{Thanksgiving Place Cards-Mini Mayflower Nut Cup Ships *Free Download}

Last year a friend made these for our thankgiving preschool feast and I about died!  They were so cute!  I knew that the following year these would be on my list to make!  & since my mom’s (adorable) turkey name tag nutcups have seen better days, I offered to make some new one’s for our families Thanksgiving feast.

To make these cute “Mini Mayflower Nut Cup Thanksgiving Place Cards” (that’s a mouth full!)

You will need:

-My download, or you can cut shapes for the sails.

-Large nutcups

-paper strips (2 inches x 5 inches) staples the sides together and slip the nutcup in.

-stapler, scissors, and hole punch

-treats and nuts for the cup

-Sucker sticks from the craft store (the longer ones)

Steps to make these:

Cut out your paper strips and staple the edges of two together for the boat around the nut cup.  Cut out your sails and add the names.  Hole punch the top and bottom of the sail and stick your sucker stick through.  Then you just add goodies to your nut cup and you can just place your stick in the goodies.  If you want to you can hot glue the stick to the bottom of the nutcup and then add the goodies after the glue dries.


And you can make a very cute mini mayflower ship for your Thanksgiving place cards!  I think place cards are fun and so do my kids….they love seeing their name on things!

To download the sails I made, click on this link:  (The paper and scallop labels come from the amazing Crystal Wilkerson) The download will be a little different from the ones pictured.

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  1. sjk725 says

    I don’t want to sound stupid, but how do you personalize the cards like you do? I would greatly appreciate it!! Also..instead of the nut cup, I was thinking of making a small cornbread muffin to anchor the sail :)
    Thanks again for the great printout! Super cool!

  2. Leiann Peterson says

    Trying to download this Mayflower printable, but it is saying file is not found. Any suggestions how to make it work?

  3. kathy says

    soooooo bummmed!!!! I have been planning on making these for my son’s class and now, the night before their feast I find the link is not working. Is there anyway you could email it to me??? I absolutely love them!

  4. Jennifer says

    Trying to download file for Mayflower and it wont let me…. Help?

    Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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