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We are about to make your Valentine’s day!

We are celebrating February, 14th 2014 with an incredible giveaway that you won’t want to miss!

Are you ready for this?! TWENTY-EIGHT of our FAVORITE bloggers have put together amazing Valentine’s Day baskets filled with everything you will need for fun, romantic night! That’s right, ladies… no more stressing over what to do or scrambling at the last minute to pull together a memorable evening.

Valentine’s Day is 100% planned for the lucky recipients of these twenty-eight gorgeous baskets!

Each of our blogging friends {and US} are giving away a unique themed date night basket valued at over $100 each to make your evening something you will treasure forever!

Here’s a peak at all 28 giveaway baskets:

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Are you ready for a chance to enter 28 AMAZING Giveaways AND meet some of our favorite blogging friends? Welcome to The ULTIMATE Valentine’s Day Basket + Blog Hop!!

Here’s What You Do:

#1) Are you sitting down?!! Ready to feast on all the delicious eye candy of the amazing giveaways you are about to enter? I thought so!

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#5) Definitely take time to check out each of these sites. We have quite the variety of talented ladies participating in this! You are in for a REAL treat!!

Here’s a sneak peek at what we are giving-away!

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Click on each link to view each site, and enter to win their “Valentine’s Date Night” basket. If you receive an error message, click to the blog’s home page. So much inspiration, right?!?

1. The Dating Divas 2. Bombshell Bling 3. Thirty Handmade Days 4. All Things Thrifty 5. Nobiggie 6. A Little Tipsy 7. The Crafting Chicks 8. Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke 9. Skip To My Lou 10. Snap 11. Fun Cheap Or Free 12. Positively Spendid 13. My Sister’s Suitcase 14. The 36th Avenue 15. Smitten By 16. The Idea Room 17. 4 Men 1 Lady 18. Girl Loves Glam 19. The Diva Dish 20. Entirely Eventful Day 21. Tatertots & Jello 22. Just A Girl 23. Dollar Store Crafts 24. The SITS Girls 25. Lolly Jane 26. Design Dazzle 27. My Insanity 28. Not Just A Housewife

MyBasketBanner massage-basket-

A couple months ago my husband and I went for a couples massage at Sego Lily Day Spa.  It was amazing and we both walked away feeling renewed and relaxed. Something that is quiet different from our crazy lives.  I wanted the winner to have the same experience with the same products from Sego Lily.

The winner of this basket will get:

  1. A set of His and Hers luxurious robes
  2. Pure Love massage oil
  3. a gift card for a couples massage to Sego Lily Day Spa
  4. and His and Hers pampering sample bags

GiveawayBanner Ready to WIN a fabulous, already prepped Valentine’s Day date?!? You can enter up to EIGHT times – see all the different ways below!

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  1. Lisa says

    I have 7 children (six at home), 2 dogs, 3 cats, 7 chickens and a picky rooster. It’s CrAzY here!
    A spa moment would be heaven sent!!

  2. Karen says

    I would really like to win because this is going to be our last Valetine’s day before we become parents. I’m due in March and would really like to make this Valentine’s special in some way.

  3. says

    My husband and I haven’t had a date night in months. We were planning a little getaway for next weekend but instead he is stuck working and we had some unexpected house repairs come up :(

  4. Stephanie says

    My husband have been sacrificing and working hard over the past year to save our money and get ahead. This would be a great little “luxury” date for us without having to spend a fortune!! Thanks for the chance!!

  5. Kelly says

    We have a 6 month old who has yet to sleep through the night! It would be great to drop him off at Grandpa & Grandma’s house for a bit so my husband and I can spend some time together relaxing! (and maybe napping!)

  6. Marcia says

    I just finished school and my husband has been dealing with health issues, we could really use a little “us” time to reconnect.

  7. Lisa Beech says

    This win would not be for me – directly, but rather a treat for my hubsy. He recently changed jobs and it’s been quite the transition. He has a chronic pain disorder and yet in spite of that he gets up each morning does his maintenance workout, works all day while in training sessions then drives home to parent our 4 sons with me. I love him more each year and we’ve been married nearly 18 years now. That’s a lot of love. He does all this without ever complaining, even when our pipes burst (which they did during the arctic blast). He deserves this pampering and I’d be honored to share this day with him.

  8. Sarah says

    It would be a great opportunity for us to spend some quality time together without the noise of the outside world interrupting!

  9. says

    the Mr and I have been working super hard to save some extra money. i work full time and am working on my masters of an evening, so our dates seem to be nonexistent. This would be a great way to have a date!

  10. Pamela Holland says

    I have been out of a job for 6 months, leaving date nights are hard thing to come by. Would love to surprise my hubby with this!

  11. Kim Olea says

    We just celebrated our 27th anniversary, and at the end, my poor husband ended up with a really bad cold. It kind of fizzled. He’s home sick in bed, today. He almost never stays home sick! Poor man!

  12. Carrie says

    The hubs works a lot, and works night shift as well, we rarely see each other, let alone have time to do anything like this. It would be a great way to reconnect and be better together.

  13. Catherine in MI says

    I don’t know that I *should* win, but I would love to win because my back is in awful shape (I carry an immobile seven year old for much of my day) and think this would convince my husband to massage my achy self a little more often. :) And we have no robes – – that would be a fun bonus!

    Thanks for the chance.

  14. says

    Would love to win this so my husband and I could take some time for ourselves to relax! It’s hard to relax sometimes when you have a toddler sitting in your lap while you pee!

  15. Catherine in MI says

    I have a sore back from carrying our seven year old son around most of the day (he is immobile), so I think this basket could convince my husband to give me more massages. Plus, who wouldn’t love a plush robe? :)

    (I got an error when trying to post my first comment, so if there is a double post, please feel welcome to delete.)

  16. Bethany says

    My husband and I just got married and it will be our first Valentine’s Day as newlyweds! It would be great to do something special!

  17. Denise says

    I don’t know that I DESERVE to win (it sounds like others may need this more) but it would definitely be nice to take a small break from our five kiddos (four of whom are under 4!) for some relaxation with the hubby. (:

  18. Kristin R. says

    Would love to win! We will be celebrating my baby’s 1st birthday this Valentine’s day, but hopefully my husband and I will be able to find a day to celebrate Valentine’s day together!

  19. says

    My hubby and I haven’t had a chance to have very many romantic dates since our little guy got here. He’ll be 17 months old this month, so I think it’s about time for us to do something like this! :)

  20. Lisa Cox says

    My mother in law lives with us. Is that reason enough? LOL
    Actually, I wouldn’t be able to use the gift card as I live in Missouri, but you could keep that or give it to someone else.

  21. Marilyn Tucker says

    We had our 11th anniversary on December 12th and didn’t do anything because we were busy trying to get Christmas gifts made. We both could use new robes too!

  22. Loretta Patzner says

    My husband and I moved October 2013 from KC, MO to Tampa, Fl. I would love to make this Valentine’s Day special. Currently, I plan to give note/card, banner, etc from Feb. 1-14.

  23. sam says

    I would love to win this because we have a 7 year old, a 5 year old, a 4 year old, and a 2 year old! I could really use a break…!

  24. Angela Newsome says

    My Husband and I have 3 children, two who are very young. We rarely get a night alone and this would be a much needed treat for us!!!

  25. Kaleah says

    I would give this to my mother. She works so hard and rarely has time for herself. Would be a wonderful date night for her and my dad.

  26. Jessica Carlson says

    Don’t we all deserve to win? This basket looks like bliss! I think I’d enjoy relaxing in those glorious robes with my hard working Marine(my handsome hubby).

  27. Sam says

    This basket looks great! I’d love coming home from a long day of classes and slipping into the robe and cuddling up with my man!

  28. says

    Me and my boyfriend are going away for our first holiday together to center parcs! We can’t really afford it, but it will be valentines day and out anniversary, so why not! This giveaway would make the weekend perfect!

  29. Brook says

    I’m sure there is someone out there that should win this more than me but I would still take it with a smile!!!

  30. Gillian Lewis says

    I should win because…well, everyone has great reasons, I’m sure, so I’m not really trying to out-do anyone else. I will say, however, that one of the great pleasures in my life has been the couples massages I have had with my husband. In fact, I’ve only had two massages that DIDN’T take place as a couples massage! I have lots of great memories of the experiences.

  31. Brittney Musgrove says

    My husband and I just got married two months ago! :) We don’t have the money right now to do much of anything, we just moved into a new house. If we were to win this basket it would make our V day so much better than sitting at home watching a movie :)

  32. Shannon H says

    Hmmm why I should win…. Not sure I “should” win, but I know hubby and I could use some “us time” and a spa type treatment would be fabulous. He’s military, and adding that to 6 kids that we homeschool, not to mention him working on his degree and all of us being sick recently, winning this would be fantastic! Thank you for the opportunity!

  33. Kristen says

    I’m a busy mom who’s trying desperately to restore an almost broken marriage. I’m trying to do something really sweet to show him how much I need him for valentines.

  34. Lacey says

    I am a busy mom of a toddler with another on the way. We just moved into a foreclosure, and having to put so much work into it, as well as my hubby starting a new job! I would love to have one less thing to worry about and a nice romantic night with my hubby!!! Pick me pick me!!! :)

  35. Rebecca D says

    I would love to enjoy this basket with my husband. He is very romantic and would enjoy everything in the basket.

  36. Tammi Laney says

    I take care of 3 kids,one with special needs.I also take care of my disabled parents.I deserve some rest and relaxation.

  37. Stephanie L says

    We just adopted our son from China 4 months ago, then moved across country 2 weeks ago. I could use a good massage and a relaxing evening with my man!!

  38. Joey says

    I should win because my Birthday falls on the 17th, Way to close to Valentine’s so I usually only get one celebration or other

  39. gina says

    I run a subsidy childcare with hard to place parents (before 6am and weekends) 6 days a week. I love me kids and their parents but could use a something special

  40. Chelsey G says

    My husband has been really busy with work and I am just as busy taking care of my 4 kids and it would be nice to have a night to relax and enjoy some time together,

  41. says

    We (well my husband) are in the process of completely remodeling a house. Completely demo’d out and starting over, added an addition, etc! My husband has been working his butt off doing it too! This would be a great way to get away and relax and treat him for all of his hard work!

  42. Morgan Western says

    My Husband has to work this Valentines day. So we are celebrating the day after, please help me make this day special.

  43. Penny Z says

    I should win because I am awesome 😛 and because this would be a perfect valentine night activity for me and my husband :)

  44. Claudia says

    My husband and I just found out on Christmas Eve that we are expecting! He is in the military and I work full time. We would love to have an evening to relax and spend quality time together before we get blessed with days full of bottles and messy diapers.

  45. says

    It would be wonderful to win one of your gifts……… we watch some of our grandkids while their single Moms. work. & it would be nice at our ages
    ( in our 7o’s ) to be pampered & win a gift.. ty.

  46. Shelbi November says

    I should win because my husband and I just had our second baby and haven’t gotten to do anything without her since then. She will be four months old next week. We are in desperate need of an “us night”. :) Thanks for the opportunity!

  47. Darla Bunyan says

    I should win because my husband and I have 7 kids between us, and 5 of them are girls, 3 that are teens! Super stressed all the time around here, with not much of any alone time! It would be an awesome gift for us!!!!!

  48. Leigh H says

    Ooooooo! This would be an amazing giveaway to win! My husband is almost finished with his schooling for a pharmacy degree and he deserves a break! (And I haven’t seen him face to face for longer than 10 mins in what seems like ages!) This would be a great gift to give to him for Vday.

  49. Nicole says

    This is absolutely wonderful! I didn’t enter because I am not in Utah and I wouldn’t want such a lovey gift card to go to waste! I did though want to send my kudos to such a perfect Valentines package idea! Relaxation <3

  50. Sheridan says

    We’re going to have a really simple Valentine’s Day this year. I know this would make our day so much brighter! :)

  51. Jentri says

    I think my husband and I should win simply because it has been 7 years of not truly celebrating for us. We have had something come up every year on valentines since we got married. This would be the perfect thing to break the ‘bad luck.’

  52. Samantha says

    Let’s be honest… Every girl should be pampered like this right? Plus I could totally use a break from the kids:).. Ages 11, 4, 3, 2, and 1.

  53. Nicole says

    I just had my third baby in December (he is perfect, minus some poor sleeping habits :)) and we would love some R&R. The week of Valentines is also our anniversary and my birthday, so my husband would be thrilled if I could hand him this package and tell him he is off the hook this year!

  54. Shambray Matthews says

    We should win because we don’t get much relaxing time since our daughter was born and on top of that we have been doing lots of remodeling ourselves so we are so sore all the time. The massage would feel so good!

  55. Tonya says

    Oh, this would be wonderful! My husband and I haven’t had a “vacation” alone together for years! I love our kiddos, but life gets pretty hectic with four of them. It would be amazing to just spend some alone time with my honey and remember why we decided to have this crazy life! 😉

  56. Kara Burns says

    We would love to win this! With 4 kids at home it is hard to relax most days. To be able to getaway and have someone relax me would be great!

  57. Heather B. says

    I don’t know that I am any MORE deserving to win this than anyone else, but I would love it. I am a full time, working mom of two toddlers, going to school, and I just could really use a spa day.

  58. Monica Younes says

    I have never had a massage in all my years but with 3 kids now it would be nice for a little getaway for a few hours.

  59. says

    My hubby and I never get alone time! We didn’t have the time or money to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary last month, this would be AMAZING for the both of us! 😉

  60. Cassidy says

    I don’t live in Utah for the spa service but I do have a special couple who could really use it and I would love to win and give it to them.

  61. says

    Because we are parents of 7. Three that are currently in college. We are busy, my husband works two jobs out side of the home, and I work one, as well as coming home to work when we get home. We would LOVE to win something like this!

  62. Jessica Havican says

    My husband and I could definitely use something like this to add some spark to our marriage. Married for almost 5 years and we’ve never done anything like it. It’s about time!

  63. Megan S. says

    This would be such an awesome win. My fiance and I have a big year ahead of us with planning a wedding, buying our first house, and moving away from our families. This would be the perfect thing to just focus on us and not have a worry about anything else.

  64. Priscilla R. says

    February 17 will be 19 years of marriage to my hubbie…he is a wonderful father and husband who was my rock through cancer diagnosis/treatment. We have four amazing kiddoes, but have not had a day alone away from the kids in years and could both use the spa day!! :)

  65. says

    Why should I win? Well. . .my husband is not a romantic guy at all. So if I want romance, I have to bring it myself. This basket would be an excellent way for me to do that!

  66. says

    I’ve never had a spa experience of any kind… and if I win this you’d have to keep the gift card for yourself since I do not live in Utah. :)

    I always buy my husband the Boca Terry Robes – the terrycloth ones in different weights. But I’ve never bought one for myself. I’d love to have one.

  67. Jill says

    I love Spa days! But I would probably hand it over to someone whose life is crazier than mine! Either my aunt or one of my sisters because they are so busy and deserve an amazing night out!!!

  68. Kim says

    My boyfriend and I are long distance and haven’t gotten to spend a lot of time together due to some job changes, so this would be the perfect way for us to relax together!

  69. amy Muiller says

    With four daughters and two that are disabled, my back would really appreciate a massage from all the heavy lifting. Good luck to everyone!

  70. Emily says

    I’m still in college, so my boyfriend and I really don’t have a lot of extra money to do a lot of extra stuff on Valentine’s day. This would be a perfect idea for us!

  71. Elizabeth Polish says

    I should win because my husband has never had a “real” massage and thinks that they aren’t that wonderful! He needs to see the light!

  72. Andrea says

    As parents of three young, hockey-playing boys, my husband and I could REALLY use some relaxation! Trust me on this one :)

  73. Taylor Dahl says

    My husband and I are full time students at the University of Utah. We are in classes all day and then go to our jobs and then I go back to campus for two hours of lacrosse practice. We would LOVE a night off! I have always wanted to do a couples massage with him (we got married in October and haven’t had the chance to financially). I want to win this amazing basket!!!!!

  74. Rachel says

    I would love to win this backet for me and my boyfriend! I love massages, but the budget only allows for it once a year! He tries to spoil me and after 8 years together I would love to be able to spoil him a little too! This would be a God send of a gift!!!

  75. Amanda says

    My husband and I have been working hard lately and have not had any time for ourselves. A spa basket would be wonderful!

  76. Derrinda says

    I deserve to win b/c I delivered a 10 lb. 2 oz. baby boy, all natural, 9 years ago this Valentines Day and it would be awesome!!!

  77. Kate Emmert says

    Oh my goodness, I saw this and just thought, my husband and I would LOVE to have a few hours away from our little boys (4 and 1)! It sounds so relaxing :)

  78. Karen Thompson says

    my fiance and I study massage together!! it would be so nice to be able to both enjoy a massage at the same time for once

  79. Cami says

    I’ve never really taken the time to go to a spa and I’ve only ever had sports massages which aren’t very relaxing. I would love to try this! Thank you!

  80. lesley says

    i have been SERIOUSLY stressed with a personal event that occurred recently, as well as my extremely stressful boss/job/career that i need to change soon!

    • Connie Barnes says

      I hit enter too fast….that is why I should win. I run around all day trying to do stuff for others that I can’t even think straight or normally. I would love to take a little time for myself and pamper my relationship.

  81. Laurie says

    We have 4 kids. We rarely take time for us, besides a conversation here and there at home. We need some relaxing time alone!

  82. says

    Wishes for someone that really needs this wins!
    As for my short story…. I married 8 years ago to a truck driver. Our wedding day …. August….the cake melted… (Outside wedding early morning! Who knew?) We ended up spending our wedding night at a truck stop in our car because the reservations were made for wrong day ( after driving forever to get there)
    Our 7th anniversary was spent at a truck stop in downtown NY because we were ünder a load! We travel 365 days a year in a semi truck…. What a treat this would be lol make him take a break! Even if not the winner I love your ideas!

  83. Shawn says

    What a fun basket…
    1. This Feb is my 30th anniversary!
    2. It’s been a crazy year….3 children married in a 6 month time span.
    3. Getting ready for my 1st grandchild.
    4. Still being mom to 5 other children and running a household!

    A spa basket would be amazing!! =)

  84. Anna Dykman says

    My husband and I got married on valentines day and this year will be 5 years! We need some us time, he is military and is always stressed.

  85. Katie b says

    I have three birthdays to plan in the next couple of weeks. It would sure be nice to have Valentines day all taken care of. Thank you!

  86. Linda Martin says

    I have never done a couples massage but it sounds great -especially for 2 old (newlywed) married people (39 years and counting)!

  87. Anita Lao says

    I think I should win because my life just got crazy again. My husband and I are approaching the 27th anniversary of the day we met. I thought that with two sons married and only two children left at home that it would settle down for a bit but, that was just a funny daydream.
    This is a typical week day for me: My daughter is in early morning seminary and that means we leave the house at 5:15 am every weekday to have her at the church by 6. We get back by 7:30 in the morning and after a bit of breakfast, we jump into homeschool for the day. Then it’s time to tackle chores, cooking and all the other mom & wife stuff that need to be done.
    Additionally, I serve as the Young Women president for the girls ages 12- 18 in our congregation. They keep me busy and on my toes, but I love my calling and my girls. I’m responsible for their Sunday lessons and their mid-week activities along with three other amazing women. A good deal of my weekday goes into planning and preparing the lessons and activities on top of my usual duties at home.
    My husband works crazy hours, leaving the house by 8:00 am and often getting home later than 7:30 in the evenings. He also serves as the congregation’s branch president which means that I don’t get to see him much during the week. In an effort to have a little time with him on Sunday, I travel with him to his early meetings so I’m at church most Sundays from 7:30 am until after 2 pm and sometimes even later. My kids eat their breakfast (and sometimes lunch and even occasionally, dinner – depending on what’s going on for the evening) at the church on Sundays so that means making sure everything is packed and ready to go in advance. It helps to be organized. I only wish I was!!
    As if that wasn’t enough, recently my newly married son and his wife of 8 months moved into our small (1600 sq. ft.) home. As much as I love all these things in my life, it does get a little stressful. We’re working on improving communication and establishing a better routine for all of us, but, yeah, there is stress.
    I’ve never been to a spa, so this could be a sweet treat for me. And, even though I live in Vermont, I am fortunate enough to be able to tag along on my husband’s business trip to Utah in March, so we could even visit the Sego Lily Spa. It would be a nice special date for my husband and me. I should totally win this!

  88. Tenina says

    This is such a cute gift basket! My husband and I have been together for 5 years now, and since day 1 he has been taking care of me. I have a physical disability that means I spend most of my time in extreme amounts of pain. My husband is the most caring and amazing man I have ever met. He has never let my disability slow either one of us down, and does everything he can to support me and help me through it. I’m always looking for ways to give him a little extra TLC to show him how much I appreciate all he does, and I think a spa night with a massage would be the perfect way to do that!

  89. Amanda Ballard says

    It would be so nice to actually get to celebrate Valentine’s generally I spend it treating others with massage and to have one myself would be incredible and to treat my man, it has been a stressful year and to be able to treat him would be amazing.

  90. Sandy says

    We should win because Vtines is our anniversry and we will be married 17 years . We have never done a couples massage. Would love too.

  91. Danielle says

    Between both of us working full-time and my husband going to school full-times, this would be a great way to enjoy a stress-free night together!

  92. Amanda Baird says

    I am not sure that I am any more hard-working or deserving than the next mom and wife, but I am 9 months into being a stay at home mom and it would be great to have a get away with the man who works so hard to allow me to stay at home with our little one.

  93. Madison says

    I should win because I would give this to my Mom who had a horrible year in 2013. She loves massages but never puts the time aside for herself. Hopefully this basket would give her a great start to the new year and put a smile on her face.

  94. Alli Smith says

    Well we should win because my sweet husband is working two jobs and going to school and he needs a relaxing day. And I just had a baby, all moms know how sore you are after that. 😉

  95. Cynthia says

    I would love to win because I have been wanting a robe ( please, please) and i am pregnant so some pampering sounds AWESOME!!!!!

  96. Jessica says

    My husband needs a break from all the massages he’s given me from having a stiff neck over the Christmas holidays :/

  97. Jennifer H says

    Simply put. I could use a spa night!

    And I could do it in the comfort of my own home so we wouldn’t have to hire a babysitter!

  98. Makayla W says

    My husband and I need a break. We have two cute little boys who are quite the mess makers and my hubby is currently finishing up his Masters program and is applying to Universities for his PhD.

  99. Katherine says

    we had a baby three months ago, and my husband started a new position at work. we barely get any time together anymore, a spa date would be so nice.

  100. Natalie says

    I would love to win this for my husband! He is a full time student and BYU and works on top of that! We are expecting our first baby here in a few months and we’ve been trying to do lots of things together before we have a little one on our hands. This would certainly help him relax a bit with all of the new and old stress in his life.

  101. Tessa says

    My husband and i are college students and cant afford a massage! My husband has never had one before and he totally deserves it!

  102. Toni says

    Everybody needs a little spa time! I live up north, and during the winter here your skin can get so dry and a spa day is perfect! My feet would be so grateful for some massage oil! 😛

  103. Lauren says

    My husband is in medical and really stressed about getting a residency spot – I think this would be just the thing!

  104. Skyann S says

    I (we) should win because after the rough year of drama and pointless things happening to us and people trying to break us apart this would be a great way to regain our love for each other and to show just how much we love each other and despite things that have happened we are stronger than ever and will make it.

  105. says

    My husband and I just graduated from college in December. I am studying for my nursing boards which will be done soon! After years of busyness, we could use some relaxation!

  106. Julie Robertson says

    I have never had a massage. Everyone, even my husband who gets to have one once a month through his workplace, says they are wonderful. It’s just not something a stay at home mom of four gets to think about experiencing. Thank you for the chance to win!

  107. Bri Morgan says

    My husband is gone a good chunk of the year so I would love to be able to pamper him before he has to head back to work

  108. Pauline Burns says

    Would love to actually have a date night to use this stuff! Never had an official massage before. Would be nice.

  109. MaryB says

    I should win because I have completed some cancer treatment (successfully!!) and would love to have this basket. Great giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win.

  110. says

    I have had some health issues stemming from a brain tumor in 2012. I had 6 surgeries in 15 months and things have been really tight, to say the least. My husband and I haven’t had the chance to do anything for ourselves, with each other, in a long time! It’s been all about me and my sweet 3 year old son. I’d love to surprise my husband with an awesome valentine’s gift and blow him away!! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  111. ashley says

    bf and I would love this ive been going to school and he has been taking care of the house and dinner and everything.

  112. Ashley says

    I am over due with our 3rd baby! My hubby and I will need a fun romantic night for sure! (except we wouldn’t be able to use the gift card since we live in Ohio)

  113. Lynette says

    My husband is in his last semester of school and we’ve had a really bad year. Oh my goodness, I don’t think I can adequately explain how much we need this!

  114. says

    More than anything, my husband needs this! He has a lot of stress in his life with work and trying to take care of us. He has a bad shoulder, that is always in need of a professional massage. Having me be there with him would be the added bonus :)

  115. Natasha J says

    2013 was rough for us. and we dont get to see much together time with him working from 12- to 16 hour shifts. this would be perfect, AND relaxing for him because i know he needs it

  116. Shannon Bommarito says

    I can’t ask for this prize in good conscience, but I CAN put in my vote! One of the Lisa’s…either the one with 7 kids (not to mention a few farm animals)- heaven help her! Or the one with the husband that has chronic pain (they have 4 boys)- they could use a little help from heaven, too! Next time I won’t scan what other people say. Bummer! 😉

  117. NaDell says

    I wear too many hats (wife, mom, PTA VP, Church responsibilities, employee at night, friend, etc) and not near enough of them are pampering.

  118. Abigail Thomson says

    My fiance haven’t had a ‘date night’ in almost 2 years! We so desperately need that peace of mind and escape together to just bond and relax.

  119. Jennifer H says

    I will be losing my job sometime in the next couple of months. Would like to spend some pampering time with my hubby before all the stress of finding a new job and being back on one income begins

  120. Teresa Puterbaugh says

    Our last of 4 children is in her senior year and we are hmm anticipating (?) the empty nest…one is possibly being deployed. I have a wonderful husband…This is a wonder-full get a way right now.

  121. Kayla R. says

    My husband and I are both full time students and working part time, to say that we need a break is an understatement! With opposite schedules and all of our homework, we rarely get time for just us-that’s not watching a tv show to unwind after a long day! This would be a great gift to both of us to help us de-stress from the craziness that life causes us!

  122. Shayna says

    I would love to win this for me and my husband. We loved our one couples massage that we had a couple years ago!

  123. Sarah Nuttall says

    I would love to win this because we are celebrating our 8 year anniversary a few weeks later! This would be the ultimate celebration for Valentine’s and our anniversary!

  124. Trina says

    With 5-kids, me working part-time and my husband working overtime trying o start a business, we could always use stress-releivers around here!

  125. Peyton says

    My husband and I are both in our final semester of school!! Being married in college is definitely a rough road full of bumps that many have traveled before us so I take no claim in being the only one. But what a wonderful gift it would be to finally have a real Valentine’s celebration with this basket!!

  126. Marcie says

    My husband and I have never done a couples massage. He bought me a massage for our anniversary last year and I keep telling him what a wonderful gift it was and he should go with me the next time. This is would provide us that chance. Please pick me!!

  127. SaMaTo says

    Last year for valentine’s day I was a wreck. My dad had just passed away. The year before my youngest sister had just died. It has been a rough two years! A redo is in order for both of us!

  128. Mackenzie says

    We should win because… as parents of small children we rarely get time to ourselves AND i’ve been dying to buy us his and her robes but haven’t been able to talk us into spending the money :)

  129. Sara Westhead says

    I’m working on my masters and started a new job a couple of months ago, all while juggling the family and all…

  130. Terri says

    I should win, because the last couples massage my hubby and I have had was when we lived in Jamaica. Have moved twice since then, the last being just 6 months ago. He’s military, so we do that a lot. The last one before that was 13 years ago, on our honeymoon! Not much chance to get couple massages. We both love massages! Just don’t get the opportunity to have them.

  131. Jasmine says

    We have two little ones ( a one year old and 2.5 year old), it gets pretty busy around here and it would be great to have some relaxation/pampering time!

  132. Malissa W says

    Would love this! Could definitely use this to celebrate 10 years together with my husband! Thank you for the great giveaway.

  133. Ashley Hull says

    My husband and I have just come out of our most difficult year of marriage and are now living with my parents due to financial hardship. The good news is we made it and are doing really well. I would love to do something really nice for him for Valentine’s Day this year on our limited budget.

  134. Ella says

    I’m directing (after having written ) the class play for 30 6th graders. I need a romantic recharge with the hubs.

  135. fawn strunk says

    I really dont deserve this more than any other person here. I would love to have it so me and hubs, could have relaxation. With 3 kids that comes near and far anymore.

  136. Joanne says

    I would like to tell you how I would appreciate this gift. My hubby and I have been working looooong days. And we are expected our first child in May. We wanted to go on a baby moon but our work schedules do not permit this. So If we won this marvelous gift, we would have a relaxing stay-cation baby moon!

  137. Chelsea says

    Our schedules are pretty crazy right now with us both working 12-hour night shifts, so a little relaxation time together would be divine! Thank you!

  138. Ashley U says

    We should win because we need a break!!! These past few weeks, especially, have been the most stressful, emotionally, mentally, and physically draining weeks!

  139. Autum says

    I would love to win because I have never been to a spa and what better way to spend Valentines than you and your spouse pampering each other.

  140. Geanie says

    I would love to win because going out for massages, we just don’t do. But my husband loves to give back rubs and massages. We used to more often, but life gets in the way and I think this would be a good motivator for us both.

  141. Krista says

    We were just talking about how nice it would be to be able to do this…this is our first valentines day together and it looks and sounds AMAZING! Thank You!

  142. Nicole says

    I would love this for a relaxing date night! We had our first baby 4 months ago, and haven’t had much down time since then…it’d be wonderful to use this just to relax!

  143. Teri says

    Of course I should win…my husband and I are just getting over some nasty colds and those cozy robes look so nice! Thanks for the giveaway and Happy Valentines Day!

  144. Lisa N says

    My husband and I could really use this. We need a little something to help us relax from taking care of our four kids and to get a little us time.

  145. Erica P. says

    I’d love to win because I’m in serious need of some pampering and romantic time with my hubby. We have a 5 year old and a baby due in March…thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  146. Erin says

    My husband’s job in the ARMY keeps him away from home a lot. My full time job and part time graduate studies means we are both crazy busy. It would be so great to connect over a spa day together. Wonderful giveaway!!

  147. Calise Zollinger says

    This would be a great “Baby moon” because baby #6 is coming in June. And a double celebration because my husband’s birthday is on Valentine’s day!! So fun!

  148. Meridith says

    We should win because we adopted 2 kids and ended up getting pregnant and having a baby in less than a year. 0 to 3 in less than a year needs a massage!!!!!

  149. Anjie Behunin says

    I was planning on surprising my husband with a couples massage for V-Day so this is perfect timing! Parents can always use a few moments away from the kids, no matter how many kids they have, or activities they have going on. We are no different, just a few hours and a great massage would be just what we need to keep out marriage on track.

  150. Tammy Reicherts says

    What a wonderful gift. :-) My husband works really hard so I have the opportunity to stay home with our boys. I would love to do something relaxing for him!

  151. Afton Malone says

    I work at a spa, so I am always pampering others and never get to be the one “getting pampered”. This would be so nice for my husband and I!

  152. Brandi G. says

    I don’t know why I personally should win…I think everyone deserves a little relaxation and some time to pamper themselves.

  153. Julie says

    This would be so awesome to win! We have three lovely yet high strung children 4, 2 1/2, and 1 years old…we rarely get time to ourselves…this would be the perfect gift for us:)

  154. Emily H. says

    Wow, I would absolutely love this! My husband and I have never had “real” massages. Just the little back rubs we give each other occasionally.

  155. Ashley says

    I would love to surprise my childhood sweetheart with this basket. He works so hard and is so deserving of some relaxation and I would love to spend some time off our feet! Happy Valentines!

  156. Rachel Carroll says

    My husband and I were married young and well I was in college. He started college last year. I graduated in December. So we have always had a super tight budget. And our date nights are what have taken the cut. We take the time for each other, but it generally isn’t something that is out of the ordinary. Even though I am now working full time, my husband isn’t able to get full time hours with his new job, which leaves us with a still tight budget. I work in an industry where I get to love what I do, but at the end of the day, my paycheck is not great, as in our budget doesn’t change from us being in college. We could use the break and the chance to do something out of the ordinary.

  157. Katy C. says

    I would love to win because my husband works A LOT and we rarely have time for each other! This would be a great way to make time for the two of us!

  158. Julie Wood says

    I should win because my husband and I have been married 18 years and have only ever had one overnight outing away from our kids!

  159. Jen says

    My job has me constantly bending from side to side putting tension in my back. I would love a good massage to loosen up those muscles!

  160. says

    My husband went back to school to get his Masters Degree after all these years. We are almost retirement age and this is something he has wanted to do for a very long time. He works for a University and is very busy with his job. Juggling all of that is almost more than he can do. And he lives with me who has many health issues. What a reward for a job well done! He is a good man and I’m more in love with him now than I was almost 37 years ago.
    Thanks for the generous give away!

  161. Taylor A. says

    This gift basket would be for my husband. He works to hard to provide for our family. He suffers from back pain and this really would be the perfect gift for him! Thanks for the amazing give away!

  162. Stephanie says

    I have 4 kids that I love but they are really busy and I hardly get a break from them and a hubby who works super hard and I don’t get to see much. It would be nice to spend some relaxing time together.

  163. Lisa Martin says

    My husband and I just became empty nesters for the first time in 31 years. This would be a great way to kick off this new chapter in our lives.

  164. says

    This Christmas was a bit rough for our family. We had our 11 immediate family members at our home for the week and ALL of us got sick. My hubby got walking pneumonia, I got a sinus infection, the kids got the flu, great grandma has been in the hospital with pneumonia and the grandparents all got bronchial infections! We could sure use a relaxing time together to forget all about the illness of 2013.

  165. Cassandra Eastman says

    My husband and I have only ever had 1 couples massage, it was on our babymoon 4 years ago. I’d love to get another one, so relaxing!

  166. Michelle Henning says

    I think my husband and I should win because I went to college when I was 37 yrs old because I realized that neither of us had gone to college yet we preached it to our girls. So I went and earned my Bachelors in Education with a major in Physical Education. I graduated in 2009 and I was working as a substitute trying to find a full time job and in 2012 I had to quit work because I was having trouble with my hip, which turned out to be my back. Now at age 45 I owe thousands in student loans and I will never be able to teach again because of back. My husband has stood by me every step of the way, and he now works 12 hr days 5 days a week at work to help make up for the lose of my income and to help take care of my mother and he never complains. We don’t spend money on each other especially on things like massages, instead what little we do have after the bills we spend on our grandkids. I would love to be able to take him for a massage for Valentine’s Day.

  167. Kirsten Grant says

    We have been married five years and spent most of it pregnant or with newborns. (We have three kids three and under) I think we could really use a few moments to relax…

  168. Hailey Barger Williams says

    My husband and I both work really hard and life is really stressful. We could both use a little relaxation. I also couldn’t think of a better anniversary present either (February 15) :)

  169. AmyP says

    February 14 is the 22nd Anniversary of the 1st date with my husband. February 15 is our 17th anniversary. Due to kids, jobs, stress, lack of babysitters, we haven’t celebrated our anniversary in any realistic way in over five years. A spa visit would be a great way to reconnect and celebrate our anniversaries.

  170. Tammie D says

    My husband won’t be home, again, for Valentine’s Day. We have gotten to spend 4 Valentine’s Day together out of 14. I can’t complain too much, because he is a soldier :)

  171. Marie says

    My husband and I have a newborn and a 2 year old… isn’t that reason enough?!? We really need to reconnect. It’s my New Year’s Resolution.

  172. Heather Braun says

    I would love to win this for my husband. I would love a massage too, but he deserves it and it would be something nice before he leaves for his 4th deployment.

  173. Jen M. says

    My husband and I are parents of two awesome boys! It’s been a while since we’ve had a night out alone so it would be great to take time for us!

  174. Lisa Cooper says

    I met my husband around Valentine’s Day of 2011. We will celebrate 3 years of marriage in September! We are more in love today than we were when we met! This spa packeage would be a great thing to share.

  175. Jodi says

    Too bad we can’t all win! I’m guessing each one of us deserves this!
    But for myself, as the mom to 4 active children ages 2-15… I just would like it. Simply. :)

  176. Maria Wicks says

    I would love this for my husband and myself. Ever since I got pregnant with our first child, my husband would give me a massage to help relax some of those sore muscles, and well, our youngest is 10 months old and, and with all the craziness of a new baby and 3 other kids, well we just havent had the time… so it would be nice.

  177. Amee @ says

    My hubs and I have been married for 5 years. No honeymoon yet as we have a blended family and three teenagers at home. We have an overnight getaway planned and this basket would be perfect!

  178. BrieAnn says

    I would love to win for my Husband. He just finished his first semester of law school, and did really well. I’m so proud of him, and I think that this would really help him to relax after the stress of finals, christmas, traveling, and help with the new semester and interviewing for summer intern jobs.

  179. Hannah says

    My husband and I have been caring for his grandparents for 3 years now. It would be wonderful to take a break from caring for others, and care for each other this Valentine’s Day!

  180. Rachael says

    I work full time and never have a moment to even think about spa. When I am not working I am cleaning or cooking. I need a break!

  181. Stacey Demers-McFarland says

    I love to get massages! My husband has never had one; I’d like to get a couples massage with him!

  182. amanda goodenough says

    I would love to win this giveaway because it me and my boyfriends 3rd Valentines Day together. We don’t have the money to do anything special so winning this prize would be fantastic :)

  183. Cheryl B says

    My Mr. actually needs to be the winner – he’s working super long hours this month and stressing about doing his best on this project.

  184. Jan says

    My husband and I both work, my husband full time, myself part time. as well as a mom to 5. We also volunteer at the local jail quite a few nights a week. We rarely have a date and or time together just by ourselves. Would love to have a night to just have some time together and enjoy!

  185. Mary Rogers says

    I would love to win this because sometimes with work, me being in college, the kids, bills, etc life can become stressful and this would be fun to do with my honey

  186. says

    I’d love this because, after 12 years of marriage, my hubs and I could use a date night. And since we have kids, it’s usually date night in, after they go to bed!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  187. Rachel B. says

    I’d love to win because I’m mom to a 10-month-old and can’t seem to find the time to do anything, let alone plan a date for my hubby for Valentine’s Day! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  188. lia says

    I’ve been job hunting for months and just got a “no thanks” from the perfect job that I was SURE I was going to get. I neeeeed some pampering.

  189. Kylie says

    My husband is going to school full time and working part time and I am working full time. We could definitely use some rest and relaxation!

  190. Tiffany Miller says

    We should win because my husband is working super hard to support our family so I can stay home and raise our 3 year old and 18 month old girl. We’ll be welcoming girl number 3 into the family shortly too! Lots of running around and a massage/pampering would be much appreciated! Thanks for this opportunity!

  191. Kortney Nelson says

    I should win because I have had several health issues lately, and just recently found out bad news. This would help me to relax.

  192. Heidi Tracy says

    I don’t think I deserve this any more than anyone else, it just would be nice to have a fun date with my hubby! :)

  193. Nitasha E says

    I would love to win this because it would fit into my healthy eating Valentine’s Day and, as a mommy of 3 kids 3 and under, I could sure use some time to relax with my hard-working hubby!

  194. Cindy Ray says

    I would love to win because me and my husband never get any special time together and we never go out or anything so this would be really nice for us

  195. Dawn Kasarda says

    What a great collection, I am glad you have robes. I have robe wishes. I am wildly curious as to what is in those pampering packs.

  196. Paula Gardner says

    My husband was home with the flu for ten days. He went back to work last week. This Monday I woke up with the flu. I am trying not to think about how bad I actually feel with my Tylenol, vicks, chapstick, benedryl, and cough syrup all within close reach.

  197. Dawn Cox says

    Being the carefree person that I am, I am sure someone deserves to win. I’m very selfless and I just hope the winner is one who really NEEDS this basket. Being that my husband works in construction and I am a sahm I think we would really benefit from this! We have never had any kind of spa day, so this would be amazing!

  198. Linda Montes says

    I would love to win this basket, a massage would be so wonderful. I don’t feel I deserve this anymore than anyone else, good luck everyone!! <3

  199. Yuchen Zhang says

    Others probably deserve this more than me…. so I will state why I WANT to win, not SHOULD win. I’ve been in love with someone for many years now and due to complications in both of our lives, there was just never the right time to confess my true feelings. I think this year is the year where I’ll just let it all out and stop the heartache. This basket will really aid in that process… whether it’s to pamper the both of us or to pamper myself when I get rejected… haha.

  200. ambre wadsworth-thomas says

    valentine’s day gets a bad rap around here – my son’s, husband’s, and father-in-law’s birthdays all fall within days of the 14th. we also have a young son who was diagnosed with crohn’s disease at the age of 3, so relaxing is out of the question for us!

  201. Annie says

    I’d LOVE to win and be able to relax and have a date night with my husband! It’s been a long time since we’ve been out because of our wonderful young kids! Thanks!

  202. Kerri says

    My husband is in the military and has been deployed for 5 months now. I get to take care of our 3 children by myself. A couples massage is greatly needed and would be greatly appreciated.

  203. Nicole Oehme says

    Our schedules are super hectic and we could so use a little time together and pampering! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  204. Alanna Tenney says

    Valentine’s Day…My absolute favorite holiday!! Every year my husband and I do a spa night for each other at home since it’s so hard to get a babysitter on Valentine’s Day. This would be so perfect to add to our evening! Too cute!!

  205. Jeanine says

    I’m so fortunate that God has blessed me with a wonderful husband and I am able to spend another Valentine’s Day with him.

  206. Donna says

    Would love this! I should win because I can’t remember the last time I had anyone to share something like this with me!

  207. Jackie says

    I’d live this! This year has been tough, we almost lost out youngest… We lost a pregnancy and almost my life to an ectopic pregnancy… The medical bills have been piling up so I don’t know what me and my hubby will do this year with three kids and no money… Good luck to everyone

  208. says

    I should win because I am a stay at home mommy who needs some PEACE! haha … don’t we all!! I have had bathrobes on my need to get list for over a year…. this is PERFECT!

  209. Annie Cochran says

    With 2 little boys to take care of all day, I could use some relaxation (and would love having my husband enjoy it with me)

  210. Andrea Davis says

    I love this. I am a massage therapist and this goes right along with the relationship my husband and I have. We would love to have this.

  211. Emily c says

    I would love to win because last year I had a stroke on valentine’s day (at age 38). So this year I would like to do something really special for my husband to try and lessen the bad memories from last year.

  212. gillian says

    After 2 kids and 14 years of marriage, Valentine’s Day is no longer something we focus on. It would be nice to celebrate being together for a change.

  213. Shelly says

    My husband deserves this – he’s been dealing with our move, 2 kids, 2 dogs, a cat, and an overemotional pregnant woman for the last 8 months!

  214. Courtney says

    Would love to win this. We don’t get out just the two of us very often- this would give us a reason to go because then we’d only have to pay a babysitter (not for an activity AND a babysitter).

  215. Erika says

    This sounds COMPLETELY needed in our household! We have a 2 week old newborn at home and have been, for obvious reasons, getting a little less than a full nights sleep! I have a feeling we will be staying in this year for valentines day since my little munchkin is still so young, but I want to make sure that some hubby wifey time is not forgotten.

  216. LeAnn Matrazzo says

    I think we should win because it would be nice for a change to have some else give us a massage rather than us always being the one to give it to each other.

  217. Melissa B says

    With lots of cute boys at home, my husband and I really need a romantic date. This would be perfect and so relaxing.

  218. melissa goyette says

    I could really use a massage since I now have a stiff neck after all this blog hopping and entering you guys have us doing today :)

  219. Shauna Knowlden says

    My husband and I didn’t get to do anything for our last Anniversary. This year we will be married 25 years. This would be a WONDERFUL start to celebrating 25 years together.

  220. bekki tolman says

    I LOVE this giveaway! (My b-day is on Valentine’s Day and I’d love to win something to share with my hubs)

  221. Tiffany says

    My husband’s birthday is on Valentine’s Day. We have a 6 month old, and in the last 3 months I have been hospitalized 4 times with complications from a chronic health condition. We don’t get much of a chance to go out on dates, so this would be a perfect way to celebrate at home and still make the day special.

  222. Laralyn Smith says

    Oh this looks like heaven! We have had 3 sick kids for the past month around here, one in the hospital, and I could really use getting out for some fresh air and a little relaxation!

  223. says

    This would be perfect. My husband is in his final semester of his master’s program and working full time to support our family. We don’t get the chance to have too much special time together. This would be wonderful!

  224. Alysia H says

    It’s my 10 year anniversary on Valentine’s Day and we could soooooooo use a relaxing trip to the spa. Thanks for the chance to win!

  225. Jennifer S says

    I would be grateful to win because with new jobs, 4 kids, 6 dogs, and a house renovation, we could really use some relaxation!

  226. Brandi says

    My hubby and I both work long hours, and my time off is typically not his. We see each other for about an hour each night. A couples massage would give us a chance to take off work and relax together!

  227. Rene Baker says

    I deserve to win this because I’m going through a rough recovery from surgery and a spa night in would be the perfect Valentine’s this year! Especially after the unexpected costs.

  228. Becky Sandusky says

    It looks like something my hubby would like. I also would love a massage, never had one by a professional before.

  229. Terri Herman says

    My husband is always helping other people. He works four days on then four days off and many of his days off are spent helping others. From simple electrical and plumbing fixes to building ramps for the elderly to giving advice to folks with financial concerns, he does it all! He would really appreciate a spa night with me! I would like to have him all to myself as well! Thanks!

  230. callie b. says

    oh what a fabulous giveaway! my sweet hubby has been gone for the past 5 months on interviews for med school and we are expecting our first sweet baby this spring! this would be so nice to enjoy! baby bowers and myself are crossing our fingers! xo

  231. Jessica says

    Oh my goodness!! WHAT A TREAT!! We would absolutely love this Valentine’s basket! He works a full time and part time job and I work two part time jobs and go to school. Some relaxation and time together would be wonderfullL!!!

  232. Mackenzie V says

    I’m not going to say “I should win it” because that sounds selfish. I’d really enjoy winning this though because I’d feel like such a good girlfriend being able to spoil my handsome man for once. He really deserves it for having to put up with me! 😛

  233. says

    Robes? Oils? A night of pampering? It just sounds so magical! I hope I win, but a huge congratulations (and I wish I was you) to whoever else may win this!

  234. says

    My fiancee spoils me at Christmas and I return the favor on Valentines day!!! However, this year I have so much going on I cant think of anything to do this would save me time and he deserves it.

  235. says

    My husband is in his final semester of Grad school, we have a baby on the way and will be moving all within a month of each other. It would be great to win this and spend some time together before life gets crazy for a while.

  236. shay says

    My guy has always wanted to have a spa night for the two of us. This would make my trip up to Chicago to see him so much more wonderful and he can save his wallet

  237. Natalie says

    I would love to win because it would such a relaxing date with my wonderful husband. We have 3 children, 6, 5 , and 8 months, and it would be nice to get some pampering:)

  238. Stacy Skinner says

    What a great basket this would be. My husband and I are both teachers and would love for both of us to have a night to be pampered. This has been a hard few months for us since my hubby had a heart attack. I would love to win and to show him how glad I am that he is still here.

  239. says

    I would like to win because I’m a super busy wife, mother and nursing student (I’m a senior) so I don’t really have any time to plan special time with my hubs so I would love to win this basket to help make a special V-Day date night for the two of us :)! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  240. DESIREE H says

    I deserve to win because I never do anything for myself. This would be great to share with my husband!!
    Usually when I win giveaways, I give them to others…but I would give this to myself! :)

  241. says

    Would love to win! My husband works 6 days a week and long hours and I am always busy with our 3yr old son so there isn’t much us time and when there is it’s at home, so this basket would be PERFECT!!! :)

  242. Elizabeth H says