Mixed Bags {Giveaway}

If you haven’t checked out Mixed Bag Designs…you must!  The Crafting Chicks were able to sample a few of these babies…and we LOVE them.  Not only do they have a great selection of different sized bags and totes but they also offer other goodies like ipad, phone and laptop cases.  And all of the bags/totes/cases come in the cutest selection of patterns and colors.  Brooke has loved the big beach totes for taking towels and swim gear to the pool.  She has also loved the insulated totes for lunches and grocery shopping.  Becky loves her new iphone cover and Jamie loved the ‘fold and go’ totes for storage…the possibilities are endless! 

Mixed Bag Designs is giving away a set of 5 bags to 5 of our LUCKY readers.  To enter, just leave a comment and tell us which set you would choose if you won (the sets are pictured below).  This giveaway is valued at $95-$105!  (you must be a public follower of The Crafting Chicks to be eligible to win).  The Giveaway ends at midnight on Friday 8/26/11, MST.  Winners will be announced on Saturday morning on our Facebook Page.

Mixed Bag Designs also has a school fundraiser business (LOVE THAT idea for a fundraiser)!  Something you actually would need and love.  If anyone has any questions or wants more info, or to request a catalog, can email DJ at dj@mixedbagdesigns.com   

Mixed Bag Set #1:  Around Town


Mixed Bag Set 2:  At Home



Mixed Bag Set #3: Downtown


Mixed Bag Set #4:  Out of Town Mixed Bag Set #5:  On the Town


  1. Liz says

    Love them all, but think the OUT OF TOWN set is especially delightful. Checking out the site now — good stuff!

  2. Carol says

    Omg so cute! I would definitely pick the out of town because we never have enough bags it seems when we go somewhere.

  3. Jenny says

    I love at home – the prints are so cute, and the shapes are perfect! Thanks for the opportunity to win these!

  4. Shawn says

    I think I like the On the Town set the best! although I really like them all! I love their Fold n Hold’s! Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. MARTHA says


  6. SarDee says

    I love the stripes in “Around Town”!! But they are all so cute I would happily use any…. I also like the fundraiser idea and will add it to our school’s list of ideas for the coming years!

  7. says

    Wow, I love them all, they all have such great fabrics to choose from. I think my favorite is “Out of Town” but I really like “On the Town” too. I’m thinking some of these bags might work as a camera bag with a little tweaking. I also teach preschool and as a teacher I’m constantly carrying bags full of things for school. It would be great to be a stylish bag lady :)

    Thanks for the opportunity to win, I think I’m going to check out their website incase I’m not the winner.

  8. Carrie J says

    I’m really loving the #1 around town. The bags would work best for me. I like the patterns also. What a great give away!

  9. Hollie says

    I think I would go with the “Out of Town” set. I liked the zippered totes and think I could keep one packed all summer for quick trips to the pool.

  10. Robin Koetting says

    They are all so cute! If I have to pick one, I guess I’ll pick the “At Home” collection. My daughters’ school is getting ready to do a fundraiser with these bags! I can’t wait! I love them!!!

  11. Heather Yates says

    I LOVE the around town set! It would be so perfect for all of my church/beach/kid stuff that I need tons of bags for!

  12. Amy B says

    I love love love these bags and would be happy with any set, but since I can choose I would go for #1 Around the town or #5 On the town.

  13. Amy B says

    I love love love these bags and would be happy with any set, but since I can choose I would go for #1 Around the town or #5 On the town.

  14. Elise Loprieno says

    I really like the first and second bag sets, the first because it’s got adorable patterns like the stripes, and the second because its not only cute, but the bag types would be so useful for me at college!

  15. Amy B says

    I love love love these bags. I would be happy with any set, but since I can choose I would pick #1 Around the Town or #5 On the Town.

  16. says

    I LOVE set #2 (at home)! I need to get organized so much, and this would really help me out!! I also love the patterns. I would love to win any of the sets. They bags look like they are awesome! Thank you for the chance to win. I am not following you on FB too! I will keep these fingers crossed!

  17. Andrea Thompson says

    Oh so many options… All are very cute, but I think I would pick the Out of Town set.

    Thanks for the give away
    Andrea007Thompson at gmail dot com

  18. Laura Stalzer says

    Beautiful bags and so functional! I think I like #4 ‘Out of Town’ the best. Thanks for the chance to participate!

  19. Stacey says

    They are all adorable but I would have to choose the On the Town set!! Love them!! I am a Facebook follower and follow you via email! :-)

  20. Chaeli Kelekoma says

    So hard to pick just one set….They all look absolutely fabulous! But since I have to make a choice I think I will go with Mixed Bag Set 2: At Home…… Thank you for the opp to participate and all the great ideas you share!

  21. Natasha H says

    I am loving the “On the Town” Set. The sizes just fit what I haul, tote, drag around. These are great bags, Thanks for giving us all something to add to our wishlist.

  22. Lindsay says

    I love love love these bags!! I don’t wich set I would choose- maybe the at home or around town. Such a cute giveaway- and very useful too!

  23. Jennalyn Wood says

    I love all of these bags they are so cute. If I had to pick one though it would be the out of town set.


  24. Alecia Chapman says

    They are all so cute, but I think if I have to choose I’d choose the At Home…with Downtown running a close 2nd! :-)

  25. Daisy Frisch says

    Hi! I would definitely choose mixed bag set #1, Around town! It has a Poppy print bag, and I have a sister named Poppy! What an awesome gift that would make for her, and I would still have bags left for myself after sharing!! :-)

  26. Julie says

    So hard to choose. I’d say the Around the Town set since that’s my life, around the town, the park, the grocery store, Target. . .

  27. Eunice says

    #4 Out of Town, I love to travel to different craft events and those are the one I would us the most. Thank you for a chance to win :).

  28. Nancy says

    I love the Mixed Bag set #5 Out of Town! you see, my mother in law just got diagnosed with colon cancer and I am 7 months pregnant, she was going to be here to help with the new one, but now, I get to go out of town to Montana with my husband and two little ones to visit with her. Those bags are so, so very cute.

  29. says

    I think they’re all great bags! I would love to win any of them! But I guess if I had to choose I’d pick the At Home collection!

  30. Shelley Holcomb says

    I love all of the bags, but I especially like the Out of Town collection! They would be wonderful for all of my travels! I would be the most stylish traveler out there! :)

  31. su chi says

    All the bags looks pretty and useful.My favorite is the Around Town.Its good I am in the US now and can try for the giveaways.

  32. Cherri Peavy says

    I like set #1 Around Town. Something about the colors and patterns just are so pleasing to the eyes. Love It !!!

  33. Melissa says

    WOW! They are all so cute but IF I had to choose just ONE I guess it would have to choose the out of town set!

  34. Deb Grover says

    I like the “at home”, it would be the most useful for myself; since that’s where I’m at the most.:)

  35. Zainab Chaaban says

    The Crafting Chicks came up with a really nice mix of bags.
    I would LOVE to have (Mixed Bag Set #4: Out of Town).
    The bags look gorgeous and having a zipper tops them off nicely!
    ***Thank you for putting together the giveaway, it brightened up my day***

  36. Cindy Huntington says

    I love the bags ,hard to pick which set I would like. But # 4 wins out ‘ON THE TOWN’ for sure !!

  37. Bianca says

    Hmmm hard to pick 😛

    I think they all look great but I will say the mixed bag set 1, Around Town :)

    Good luck everyone

  38. Kirin nabi says

    Love the on the town one, with so many kids heading in different directions, why not do it in style? You guys are fabulous!

  39. Stacey Cates says

    I love set #4, Out of Town! Super cute and I’m a “bag lady” so I hope I win! :) Thanks, Crafting Chicks!

  40. Esther says

    I would choose “At home” :)

    But it is difficult to make a decisive choice…And thank you for the chance to win.

  41. Tracy says

    I love the OuToFtOwn set. These prints are so fun and stylish :) I would love to win one of these sets!! I love seeing these catalogs floating around my work as kid fundraisers. What a cool idea… I feel much better purchasing bags vs candy bars and cookie dough. My thighs thank Mixed Bags!

  42. may riedel says

    I love the “AT HOME SET” the best but they are All very Beautiful!!! Have a Blessed Day!! And don’t forget to Live ~ Laugh ~ Love………. ~May

  43. Sally Brown says

    I love them all! Mmmmmmm my favorite is probably the #2 “At Home” collection just because there is such a variety of bags. What a great site for gifts!

  44. Cindy says

    Love the bags…and your site!!! You always have such great ideas! I like the #1 bag set the “Around Town” it has such great sizes…will check their site now!!!

  45. Natalie says

    They are all so cute, but I think I would probably choose the “Around the Town” set. Hope I win! Thanks!

  46. debra says

    i would love the out of town set…i am a scrapbooker and crafter, so carry everything but the kitchen sink in my purse…these look large enough for all my “necessities”…cute, cute.

  47. Leisa says

    WOW! I really do love then ALL! But, since I have to pick just one it would have to be, “Around Town”. Thanks for the opportunity/chance to win!

  48. Lisa Bebout says

    I LOVE LOVE the #2 At Home set-I could use it in my classroom at school and it would be so cute there!

  49. Kristine says

    I would have to pick At Home, it would make my stay at home Mom job of 4 a lot more organized and cheery! Although I was really tempted by the Out of town set too. I was just introduced to these by a friend’s fund-raiser and think they are great!

  50. jerri says

    i would love the out of town set,I love all their bags, I have the weekender and what I really like is that if shampoo spills you just wash it out, so durable too.

  51. Kym says

    I love the on the town set, I am a fitness trainer and have to pack music etc to my classes.i know these bags would be a hit at the gym, hello mixed bags, goodbye sweaty gym bag!

  52. Debbie Palmer says

    Love them all – but I think On The Town is my favorite – also think this would be a perfect fundraiser for our dance teams!

  53. Camie meyer says

    I’m obsessed with all of the bags… They are too cute! Since I love zebra I’ll say downtown is my favorite :)

  54. Mary Kirkham says

    Absolutely love these bags. I would love to have the Around Town set. With 5 girls in my house, I already know just what to do with them. Thanks.

  55. Kristin T. says

    Oh the things I could do with that “at home” set. I could almost give up my 1st born for them ( super kidding)!

  56. linda pilkinton says

    The around the town set is so stylish and will take me anywhere-love the patterns and colors. Thank You

  57. Irene says

    Thanks you for the chance to win. Love the Mixed Bag Designs – wow it is hard to pick – Thinking On The Town or Down Town – any of them would be great

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