Father’s Day Hand-print Tree Free Printable

If you’ve followed this blog for a while you know I am a huge fan of using my kids hand-prints to make gifts and keepsakes.  I saw something similar to this on Pinterest and knew that I wanted to make it.

I used one of Crystal Wilkerson’s trees from her Funky Fresh Forest Stickers with the leaves removed.

Then I put some green paint on my girl’s hands and had them stamp the tree.  Super cute, super easy.

Here’s your chance for a fun Father’s Day gift.  Just print this out.  I sent mine to Sam’s Club photo as an 11×14, (which is the size I’ve made the printable).  This way you will have nice spacing for the hand-prints.  Make sure that you turn off the auto color correct.  Your tree will turn out black instead of brown if you don’t.  Guess who forgot to do it?  Yup, I did.  But they were nice enough to fix my mistake. :)

Here’s the finished tree.  My girl’s love it and I can’t wait to give it away.

Here’s the link to the Printable.

Father’s Day tree

(Click on the link to download the zipped file. Once downloaded to your computer, you have to unzip or extract the file to use it, so check your computer to see how it does that.)

Please remember, printables are for personal non-commercial use.  No changes or alternations can be made.  Please link to us using our name if you use our printables to make anything that you post on your site. -Thanks!-


**The 2013 version can be found here.

**The 2014 version can  be found here.

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  1. says

    LOVE it!!! I think we are going to do this for Father’s Day! One for each of my girls. It will look fantastic in Daddy’s office! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Vicky Lee says

    Hi there! :-) A few silly questions…you had this printed at a photo place, I’m planning on using Costco, so then I’m assuming it’s like a glossy or matte photograph…what type of paint did you use that sticks well to that and doesn’t smear much? I’m just asking because my son is 13 months old and I want to do this, but make it as easy lol as I can. Any tips are appreciated! Thank you, and thanks for the great idea!

    • says

      Hi Vicky Lee,
      Yes I printed this at Sams Club. Choose a matte finish if you have too, most times the larger prints just come in matte.
      I used some regular craft paint and with my baby (15 mos) I just held onto her arm and ran her over to the sink. You could always have some wipes close by. That is helpful too.

  3. Tammy says

    Hey! I would live to do some of these crafty prodjects with my daughter, but my computer is having issues with me trying to print off some of them.. The one i was most interested in was the Father’s day tree, or others that go along with it. If anyone could help me that would great. thank you and hope everyone has a great day!!

    • says

      Hi Tammy,
      So click on the link to download the zipped file. Once downloaded to your computer, you have to unzip or extract the file to use it, so check your computer to see how it does that. Usually you will have to right click on the file and choose extract files. Hope that helps.

  4. Sara says

    I am totally doing this for my husband for Father’s Day this year! Thank you for the awesome idea! I was wondering what to do, and this is perfect!!

  5. Jenn says

    I am totally doing this for my husband, he will love it, and double bonus for me…I have something new to hang on my wall that I will be able to enjoy all year, until I do it again next year! Thank you!

  6. Debbie says

    Have downloaded and ordered a 12×10 print from photo box for £3.25. Can’t wait to do it for Hubbie with my 4 kids. Lovely keepsake !! Thanks for sharing !! x Debbie

  7. Tina says

    i wish there would be one just with 2012 so i can make the grandparents one like this too, coz its such a cute idea :(

  8. Sara says

    Forgive my ignorance please but you print it, print it, then what? Scan it? My brain is missing the step between the paint and the sensing it to a photo store. Thanks!

    • says

      What you’ll do is download the file. Then send it to be printed, or you could print from home if you want a smaller size. Then add the painted handprints. Place the picture in a frame and you’re all set. Let me know if you have more questions! Thanks!

  9. Jennifer says

    Hi. I love this ‘hand’ made gift for Father’s Day…Is there any way I can use this as an 8×10? I want to upload it to a photo place & I was wondering if anyone has tried it at that size or if it even works at a smaller scale?? Thanks!

    • says

      You should be able to do it smaller. I made it larger because I wanted the handprints not to overwhelm the tree. I think it would be cute as a card too. Send me a pic of your smaller size. I’d love to see how it looks!

      • Jennifer says

        Thanks! I did an 8×10 through Wal-Mart photo & it came out cute! All I had to do was make sure it cropped evenly. I used four handprints (2 for each girl)…my 3 year old loved making this for her Daddy…it was a little tricky trying to get my 13 mth old’s hands to cooperate :) But I think it is adorable & we had fun!! I’ll send you a pic soon!

  10. Heather says

    Thanks for printable! I did it with my kids and loved the result (I also used two different color greens to tell the kids’ hands apart). I would love to continue this tradition, if you could update and provide the printable each year please? Thank you again!

  11. Katrina says

    I second Amy! Just discovered this now in the mother’s day round-up! Any chance you’d be able to post a 2013 one sooner rather than later? Have a new baby coming next month and would like to not be all stressed out trying to get it done right before father’s day! Thx!!

    • galiya says

      Hi Becky,

      I love this craft idea!!! Any chance I can get 2014 tree? I would like to use it for our Sunday School.

      Thank you!

  12. Sarah says

    This is such a cute, fun idea! Thank you so much for sharing – some of us are non-crafty and so appreciate the help. Hope to see a 2014 version! :)


  1. […] I sure loved giving this to the grandpa’s and my husband.  Everyone really loved it.  My girls have so much fun getting their hands painted and then stamping them on the page. I think they could do it all day long.  If you want instructions on how to do it, I wrote it all up on 2012′s tree post. […]

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