{Days of the Week Outfit Tags for Back to School & Free Printables}


Next month I send my oldest twins off to kindergarten!  AHHHH!  I am excited and a bit nervous too.  I have been Pinning a lot of “BACK to SCHOOL” ideas…there are so many great things on PINTEREST…You can follow me here, CRAFTING JAMIE’S Pinterest Page .  I would love to follow our readers back:)  I need to start making more and pinning less…:)

In my attempt to get “back to school” organized,  I created these Days of the Week tags to clip onto their outfits for the week.

The plan is to pick out all 5 outfits on Sunday night, clip on the tags and store them in their closets…ready to go!  Wish me luck!   I thought this could help some of you as you are getting

ready too!

Not only will they help with organization, the cards can also help your little one learn Days of the Week words!:)


I made these tags in Photoshop.  You are welcome to download mine and print them off for free…just PLEASE PERSONAL USE ONLY …us chicks have found some ladies selling our printables on Etsy and other places…this makes us sad because we work so hard to share them with our readers for free:)



Included in my download, are these mini circles with Days of the Week Letters.  I found these ADORABLE fancy bronze paper clips at PICK YOUR PLUM…I love Pick your plum and Alison!  They offer these pretty often so you can check each day, or if you live close to their warehouse, these clips are usually available.

I cut out the mini circles, glued them onto the circle part of the clip and them went over each of them with “Diamond Glaze” or an equivalent I found at Michael’s called Paper Glaze.

LET THEM DRY OVERNIGHT! and don’t do too thick of a coat…and DON’T shake the bottle (thanks Alison for the tip).


They turned out so cute!

Each clip matches the tag:)


It is easy to clip the tags on folded outfits….or ones hanging up:)

I also know that IKEA sells the closed dividers with 5 or 7 slots…that would be perfect for this…I may have to grab a few on my next IKEA visit!  Good luck to all of you getting ready for “back to school.”

xoxo  Jamie


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  1. Shar says

    I love all of your (The Chicks) downloads. Thank you so much for sharing them, & BOO to the cheaters who are stealing & selling!

  2. Nicole H. says

    So cute! I think I might go with decorate clothes pins instead of the paper clips…Thanks for the download!

  3. says

    We bought the hanging clothes organizers from IKEA last year for my 4 year old twins for just this purpose. Best.decision.ever. Saves us tons of time in the morning (why are there always tons of pairs of plaid shorts, but we can never find the matching tops!?!?) and I know DAYS in advance if they don’t have enough clean clothes, socks, underwear, PJs, and even swimsuits for swim lessons vs. realizing late the night before or worse – the morning of. And it saves the kids from wearing what Daddy decides matches… :)

    The only thing I didn’t like about the hanging organizers is that they sag, and because the kids pull the clothes out and then drag them to the bathroom they sometimes loose a piece along the way. So we have since added clear plastic shoe bins (men’s boot boxes to be exact) to each of the slots so all they have to do is grab the tub and it all stays together. Then when they return their dirty laundry to the hamper, they return the tub as well. Zero work for Mommy – I love it!!

  4. Jaime Whall says

    Thank you so much! They are adorable. I think I will l aminate them and put key rings on them so I can just loop them over the hanger.

    I can’t believe someone has the nerve to sell your hard work! Very sad indeed!

  5. Brianne says

    Thanks for sharing! I bought the 5-compartment hanging organizer (Skubb, $7.99) at Ikea this morning for exactly this purpose. I was thinking about making labels for the days of the week, but yours are way cuter! Thank you for saving me the work!

  6. Julia says

    Seriously! Saturday and Sunday would come in super handy as well. If you added those it would make me super happy. But, either way, THANK YOU for these! They are awesome.

  7. Ashley says

    These are amazing! Thanks for the download!!! And I agree with other comments, Saturday & Sunday ones would be awesome too!


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