sm christmas bingo fan


  1. I can not find how to print the bingo card. I can print the header.

  2. Kristen Lockridge Says: December 19, 2012 at 10:08 am

    Can I still print your Christmas bingo game from last year? Just came across this & I can’t find a link! It’s so precious!!! Thank you :)

  3. I have spent an hour looking for the link to print these cards. Can you help by posting the link in a clearer place? I see nothing at the bottom of a post that is in bold. ?? HELP!

    • Linda,
      Sorry you’re having issues. I put the link towards the top. It says CHRISTMAS BINGO. Click on the words and it will automatically download to your computer. Follow the other instructions in the post to complete the download.

  4. Just wondering if this link is still available. Thanks!

    • Yes! We are having some issues with our Download manager support on our site right now. Check back soon. We are hoping to have them up again by 12/20 if not sooner.

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