Easy Ruffle Fabric Flowers

sm fabric flowers 1

These fabric flowers are so fun and easy to make. I have used them on my mini Bakeshop Aprons and many other things.

My 7 year old can make them and she loves it.  Here are the quick and easy steps!

What You’ll Need to make the Fabric Flowers:

Material (12 in x 3 in strip) These fabrics are from Riley Blake Designs (Love the happy colors!) You can cut your fabric longer for more ruffles:), Thread & needle, and something for the center, (jewels or buttons)

Step 1:

Cut a 12 x 3 in strip from your fabric.  Iron the strip folded in half the long way.  Fold right sides up.

sm fabric flowers 7

Step 2:
Thread your needle.  Double knot at the bottom.  Then sew a straight running stitch (not on the folded side)  along the strip…You can begin to pull and ruffle as you go.  Don’t pull too hard or it will break your thread.  Just pull slowly. sm fabric flowers 6 Step 4: Keep pulling the thread slowly until it wraps around into a ruffle flower shape.

sm fabric flowers 5 Step 5:  Turn your flower to the back side and sew a few stitches with knots in the back (especially where the two ends of fabric meet).  This will finish up your flower:)
sm fabric flowers 4 Step 6:
Add a jewel or a button to the center! sm fabric flowers 3 sm fabric flowers 2

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  1. Sue Butler says

    I love the simplicity of these little flowers that can be made so quickly and for so many different projects including card and box making. Thank you for adding this and all the time you take to share your ideas with all of us so generously. Suzy


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