenby says

    I would love to win this. It would help with a few projects around the house that are just waiting to be finished.

  17. melody says

    Would love to win!! I asked for a Silhouette for Christmas and I hope that Santa brings me one so this would be perfect to get me crafting into the New Year!!!

  18. Michele B says

    WOW…What a great giveaway!!! Would LOVE to win this..already dreaming of the many christmas gifts I could make!! Fingers crossed!!!

  19. Mandy says

    I found this site while looking for the best place to buy my Silhouette! I would love to get some goodies to go with it!

  20. Jessie Filter says

    I was just comparing this to a cricket. Love the fact that you don’t have to buy any cartridges with the silhouette. This would be a great addition to the Silhouette I get for Christmas!

  21. Tanya says

    This would be awesome!!!! I have been thinking of gift ideas for my nieces and nephews and this would come in soooo handy.

    Thanks for a chance to win!!!

  22. Tara says

    I need Silhoutte goodies. I have spent a small fortune on stuff for mine so winnning some freebies would be great!!!

  23. says

    My girlfriends and I keep talking about getting one of these, and hinting to each other’s husbands that this would make a great Christmas gift! haha

  24. ChrisE says

    I’ve been thinking of putting a Silhouette on my wish list. This bundle would be so fun to play with (and would probably move the Silhouette right up to the top of my list, right?!)!!!

  25. Ashley says

    Ok—I NEVER win these giveaways, but I guess I will give it ONE more try-because I want one of these soooo bad!!! My sister has one but she lives kinda far away so I cant just mooch off of her—I NEED MY OWN!!! I can’t believe all the things you can do with this baby! Whoever wins is one lucky gal! {p.s. I love this site and take anything you guys say as GoSpEl! Is that sacrilegious!?!? :) Thanks for all the great stuff!}

  26. Karen Walker says

    Love this idea. I’m so thankful to have found your website!!
    Keep those neat ideas coming! And blessings to you all!

  27. Budoh says

    Thank you so much for offering this giveaway!!! I already have at least 3 project that would be perfect for homemade holiday gifts!!!

  28. Debbie birch says

    I had never heard the heat transfer paper until today, I am definitely going to try it. I am going to make quiet books for my grandchildren and I thin it would work great on them. I would love a chance to win.

  29. says

    I can’t even imagine the fun I would have designing t-shirts for the Girl Scout troop, aprons for my girls, custom vinyl for the walls and art canvases for home decor. “Hmmm, maybe if I raise my hand high enough they’ll see me,” I say to myself!

  30. Juli Elgin says

    I just got my Silhouette machine a couple of weeks ago. This would be so much fun to try the different products. Thanks.

  31. erin pearce says

    awesome giveaway! i am almost positive i’m getting the silhouette sd for my upcoming birthday- my hubby is usually good at taking hints! this would be awesome, love your blog!

  32. says

    Oh. My. Gosh. How fun would that be?? My mind is already swirling with the possibilities, especially at this time of year when I’m thinking of gifts for people. Great giveaway! Hope it’s ME that gets it! :) :) :)

  33. Missy says

    I would love a Silhouette – its on my Christmas wish list! What a great give-a-way for such an awesome website!! I’m telling all my friends!

  34. Bridget Gibbons says

    I love this idea, and haven’t tried it before, but I sure hope I’m the winner. Thanks for all the great ideas y’all always have!

  35. Rebecca Kline says

    This would totally give me the added push to finally buy the Silhouette that I’ve been wanting. Ummm . . . maybe Santa could drop it off early for me. I’ll make some extra cookies!!!

  36. says

    Ack! I JUST got my Silhouette last week! I had waited too long to “win” one and couldn’t wait any more! Now I NEED fun stuff to try out, and I didn’t order any heat transfer so this is perfect! :)

  37. says

    Having worked with my avid crafter girlfriend, I’m now beginning to learn how to incorporate my baked goods with her ideas. Silhouette has amazing products and we’re excited to use their stuff.

  38. says

    I am brand new to this world of diy home decor/crafting blogs, but I am so excited about it! I just started refinishing some of my own older furniture pieces and am attempting to make most of my own Christmas gifts this year. This network of “crafty ladies” has been so inspiring! I do not have any experience yet with the Silhouette products, but I have been watching the sites and really wanting to give it a shot. What better way to try it out than free?! Pick me! Pick me!

  39. Rhonda says

    My husband walked out on me after 21 years of marriage and I am trying to keep myself busy. Would love to try this. I had never heard of this until I saw it on this site, which I just also found. I love it! I use to do a lot of Crafting and guess I’m starting in again. This past year has not been good, I also lost my sister from cancer and I need something good and positive to happen! So glad I found your site. Thank you! Thank you!


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