{Beth’s ADORABLE Felt Book for Baby}

I am excited to show case my friend Beth’s ADORABLE felt baby quiet book.  Beth is an amazing pianist and music teacher and has created an amazing program called Kid’s Rach that 2 of my children attend.  She claims she is not a crafter, however I have to disagree.  She caught my Quiet Book bug (quiet book 1quiet book 2), and went nuts, creating some of the cutest quiet books I have seen.  I will have to share another of her books soon.

But today I wanted to share with you this cute book she made for her dear friend that was having a baby girl.  Wouldn’t you love to get this gift at your baby shower!!!

She made a cover similar to mine.  For her pages she used approximately 10×10 sheets of felt and beautiful, bright fabric.

Page 1-felt elephant attached to polkadot ribbon-baby can remove and attach to velcro

Page 2-Clear vinyl sewn on hides bright fun little treasures for baby to feel and move around

Page 3:Most adorable zebra like the elephant on page 1

Page 4-Sea creatures baby can move back and forth on a string and let them swim through the sea

Page 5-Button Fun!  Babies can move buttons up and down on a thick string  (make sure they are tightly attached so they aren’t a choking hazard)

Page 6-Adorable removable Lion (LOVE that mane!)

Page 7-Tassel Fun!  Babies get to hold and touch these soft and bright tassels.

Page 8-Felt penguin friends that move up and down on thick string.

Page 9-And my favorite-A chick that plays peek-a-boo.  Baby can hide the little yellow felt chick in a white felt egg pocket.  SO cute!

Thank you Beth for sharing you Adorable baby quite book today!


  1. nicole says

    Oh my goodness!! This is adorable. I would love to add these pages to my daughter’s book she would have hours of fun. I love all the zoo animals. So creative. Thanks for sharing does she have a tutorial and patterns that you can use?

  2. says

    Very cute! I love that she called it the quiet book. Alas my little one isn’t so little anymore…she is a toddler now…but she LOVES crafts and would love to make one with me. What a great idea…thanks for sharing!

  3. says

    That is so cute! And thanks for the links to the other quiet book sites too. Great inspiration. Now I just need to find some “quiet time” to make one! : )

  4. Cheron says

    I love this!!! so cute!!! Would love a tutorial or a pattern so I can make one for my daughter? I wander what she used to cut out her designs.

  5. says

    I absolutely love this darling quiet book! Do you by any chance want to share patterns? I would love to make one for my new grandbabies due in May. If that would be possible, thanks in advance! If you would rather not, thanks for sharing the idea and pictures anyway. Love, love, love! :)

  6. Sara says

    Could you tell me how you set up the egg page? I want to make a similar page for mine with two eggs in a nest with those cute little birds inside, but I can’t figure out the best way to get the egg to come apart and come back together easily.


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