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I’ll just come out and say it.  The Crafting Chicks LOVE clothes.  Yes, we love to look all cute and put together, but as mommies sometimes that is a bit difficult.  When we got invited to do our TV Spots (one for KUTV’s Fresh Living and one for KSL’s Studio 5), we knew where we needed to go.  We contacted our friends at DownEast Basics and they dressed our ladies like divas!  Didn’t they look amazing?!?! 

Here are some of my favorites from this new line:

Florist Top

The Sweetheart Top (which Jen wore in Licorice)


City Girl Dress (which I would own if I weren’t 8 months pregnant!) 

Now’s your chance.  We had to make sure that you all got in on the action.  We are giving one item from DownEast Basics New Arrivals line to one lucky winner.  All you have to do is go to DownEast’s New Arrivals and come back and leave a comment telling us what you would like.  Oh, and make sure you check out their amazing accessories too.  They are all at a GREAT price!!  We will choose a winner on January 24, so enter now!!!


  1. Heidi says

    I love them all… but choosing one it would have to be the Sweetheart Top.. so cute and w/a cute white shirt under.. way cute!

  2. Heather says

    I can’t decide between the Miss Maiden top or the Statuesque top. Both are so cute and would hide my belly bulge.

  3. Viv says

    I love the miss maiden top…and a whole bunch of other tops too. But the first i’d get myself is the miss maiden. Now the question is white or pink?

  4. amy says

    I love the statuesque top! I also just ordered the city girl dress last week and I’m so excited to get it. I love Downeast!

  5. Nicole Stucki says

    I’m in love with the sweetheart top! I just went to Downeast the other day and saw it and loved it! Oh I hope I win! Oh can I just say how awesome your sight is :).

  6. Pamela says

    DownEast has gone so far since I very first started wearing them! : ) I LOVE the Urban Vibe top (okay, so I love them all, but I think this one would fit my body type really well!)!

  7. Sue Turner says

    I love love LOVe the across town cardigan with the Appliq A-OK tank…so cute! But picking one I would pick the Appliq A-OK tank…it would go great under so many sweaters or cardigans….great basic to have!

  8. Kristin Walker says

    I LOVE the rose garden skirt! I was just in their store the other day & got some jewelry, and I’m absolutely loving it!

  9. Kristen says

    I love everything! I really LOVE the Statuesque Top in Tuscany. I would feel so pretty wearing this! Thank you for the opportunity!

  10. Amber H says

    I love their stuff! I just got a catalog in the mail, and it’s already dogearred from my “wish list”. I think the skirts and dresses are my favorite. I especially love the Perfectly Pretty skirt. Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. Leigh Anne says

    Thanks for the great giveaway! Had such a hard time choosing, but the Luxe Lace Cami is at the top of my list :)

  12. Lynnell says

    I love the sparkle stem top! I thought Kirsten looked great on Studio 5- should of known it was Downeast Outfitters :)

  13. Kristi M. says

    I really like the pinwheel skirt but I would probably have to go with the statuesque top. Love it in the tuscany color.

  14. Bridget Gibbons says

    In order of my favorites…
    the across town cardigan
    the appliq-A-ok tank in pumice
    the pinwheel skirt
    hard to choose just one. May have to put in an order. Thanks ladies for staying fashionable as mommies!

  15. CS says

    I would love the Statuesque Top. Yes. It was fun to see you all on Studio5 and FreshLiving. Now if only Good Things Utah would see you crafty you all are…

  16. says

    The Sweetheart Top and the Appliq-A-OK tank too. Oh, and the necklaces are awesome! Thanks of much for the great find and a chance to win an item from their store!

  17. Kristin Dimond says

    LOVE Down East! My favorite store! It’s a toss up between the ribbon cardigan and the sweetheart top, but I think I’d choose the Sweetheart top in blush. I also LOVE the Sweet pearl necklace in pink. Thanks for the fun giveaway! :)

  18. Jennifer Jensen says

    I am amazed they keep coming up with the cutest styles. I love the sweetheart top and anything with appliques.

  19. Lyndee walker says

    Well, since you made me look. I had to pick a whole outfit! I couldn’t help myself! I love Sweetheart top in blush with the Bouquet Skirt in Rabbit (I know, not a new arrival), with black cropped leggings and to finish it off, the gunmetal flower cuff! I wear DownEast almost every day! I love their clothes!

  20. Karilee says

    The Petite Ruffle Cardigan is so cute! Thanks for the giveaway! I hope I win. Thanks for sharing all the great things you do!

  21. Jessica Busby says

    I definitely LOVE the florist top in the blue! It’s so cute and you can dress it up for church or casual for running errands. :)

  22. Jen H. says

    LOVE all their stuff! I always drool when the catalog comes to my house. My current favorite is the Sweetheart top – maybe because it would be perfect for this summer after I have a baby in May. :)

  23. says

    I LOVE Down East Basics!! I would love to win the “Two to Tango dress’–it’ looks so versatile and is so cute! But the Florist and Sweetheart tops are super cute, too…do I have to pick just one?!!

  24. says

    I’ve never heard of this company, but am thrilled you turned me on to them – I love their style & think most of their clothes could be worn to my work or when I’m with my kiddos. It is hard to decide, but I’m going to say my favorite is the City Girl Dress because it would be great for meetings at my work or functions at my husband’s work. I have a hard time finding dresses that don’t look 1) too immature or 2) too old woman-like. I love that this dress is perfect – chic.

  25. Whitney Fassio says

    I heart the Sweetheart Top! I love how girly it is. I have 2 little boys and no girls to dress up so I love it when I find something so cute and girly for myself! Not to mention it just seems perfect for this upcoming Valentines Day!!!

  26. says

    I would LOVE all of them, but if I have to choose it would be between the Statuesque top, Urban top, and Sweetheart top. Any of them I would be thrilled to have. Thanks for the opportunity, and BTW GREAT job on all of your TV spots. You girls are AMAZING chicks!

  27. says

    I got one of their winter jackets before christmas (perfect peplum) and it’s so gorgeous!

    Also, I love the city dress you posted! I’ve been lusting after it for a few days. Sadly, I don’t have the figure for it.

  28. says

    Im loving the florist top in black…Medium. But if I could choose ANYTHING it would definately be the Bling Boot Fit Jeans! Size 10, 36” length! Great giveaway! I hope I win!! Thank you!

  29. Miranda says

    The Miss Maiden top is soooo pretty! I don’t have alot of pretty because they’re never quite right, but this… THIS is georgous!!!

  30. Monica says

    I simply adore the sweetheart top!!! I am going on a cruise for my honeymoon in May and this shirt would be so great to wear b/c with such a fantastic neckline that is one less necklace I would have to pack! The fabric looks so yummy and flowy which would be nice as we tour some islands. And, my fiance thinks I look hot in pink =)

    Awesome give-away

  31. Sarah Chapman says

    I love the pretty details tee. Who doesn’t need a little sparkle? Reminds me of “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.” “Frost yourself!!”

  32. Mindi says

    I LOVE the RIBBON CARDIGAN!!!! I’ve never heard of this company before. Just signed up to receive their catalog, and I’m about to return to their website to do a little browsing/maybe shopping!

  33. Melissa says

    I love almost everything at Downeast but I really like the Statuesque Top in black! Yum! Thanks for the giveaway!

  34. Ashley says

    I LOVE the Miss Maiden Top-even if I would have to layer it with either a long-sleeve shirt or cardigan in my current chill climate :) I would also love to have the Satin & Bead Bracelet to accessorize the Miss Maiden Top-such a cute combo!!!

  35. says

    How do I not know about this store??? I love the Urban Vibe top! And you are so right about the accessories I may have to just buy that tiered bead necklace, it’s only $8.99!

  36. Beth says

    I have never even heard of downeast basics, but I am hooked! so stylish AND modest– i love it! my favorite is the rose garden skirt– beautiful!

  37. Karissa Walker says

    I love the first shirt you guys featured!! Downeast is great for modest clothing and I am always sad when things I love sell out fast! Thanks for the opportunity!

  38. says

    I think I’d have to go with the Rose Garden Skirt. So cute! Kirsten, you were fantabulosa on the tv spot! If you ever quit your day job, there might just be a career for you in television. You’re a natural. ♥

  39. says

    I know it’s not on the new arrivals but I want the Countess skirt!! I love it:) and I also think it’d be great to have that lace tank:)

  40. Sarah says

    I’m really loving the Statuesque top…. adorable! And since my birthday is Saturday it would be a great b-day present. Pick me!…LOL… DownEast!

  41. Zolane says

    Delicate and beautiful but so versatile, which I love. The ribbon cardigan is one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen and the florist top is stunning. Great additions to any wardrobe. Thanks for the opportunity!

  42. says

    i loved the sweetheart top, but alas i’m a plus size and we all know plus size women don’t like to look “cute”, but i have a 21 year old daughter and she likes what i like most of the time…so, yeah, the sweetheart top for her…

  43. Sarah says

    That is really hard to choose! I really like the urban vibe top in incense and white! I feel like going to thebeach when I see it. I also like the ribbon cardingan and the appliq-a-ok tank.

  44. Amanda G says

    I have to agree I love the City Girl dress too! My best friend just introduced me to DownEast Basics! I am so excited, to finally find cute modest clothes.

  45. Makyla says

    I’m some what of a simple dresser so I love the “Flower Seeds Top” accompanied with the “Across Town Cardigan”. Fun giveaway…thanks!!!

  46. Christy Wilkinson says

    I absolutely love your blog !I am so glad you gals do what you do. Also, love the sweetheart top! SO PRETTY!!

  47. Nina says

    I absolutely LOOOVE the Statuesque Top…and it would be a perfect option for a stylish nursing top :)
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  48. Shaney Kingsbury says

    I love it all!! So hard to pick but I would say my favorite is the Lace lover tee!!! I would love to wear it over pink!

  49. Nancy C. says

    I just love that store! My favorite is the Miss Maiden Top, so, so pretty with all the little details. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  50. Heidi Anderson says

    I would love either of the lace tee or lace cami (the new all lace ones). Downeast sure has a lot of new styling clothes to choose from. Love it!!

  51. Marci G says

    I’m in love with the Appliq-A-OK Tank! So cute! It would go great
    with the many DownEast cardigans I already own! I can always
    use a new Pick-ME-UP!!

  52. Britney L. says

    Can I just say, “You ladies are so inspiring to me.” I just turned into a stay at home mom from a mom working 50+ hours. Finally I have time to do crafty stuff. Thanks for all the great ideas!

    Though I would gladly take anything from your giveaway, I’d love, love, love, the ribbon cardigan in pink.

  53. Kim H says

    I love this place and have some great pieces from them already. The pinwheel skirt is calling my name though! If I don’t win it I may have to buy it!!!

  54. Sheena says

    So many wonderful things but my absolute favorite is the Perfectly Pretty Skirt
    & now I have plenty of wonderful tank tops. What a great site!

  55. rachel rigby says

    The sweetheart top is super darling! It’s so interesting with all of the different lines and i love the color too!

  56. April says

    I love how feminine the style is these days…the more flowers and ruffles the better! I just wish Downeast would adopt more of the early 30’s and 40’s dresses and make them a little longer- like mid calf. I am tall and so I can’t wear any of their dresses- too short.

  57. Tiffany R says

    They are all so cute! I love the City Girl Dress too…and the Ribbon Cardigan! Seriously, how is a girl to choose? :)

  58. Sarah Williams says

    It never fails, every time downeast has new clothes it is always the skirts that I want. It doesnt matter what one I just love the skirts.
    I also LOVE the Urban Vibe top.

  59. Michelle Young says

    Oh my! I love love this giveaway. I think I would have to go with the florist top and the city girl dress like you:). Thanks for a chance to win.


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