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I was so excited when I found out that Poppy Seed Projects was going to start making doll beds that fit American Girl Dolls.  As a mother of 3 girls, (and 3 American Girl dolls), I knew that these were going to be a hit at my house!

For weeks my two oldest begged me to begin their beds.  I put it off, cause if I’m honest, I have to gear up for sewing.  Not that this project is super hard, but I have to get myself to a special mental place where I can be a nice mom, but still focus and concentrate.  I’m not a mom that can sew with the girls hanging on me.

Once I had my mental faculties in check, I got my cute fabric from Riley Blake Designs and got to sewing.  I followed a lot of the fun cute ideas that Crafting Chick Jamie shared in her post about doll bedding.  I’ll give a little more step by step in this post. I had so much fun and forgot how much I love sewing.

Ready to start?  Here’s what you’ll need.

1 1/2 yards of fabric  (I used 4 different fabrics, but you will need 1 whole yard for the the comforter and the mattress. The extra half yard is just for the pillows)
thin quilt batting
some ribbon, buttons, and any other notions you’d like
a sewing machine, thread and straight pins


Cut the comforter material to 19×20″ pieces.

Places these pieces right sides together and pin.


Begin to sew a straight stitch around leaving about a 1/4″ seam.  Make sure to leave an opening big enough to turn.

Once you have completed the sewing, place your batting on the material and cut it to the size you’d like.  I then tacked the corners of the batting down to the comforter corners.  I know you can sew the batting along with the fabric, but it was giving my machine troubles so this is my fix. Do whatever is easiest for you.

Once the batting is in place, pull the fabric right side out through the small opening.  Then straight stitch the opening closed.  You could hand-stitch this if you’d like.



I then added this cute pom-pom ribbon detail to one side.  I just thought it added a little extra cuteness. Just pin and sew.

Now you are done with the comforter.


Cut the mattress material to 10×18.5″.  Follow the instructions above for the comforter.  (Yes, it’s that easy!)


I just took the scraps I had left over and made the pillow cases whatever size looked right to me.


This one is 4×5″  before it was sewn.  I actually left it as a long piece and hemmed the ends (where the opening would be), and then sewed the sides closed.  Just like a real pillow case.  I love how it looks just like a real one but so mini.

After they were sewn and turned out right sides showing, I stuffed them with some of the batting.  I just folded the batting and stuffed it in.


For the embellished pillows, just use your imagination.  This one is a tufted one with the button in the middle. I also did some fun toss pillows to add to it.

See Easy Peasy.  What was I so worked up about?


Do you have an American Girl Doll lover at your house?!?  Make sure you make a bed for her and she will treasure it forever!

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  1. says

    Sometimes I wish I had a real life Stuart Little, I’d make all sorts of cute tiny things like this. :D But alas I do not, and my girls are way past the American Girl phase, but this is so cute!

  2. Sigrid Golnik says

    Becky – this is just so cute. I have an old doll crib that I believe is just the right size for your doll bedding tutorial. I’m babysitting a little girl that will just love to play with this. THANKS!!


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