Summer Dresses


I have a confession.  I love fabric.  Seriously, it could be a problem.

If you are like me then you will be happy to know there is a great new fabric company, Modern Yardage.  Modern Yardage is changing up the game and will print your order for you once it’s placed.  No need to stress that the fabric will not be around in a month.  They have new designers with fun fresh designs.


I was looking through the options and decided that my girls needed some summer dresses from the Garden Party line.  I ordered my prints and they arrived in the mail shortly after.  (I love not having to leave my house, so this is a bonus.)


I had pinned this girls tiered twirl dress pattern from Lateeda Kids.  I knew the fabric would be perfect for these dresses, so I finally bought the pattern and got to work.  I won’t give you a tutorial on the dress since I used her pattern.  Sorry. But hopefully the pictures will give you some inspiration and motivation to get sewing.

Here’s the finished product!


I took my girls to an empty field and let them explore.  It was so fun to get some action shots of them running, playing, and discovering.  I need to make time to do this more often.



dresses-for-summer What will you sew?  Any great projects in the works?


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      I purchased the one in the link above from an etsy store. With her pattern, you print out a pattern for the bodice and then just cut the measurements that she gives you. Very simple and she lays it all out nicely for you. :)

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      Thank you so much Kiki! You sewing ladies are amazing! I sure love it but it takes a lot of patience from me. I think I need a better machine and then I could really get going. ;)

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