{South African Milk Tart – A Yummy Holiday Treat}

My  wonderful husband is from South Africa.  He is always making treats that he loved when he lived there.   A lot of these treats I don’t particularly like (some are a little strange), but I do like South African Milk Tart.   I really like the texture and I love cinammon.  My husbands family made Milk Tart a lot around the holidays, so that is when we make it too.

My sweet husband makes this for our family often and he usually makes just one normal sized pie.  He found these darling little mini pie crusts at Wal-mart and so he made everyone there own cute little Milk Tart:)  These are so perfect for holiday family dinners or get togethers.  Our recipe that we use was enough to fill 16 of these mini crusts.

If you would like to make some Milk Tart for your family this holiday, I have made this cute recipe card with the delicious recipe for you.   You can download it here.

♥♥♥   Jen



  1. says

    I am from SA too and this is really a yummy dessert! I have found that it is a winner with most Americans! I usually do South African fudge for holiday gifts, but I think I’m gonna do Milk Tart this year! Thanks and I love your blog!!

  2. says

    YUM! Those sound delicious. I’ll have to make them for my husband’s family when we all get together…there’s a total of 28 of us when we are all together so I’ll definitely do the mini pie crusts so we can each have our own!

  3. Sharon says

    I was born in SA and my family is from there–I have always heard about Milk Tart–but honestly can’t remember if I have ever had it before. So thank you for sharing the recipe. I will definatley have to try it! I have forwarded this post onto the other members of my family as well–so thanks!

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