Day 1 of DownEast Giveaways

**This giveaway is now closed. The winner was announced on our Facebook page.**


We promised some DownEast fun while we’re at EVO this weekend, so let’s get started! Today DownEast is offering one lucky reader their choice of top! Are you familiar with DownEast? They have the cutest clothes at very reasonable prices. And something for every body!

Mirror, Mirror Top

Mini Ruffle Tee

Antique Top

Follow DownEast on Facebook and see how you can recreate celebrity fashions with DownEast clothing and be the first to know about their sales!

Giveaway for a DownEast Basics top:

This giveaway will run today through Sunday and the winner will be chosen using

To enter, simply leave a comment on this post.

The winner will be announced on The Crafting Chicks Facebook page Sunday and contacted by email.

Check back tomorrow for another great giveaway!


  1. Kristi says

    All three are darling! If would be hard to choose, but would love to win. Thanks for the chance!!

  2. Julie says

    Love Down East!!! And I am gearing up to school shop with my teenage daughter. This could come in very handy!!

  3. Deanna says

    I saw DownEast on your blog and loved it! I immediately went to their site and ordered an outfit! I can’t wait to get it!

  4. Renee F. says

    I really love their clothes, they are so soft and the t-shirts are longer than most companies.

  5. says

    I wish we had DownEast here! I’ve always found it funny that they are called DownEast but all their locations are out west :)

  6. Katelyn says

    I love the mini ruffle tee and the turn back time tunic! I also love the ritz skirt and skip-a-line skirt!

  7. Teri Smith says

    OOOOOO so exciting.. After seeing what you girls were wearing the other day I had to go on an place a little order… Such cute things and very reasonable… I still have room in my closet for just one more top……

  8. Kimberly says

    Love, love, love all of them! The tops are so versatile, they can be dressed up with accessories or worn plain and you’ll still look georgous!

  9. says

    These tops are AMAZING! I am no joke drooling! I love them all! I like them on FB. Thanks for the chance to win! I am going to Europe soon, and any of these tops would be PERFECT for the trip!

  10. Eulalia says

    OOOHHHHH, love all of to choose? eenie, meenie, miney mo!
    checking out their website right now….

  11. Kennerley Roper says

    DownEast Basics is probably my favorite store. I love the simplicity, the flowing feel, and the little details. And I’d love a new shirt for the school year.

  12. Bethany Kingma says

    Thanks so much for the giveaway! I LOVE Downeast’s style but am very hesitant to shop online so I’ve never gotten anything from them before. They should come to West Michigan! :) Thanks again for the giveaway!

  13. says

    I love these shirts! I’m going to their website to check out more! I just lost some weight and I’m in the process of re-building my wardrobe, so this would be perfect!

  14. Chira Speers says

    I LOVE DownEast! There are so many cute tops to choose from!–but I’m kind of in love with the Bow Tie top!

  15. Sharee Zirker says

    I love Downeast Basics. I would love to be able to add another piece of their clothing to my wardrobe.

  16. ourlaughingplace says

    I’m out of the loop with this season’s stuff at DownEast and Oolalaa I’ve been missing out! Those tops are adorable!

  17. Toni McDonald says

    I love DownEast! Their clothes are so comfortable and adorable. So it’s a win win! Pick me pick me!!

  18. Chris Steller says

    I LOVE DownEast’s clothing! I really like the Mirror Mirror blouse. It looks so light and cool, yet chic! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  19. Ruthie says

    I hadn’t heard of DownEast until you shared with your readers. I totally love their stuff and have bookmarked their website on my desktop! I will definitely give them a try when I’m looking for new clothes! Thanks!

  20. says

    I am 30 weeks pregnant and need some clothes DESPERATLY! I love Downeast tops because they work great as maternity and everyday wear, Im praying hard to win this one!! Thanks!

  21. Ashley C says

    Now that I dont live anywhere near a DownEast, I can’t help but love them even more! Great giveaway!

  22. Brenda Faylee Turner says

    Love it! Love everything on their website. That Antique Top is to DIE FOR:) Thank you for the opportunity to own one for free!

  23. Leigh Anne says

    Thanks for a great giveaway and having such an easy way to enter! Hope I win….their stuff is too cute :)

  24. Vicki S. says

    Really cute clothes, i would love to win a top.
    I’m going to order their catalogue.
    Thanks for introducing me to them!

  25. Becca Hill says

    I’ve never heard of DownEast before but seeing those outfits the other day had me drooling. Reason for not hearing of them before: I live on the edge of the earth. If I take two steps west I’d fall off. Living in nowhere land is no fun.

  26. Natalia says

    Downward does have The cutest tops! If I could afford to own every piece of clothing from there, I would! I also love crafting chicks. They are the greatest!

  27. Michelle Pope says

    I’m so grateful we have a DownEast Basic’s store here in Boise… just love to shop there.

  28. Beth says

    I just fell in love…I’m so happy I saw this post so I can start shopping at DownEast now! :) and…hopefully I win myself a free top too!

  29. Cheri says

    Cute! The antique top seems like it might be one I could even wear post-pregnancy, which would be awesome!

  30. Sarah says

    What is it about a new shirt that just makes you feel better? I’d love to win something new to wear after my baby is born!

  31. Kelly says

    Your designs are so gorgeous. I love the fun, whimsical look. Flirty and feminine. Congratulations to you for your creativity and style. Thank you for the opportunity to win something so delicate and fine.

  32. Mallory Castille says

    I love all of the tops would love to win anyone of these beautiful tops think i found my new favorite store.

  33. Amy Larkins says

    Hope you are having a blast!! Love you and would love to win a shirt. If I won the shirt, I would have to find some bottoms from Downeast – what a great excuse to do some shopping :)

  34. says

    I really really really love/want that charcoal (dark shadow) mini ruffle tee!!!! So freakin’ cute! I’m a huge lover of all things grey! That top is hot!

  35. Tiffany says

    I love all of these tops – it would be so hard to choose! Mirror, mirror may be my favorite, though.

  36. Tiffany H. says

    I just recently heard of DownEast Basics and was sad to realize there wasn’t one anywhere near me. Well, I just found out that a store opened up in my city! So excited to go and check out their stuff. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  37. tasha says

    i LOVE downeast clothing lately! can’t get enough of it. thanks for the giveaway!

    taylortasha at msn dot com

  38. Laura says

    I just visited their web site and now friends on Faceboook. Their tops are beautiful. Think the antique top is my favorite.

  39. Beth W says

    Love DownEast! I’m so excited they have a new store coming soon near my house so I can spend more of my money there, lol.

  40. Erin Anderson says

    Oh I love their tops. I love there whole store and if I could afford it I would have everything there. =)

  41. Jennifer Jorgensen says

    That mirror mirror top is AMAZING. I love downeast!! And its so great because their shirts are always long enough!

  42. Corrynn Bradford says

    All three are soooo cute!!! My favorite is the mirror mirror though… I would love to win any of them!!!!!!

  43. says

    I love all of these! What did we all do before Downeast basics?? Now they have all of these very stylish darling tops and jeans! I love them all, count me in for the giveaway! Thanks!

  44. Christine Satko says

    Oh you guys are the best and so is Downeast. My 6 daughters, 5 granddaughters and I love the beautiful clothing.

  45. Amy says

    All of the tops are so cute. It would be so hard to choose just one! The Antique Top is gorgeous, and I love the detail on the Pretty Path top, too.

  46. Breea says

    I would having the hardest time picking because I love everything they sell, what a perfect giveaway!!!!!

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