{Can Organizer Giveaway!!}

Giveaway is closed but the coupon code “Chicks” is still good until Oct. 21, 2011!
If you have a kitchen, pantry, or any sort of food storage then you will love CanOrganizer.com. An affordable new way to organize your canned food! You can easily store, organize and rotate your canned food by using this simple and effective design that will maximize your cupboard space. Many different Organizers have been created to easily fit in your standard cupboard, pantry and food storage shelving.
The 11″ deep Cupboard Organizer is perfect for smaller spaces like your cupboard where you need to maximize space. This is ideal where a pantry or extra storage may not be available. You can simply use one Organizer or many depending on your needs. Fill up your cupboard so you can easily find what you’re looking for!
The 16″ deep Shelf Organizer is deeper so you can store even more cans!  Designed to fit nicely on your standard shelf so it is perfect for storage areas like your garage or storage room.
And finally the 22.5″ deep Pantry Organizer is the deepest of the bunch. This system is optimal for those deep pantries or storage racks where you have plenty of space. You will be amazed how many you can fit in the Organizer and well organized your food storage will be. Now you can hit those canned good sales and stock up for your family, saving money and having food on hand for whenever you need it.

Of course if your cupboards are crammed with different odds and ends and you don’t have space to fit several organizers in a row, customize what you need for the space that you have.  Aren’t you ready to be organized and clean up those cupboards? Be better prepared and save now by visiting CanOrganizer.com and selecting the perfect size for your home.
And yes, CanOrganizer has offered a fantastic giveaway to one of you readers.  They are offering two 4 packs of can organizers, of any size.  So whatever suits you best, the winner will be able to choose.  Just visit CanOrganizer.com pick the size you would like to win and leave a comment with your name and size.  It’s as easy as that!
Are you ready to organize?And if you aren’t feeling lucky, or end up not winning the giveaway, CanOrganizer is offering a 10% discount off any purchase Just put in the code chicksat checkout (expires at the end of October 2011).
Visit CanOrganizer.com for your discount today!


  1. Lea-Ann says

    great giveaway! i could sure use those pantry sized organizers. so much wasted space in the back of my pantry because it’s hard to see/reach back there!

  2. Sarah says

    What a fantastic giveaway!!! The pantry organizer would be perfect to help me redo my food storage area. Thanks!

  3. laurel says

    i would get a set of cupboard organizers for my kitchen pantry and a set of pantry organizers for the shelves in the basement!!

  4. Rebecca Badger says

    I would love to win the pantry organizer. This is so great, and I am in desperate need of some pantry organizing!

  5. Cari says

    The cupboard organizer would be perfect for my shallow pantry! No more cans falling on my little ones toes. Thank you!!!

  6. Amanda C says

    I would love to win! My pantry is in desperate need of organization. The 16″ 4 pack would be perfect!

  7. Mark says

    I would love a cupboard organizer and a pantry organizer. It would really help out my pantry.

  8. Ashley says

    I could totally use these! I want all of the sizes, but if I had to choose I would take the 11″ first!

  9. Beverly @ The Buzz says

    With my limited cabinet space, these would help a lot! The 11″ would be perfect! Thanks for hosting.

  10. katie s says

    Awesome, these look great! I would go with the pantry size…not because my pantry is big enough, but my garage shelves are!

  11. Debbie W. says

    The 11″ deep cupboard organizer would be great for my use. Thank you for showing me these!

  12. Jennifer W. says

    Oh, I’ve been wanting some of these for a long time now! The pantry size would be perfect for us!

  13. Cindi says

    My husband and I get into our pantry and just shake our heads!
    This is a great organizing item…Many thanks, Cindi

  14. Connie Good says

    Would love the shelf pantry holder. They are really cool. Thanks for letting us all know about this sight as well as trying to get one.

  15. Karen G. says

    I think the 16″ or longer pantry size would be great. Thanks for the chance to win!! I would definitely put them to good use!!

  16. Taitum Abrams says

    Being in the military it is really hard to store food. Having the shelf organizer would increase the space we have to store and be easy to move. Would love to have something like this.

  17. Jaime says

    How am I supposed to decide? I love them all! The 16″ 4 pack would probably be my pick though. I am a couponer and this would be GREAT for my pantry stockpile!!! Fingers crossed!!!

  18. Jaime Mitchell says

    Ooohhh! :)

    I like the cupboard one…I recently moved into my mom’s house and it’s very small and has limited storage. She’s asked me to help her organize her home…and this would be a great first step! Thanks!

  19. Marisa says

    Oooooo! I sooo need these! 11” would be awesome!!! I don’t have a pantry and have to give up some of my (very limited) cabinet space for canned goods and these would be a life saver! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  20. Naiyana says

    Awesome! I would love the pantry organizer. I’ve been looking at organizers like this but they’re all so expensive. I think I could actually do my whole pantry in these!

  21. stephanie miller says

    the Shelf Organizer, because i usually only have 2 or 3 of one thing in my cupboard, i dont have much space! i need one that will hold different sizes!

  22. AMY B says

    I would like the pantry organizers as that is where I store all my canned goods and they are starting to take over.

  23. sandra key says

    these are great looked at the metal ones and they were way out of my price range. These will work really well, I have a great big pantry and you can never find anything, so I would love the pantry size ones. thanks for the great give a way. sandra

  24. Jessica says

    The shelf pack organizer would be nice. We eat lots of pasta in this house, so we have TONS of spaghetti sauce cans that can be organzied in these. Not to mention the corn and tomato soup too. Love these!!!!

  25. Desiree Lothyan says

    I would LOVE the pantry organizer. I was just trying to figure out how to rotate my cans better!!

  26. Lorinda Davis says

    The pantry size, for sure. They would be awesome to use in the really deep cupboard that I use to store my canned food as well as my garage storage!

  27. Melanie says

    Wow! I was just wondering where to get something like this! The pantry size would be awesome!

  28. Bethany Kingma says

    I love these things! Thanks so much for the giveaway! The 16″ers would work perfectly in my pantry. My husband’s a chicken-noodle-soup-aholic and it’s taking over! Lol.

  29. says

    Love this giveaway! I would love to organize my kitchen better and would want the pantry size. Thank you for the giveaway!

  30. Mailee Lor says

    So a great idea. Would love to receive a 4 pack shelf organizer. It would definetly help.

  31. Tye says

    Our home in England has ZERO pantry space! These would be perfect in my cupboard/pantry. And easy to assemble and disassemble for a move. I need these!!

  32. Brittany W. says

    I am in dire need of some pantry organizational genius – and this would perfectly fit the bill!!! The super deep pantry organizers would be a life saver in my pantry – we have deep shelves and I can never find anything in the back – this would be fantastic!!


  33. Stephanie says

    I would love to win the pantry organizer! An organized pantry would solve all of my problems. :)

  34. Jenna says

    These are awesome! I just moved a couple of months ago and I have the teeniest little kitchen and have to be SO organized to fit anything in! These would be so much better than my random stacks of cans. I would love the 11 inch ones!

  35. Elizabeth says

    These are neat! I would love to win and use these. The Shelf organizers would work best for our family. Thank You!!!

  36. kevin says

    16″ Shelf Organizer looks right. Would really love something to juggle those cans for us!

  37. shado Colson says

    My pantry needs this kind of organization so bad! I love them all. Maybe the pantry organizer size would be best. Pick me. :)

  38. Amanda says

    I would LOVE the little 11″ organizers. Our new kitchen desperately needs organization help, but it’s so small and awkward that it’s hard – these would be so much help!

  39. Lindsay says

    I would love the Pantry Organizer! I feel like I’m CONSTANTLY needing to reorganize my pantry – it’s actually on my “to do” list right now – because it never stays nice and the cans are OUT OF CONTROL. This would be awesome!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  40. Melissa Tilley says

    Awesome giveaway! I would pick the Pantry organizer. It is long which leaves me room for other stuff alongside it!

  41. Lindee says

    My poor pantry would love to have these. Evertime I need I can, I have to dig around. Shelf organizers 16″

  42. Mary-Beth Rose says

    As recent first time homeowners, now’s my time to get the kitchen organized before it becomes a mess to organize later on down the road! :) I love all of the organizers, but the shelf organizers(16″) will fit our kitchen the best!

  43. says

    I really need to get some of these. I need the Shelf size because I don’t have a pantry! Thanks for the giveaway and the discount!