{Giveaway from Beaducation}

*Giveaway is now closed.  Thanks for entering!*

Have you wanted to make your own hand-stamped jewelry?  Beaducation is here to provide everything you need to make that happen, from the starter kit, which has everything you need to get started, to the online classes that will teach you what to do.


There is a web page with a check-list and the videos that will help you all in one place.  I love that!


When Beaucation contacted us we were so excited and knew that our readers would love them as much as we did.  Beaucation wanted to give one of our readers a Starter Kit valued at $69.00

You could create some thing like this:

Or this

or our favorite

Beaducation was nice enough to make us our own necklaces to sport around. Aren’t they cute?

To enter the giveaway just make sure you are a public follower of The Crafting Chicks and:

Leave a comment on this post telling us that you want to win from Beaducation .

For extra entries you can:

Become a fan of Beaduation on facebook,

Follow them on twitter

and subscribe to their blog.

This giveaway will close on Saturday July 23 at midnight MST.  The winner will be announced on our facebook page.







  1. Lori says

    I always hate being first but someone has to be so I’m glad it’s me. LOL I am so glad that I’ve found Beaducation. Thank you
    I want one of everything!!!!!!! Oh how I want to win!!!

  2. Gayle Erwin says

    The riviting tool looks so cool. I would LOVE one of those, but I would be just as happy with the starter kit.

  3. Shawn says

    I love the design stamps – especially the beaducation originals… my 9mo sucks his middle 2 fingers, so I really like the “I love you” stamp. He tells me this all day long!!! thanks for the great giveaway!

  4. Lexie says

    WoW! I love finding out I can make the pretty things I covet myself! Think of the gifting possibilities…! I would definitely start with the starter kit!

  5. says

    stamping is on my list of things to try! i bought my hubby a keychain with our kids names on and now need to add baby #3 (and hopefully eventuallly #4!)

  6. Aubrey says

    Ooooh! This is all so cool! I would love to win anything they do! But I love flowers and scrolly designs a lot! And letters! And hearts! And anything!

  7. Lora says

    I enjoy being creative and making things for family and friends –I think this would be so fun to learn!! I liked them on facebook!

  8. debbie morley says

    Having 5 daughters..this kit would be pretty perfect ! Having just had a major op I have time on my hands and would love to create some prettiness for my girls!x

  9. says

    I never realized you could make stamped jewelry on your own. This looks really neat. In addition to the starter kit i would love to get the cupcake stamp and the itty bitty start.

  10. Laura says

    I would so much LOVE that starter kit! *_* I love doing my own jewellery, but I never knew, that there was a possibilty to make fun self-stamped ones! 😀

  11. Carrie C says

    I have been looking for stamps to do this for sooooo long. I would be ecstatic to win! I am already thinking of all the things I could make! So very fun!!!

  12. Avra says

    I would love to win the Beaducation prize! How fun!
    I am a Crafting Chicks follower and subscriber.
    I Like Beaducation on Facebook.
    I subscribed to Beaducation’s blog.

  13. melissa says

    WOW, I’m amazed at everything they offer on their website. Who knew there were sooo many different things used in the jewelery making process. As for the giveaway, I would be happy with anything to get me started but I’m not totally sure what that is(??). I did LOVE the tiara stamp though so that would be something to get AFTER I figure out the basics.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  14. Andrea Wright says

    This is a great giveaway. Thanks Beaducation. I’d love to check another craft off of my to do list.

  15. Linda Polaretzki says

    How cool!! Would love to learn how to make jewelry. I liked them on Facebook and you are also “liked” on Facebook and I get your emails. Thanks

  16. says

    What an awesome giveaway! I love stamped jewelry! Hmm, if I had to pick anything from the shop, it would probably be a typewrite letter set. I love the one they used in our Crafting Chicks charm. Thanks for the chance!!!

  17. Melanie F says

    I’ve always wanted to try this! I would actually choose the starter kit, so I had some where to get started. :)

  18. cindy sage says

    How fun! I would love the open dot -circle border, then the bird and flower would be cute in the center. Hope I win! : )

  19. LaraR says

    WOw great site! I’ve been wondering how people made those cute necklaces. I’d love to make them for my friends for christmas! I would start out with a letter set like he typewrite.

  20. Jennalyn Wood says

    I have always wanted to learn how to stamp my own jewelry. I hope I win this so I get the chance to learn how to make some of my own jewelry.

  21. cindy sage says

    How fun! I would love the open dots circle border with the bird and flowers.

    I followed on FB too!

  22. Karen says

    As an avid jewelry maker, I’ve wanted to try this type of stamping for a while. I’d love to win this!

    I follow them on FB, and I follow Crafting Chicks, too!

  23. Michelle says

    I would love to win the starter kit. I’ve wanted to learn how to make stamped jewelry for awhile now. If I won, it would be just in time to make some really fun Christmas gifts! Thanks for the chance!

  24. says

    I desperately want the starter kit, I have been dying to try hand stamping, after that I’d start collecting pattern stamps, starting with the slice of cake, then about half of their original designs, moving on to

  25. Jill says

    I love beaducation and have been dreaming of getting a starter kit and trying my hand at stamping. There are so many fun things you can make.

  26. Teri Smith says

    I love trying new things, and these are soooo cute… Like ya on facebook , like ya here too… Ha ha..

  27. Kelly says

    What a great kit! How very clever. I would love to have one. I make crafts for low-income children and families, and those with terminal illnesses. What a marvelous kit to have everything in one place. Thank you for the opportunity.

  28. Jennifer Bellini says

    I’m always looking to learn something new and this would be an awesome prize to win. You can always find me at the art fairs looking at jewelry similar to this. So cute!

  29. Sher says

    Wow! What fun things Beaducation has. I would sure love to win the stamping kit! Thanks for the opportunity.

  30. Michelle says

    Oh gosh, I’m going to make myself sound so behind the times, but I don’t know how to become a public follower of Crafting Chicks. I love it though! And this is such an amazing giveaway! I have a necklace with my kids’ names stamped on it, and it would be so amazing to make stuff like that myself! Great gift idea!

  31. Jewel says

    I am obsessed with stamped jewelry! Would love to try my hand at making my own. Thanks for the chance to win.

  32. Jamie Larsen says

    Wow how cool is this. I would just want some sort of starter kit i’ve never even attempted to make anything like this before and thats what I would need lol. thanks so much for the chance to win. I publicly follow this blog.

  33. Heather says

    Wo wouldn’t want to win?!!??? I love vintage-y stuff and making my own jewels would be perfecto!!!

  34. Vanessa W. says

    I haven’t seen anything like this before…oh, the possibilities! I would love this set! Sign me up to win~Win~WIN :o)

  35. Vanessa W. says

    I wish there was a “LOVE” link on their page…but, I went ahead and ‘Like’d them since it was my only option!

  36. says

    I would buy a Starter Kit if i didn’t win! It looks so cool….i’ve always wanted to learn to do this! Such a great give-a-way!

  37. yekcal says

    I would love to win this set for my 12 year old daughter. She’s a very talented beader and is looking to sell on Etsy. This would help her branch out a bit from the traditional beads and wire.

  38. Corrynn Bradford says

    Pick me I would LOVE to win this!! I have been wanting to get hand stamped jewelry forever!!!!

  39. Jill T says

    What a cool kit! I have always wanted to make my own stamped jewwlry, it’s just so cool looking. Hope you pick me!!!

  40. Angela Smith says

    OHHH! I want to win! I have wanted to get into metal stamping so bad for so long, but just haven’t been able to get the stuff for it. I am a public follower (and in Google Reader :)

  41. Natalia says

    I would LOVE to win this giveaway from Beaducation. It’s a great way to find a new hobby! I love making jewelry as it is, and winning this would be awesome!

  42. Lorianne says

    I have looked into this type of jewelry making and I never tried it because of the cost of getting started (and what if you stink at it?) I would love to win the start up kit!

  43. danette says

    three down – now i’ve “liked” them on facebook. this is my last effort, though. i have no idea how to follow anyone on twitter! :o)

  44. Elizabeth P. says

    I follow you on GFC. How fun is this kit? I would love to make something personal with my babe’s info on it :)

  45. Kelli says

    This would absolutely make my day! Firstly, I’m in the middle of a move, and secondly, I have a hand-stamped necklace on that I LOVE and need more of!

  46. Angela Taylor Zinsli says

    Love this jewelry. Thank you for the opportunity for a chance to win one of these great starter kits :)

  47. Debbie Ward says

    I would love to win this jewelry starter set!! I liked beaducation on fb and their blog.. I have just discovered jewelry making at a local bead shop that is closing it’s doors at the end of Aug..

  48. Nicole says

    Oooohhh…I just stumbled onto metal stamping and saw their site last week….any supplies from them would be awesome!

  49. Kristen says

    I “liked” Beaducation on facebook. (I really should have my son do this, he’s the lucky one.)

  50. Narie Young says

    I LOVE your blog. I LOVE being crafty(or at least attempting to be!). And I would love to win this.

  51. Dylan & Melanie says

    I don’t have a Facebook page but my husband does and he now ‘likes’ Beaducation and Crafting Chicks. Don’t know what his friends will think of him now :)

  52. GretchenP says

    i’d love the starter kit! (then i’d be back to buy the hearts & love stamps!) :) thanks for a great giveaway!!

  53. barbara says

    where have you been all my life and how have i missed you so far??? but no more! i’m a follower! and the beaducation starter kit…oh la la!!!

  54. Jennifer Bouhana says

    I am already planning my outfit around the super cute jewelry I will be making if/when I win this!

  55. monna says

    This is amazing. I have never heard of it before. thanks for sharing this and all information you have shared. I love it! Monna from indiana

  56. Casey J. says

    I would love to win the stamping on metal starter kit! I purchased beautiful stamped jewelry for my mom and sister (and me too) for Christmas last year but would love to be able to MAKE my own gifts!

  57. says

    I want to win!! This is perfect timing actually. I make jewelry on the side, and in an attempt to join the metal stamping craze, I just bought a stamp set from the hardware store last week. (I was trying to go the cheap route…NOT a good idea!) Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, the cheap stamp set just doesn’t produce a pretty finished letter. I would LOVE to have an official Beaducation stamp set. I know their quality would be soooo much better than my hardware store version!

  58. Erin Marie says

    The starter kit looks awesome. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at making my own jewelry. Cuz I need another hobby, you know. :-)

  59. Susan M says

    I would love to win this, what a great way to kick off a new craft, so many ideas running through my head..

  60. the knotted chain says

    I am a fan and follow the blogs… i am new to this stamping thing and would love to win anything…

  61. Ashley says

    I LOVE Beaducation, I would love to win a starter kit, I’ve been trying to save up for one of them, it would be the best B-day gift ever (7-31)!

  62. Christina Cinquini says

    I am so excited to learn this new craft! Funds for fun stuff are low right now so I would be over the moon if I won a starter set!! Thanks for the opportunity!! Hugs & love!

  63. Katy says

    I Love Beaducation! It is one of few Face Book links that actually helps you learn something new and useful. That said I would be greatful to win the kit and start making unique jewelry. Thank You =)

  64. says

    Hi there! How do you “publicly follow” your site? I’m following through the Friend Connect way in the sidebar. Do you mean something other than that? I liked your page at Facebook as well.

    I already follow Beaducation on Facebook and they are where I heard about this giveaway. I also follow them on Twitter and I follow their blog. Whew!

    I’d love to win this stamp set from Beaducation. I haven’t stamped metal before, but used to stamp leather back in the day.

  65. says

    Would love to help you “beautify the world” with stamped jewelry!! Thank you for the opportunity to win this great stamping kit! Have a beautiful and creative day~

  66. Tracy says

    I would love to win this give away!! I have been wanting to try stamping, but I have only purchased a few of the items needed. I love working with mixed media and I would also use the kit for working with clay also!!

  67. Tracy says

    I first started following Beaducation’s website after purchasing a stamping book. I have been back and forth trying to decide if this was a craft I could really commit to and enjoy. Not long ago I began following them on Facebook and have really enjoyed the ideas from other followers as well as the networking to pages like The Crafting Chicks. I am ready to begin this new adventure and winning a stamping starter kit would really kick things off!

  68. Jill Young says

    I love Beaducation and am wanting to start stamping so bad. I don’t have a job right now so I can’t afford the tools. I would LOVE to be picked!

  69. Cheryl McDaniel says

    Love Beaducation products. Fan on FB, signed up for their site and now new to cracking chicks. Love you site too. Would love to win the starter kit.


  70. Teri Thomas says

    Since I already purchased the book several months ago, now all I need is everything to get started in hand-stamped jewelry!
    I’ll be waiting for you to tell me I won…LOL!!

  71. says

    I’ve been a customer of yours for approximately 7+ years & have always been satisfied with your products. I’m also a Facebook Fan of yours and would recommend anyone to your tutorials………they truly are THE BEST~
    Please – pick me for your giveaway……I am your best ‘word of mouth’ advertisement!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Kathy Knurek says

    Love Beaducation…follow their blog, on twitter and Facebook too. Would love to win this kit.

  73. Julie says

    I Luv all the creative pieces you can make with a stamping kit!! My Three Furbaby Shih Tzu’s have really great personalized tags. I have the bug & been wanting to start and hope to WIN :) Beaducation is great with tips and videos. I got the book too! Fingers crossed, Thanks.

  74. says

    I’d love to win their Kismet lowercase letter stamp set (2mm) It looks fantastic. (Course, I’d like to win just about anything from them. I love their site and have taken 2 classes from their site.)

  75. Julz says

    I am a follower of Beadeducation already!!! :)
    I would love a chance to win this started kit…it looks fabulously awesome and is something I have been thinking about trying!!! Just another thing to add to the repetoire!!! Thanks for the chance!

  76. Laura Stalzer says

    How cool are these?! Love Beaducation and all the fun stuff they create. Would love to win the starter set!

  77. Sheila says

    I would love to win the starter kit. Beaducation is the best and foremost supplier for all metal stamping. I follow Beaducation on FB.

  78. Brooke says

    Well, I really want to WIN the Starter Kit but I also like and want to buy the Sterling Silver Om and Lotus Flower Charm. Such fun stuff! Love it!

  79. Linda Bale says

    I’m subscribed to your Blog and Facebook and also the same for Beaducation.

    I would love to win this prize because I can already think of soooo many ways to use it! 😀

  80. Barbara Len says

    Stamping is something I have wanted to learn to do for quite a few years now. Winning this set would get me started. I’d be ever so appreciative if I were luck enough to win. Regardless, I am excited to learn from you Crafty Chicks! 😀

  81. Leslie J. says

    One great website sponsoring another! :) Love it! And I’d love to try my hands at stamping, so this makes for the perfect trifecta.

  82. Leslie J. says

    following Beaducation and Crafting Chicks
    Via Blog
    Via FB
    Via Twitter

    and I forwarded a link to this site on each.

    Here’s to Crafty Chicks Stamping. :)

  83. says

    With a new baby on the way this would be a fabulous creative outlet.
    I have never stamped before and this would be such a terrific way to get started.
    Cheers Alana

  84. Joan F. says

    Oh I would TRULY LOVE to win this!!!!! am dying to do stamping!!! thanks for the chance…also a fan on FB and follow the blog and twitter

  85. Marguerite says

    I really like anything from the nature metal design stamps. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome giveway!

  86. Michelle B says

    I’ve always wanted to try stamping, I already follow Beauducation on Facebook, thats’ how I found out about this giveaway :)

  87. Christy K. says

    I’d really love to try metal stamping since I’m really into rubber stamping already. Hope I get picked. Pretty please!!

  88. Sheryl says

    Tons of things I see I like but I would have to go with a set of lowercase stamp set like Lucida Calligraphy

  89. Judy says

    What I would want to win is the starter kit. I went over to beaducation site and love the metal sun stamps :)

  90. says

    I was just thinking that I want to learn how to make jewelry like that! I love the all the borders. And a heart would also be a must! The tiara is a must! So cute! Love it all! I know what is going on my Christmas list :)

  91. kristin m. says

    well, after I WIN this kit, i’m gonna have to buy some border stamps, like the wavy edge with dots, and maybe a swirly thing-a-majig, like the large spiral branch… and some stuff to stamp! that would be a good start… kristinmik at gmail

  92. Lori says

    I have always wanted to have a name necklace with my kids names this would be great to have. I especially like the typewriter fonts!

  93. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard says

    I am a public follower of The Crafting Chicks and I would lOVE to win from Beaducation
    brendawitherspoon at hotmail dot com

  94. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard says

    Became a fan of Beaduation on facebook,

    Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard
    brendawitherspoon at hotmail dot com

  95. Kristen Martin says

    I would love to win! (=

    I’m a fbook fan of beaducation and am subscribed to their blog!

    Fingers crossed! (=

  96. Pat Laskowski says

    I would sooooo love to win this package! While I do beadwork, I have been shy about trying stamping because i didn’t know if I can do it. Winning this would allow me to get over that, and start making other pieces with stamped work!!!

  97. Susan E. says

    I have been meaning to stop by the hardware store and look for the metal letter stamps but have been too busy. This would be a perfect set to get started with and to start making Christmas gifts with!

  98. Cee says

    I’d love to win this giveaway set because I adore handstamped necklaces! It would be amazing to know how to make them!

  99. Lisa says

    I love their site! I can’t wait to order stuff from them! Obviously it would be great to win the starter kit first to get started! I love all the designs! I can’t wait to make my own jewelry! Thanks!

  100. Lindsay says

    Love this giveaway!!! I’ve browsed the Beaducation site many times…I would LOVE the starter set! :)

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