1. Tabitha P. says

    I cook dinner at least 5 nights a week.
    I like cooking and I’m good at it but I’m getting burnt out ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Adriane S. says

    Between my husband and I we cook at home almost every night. These would definitely get a lot of use at our house!

  3. Natasha J says

    trying to get into the swing of cooking again after moving and trying to settle in…but i love cooking meals for my fam when everyone is there to eat it :)

  4. Cami says

    I make something at home everyday whether it’s a full-blown dinner or just cookies. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. stephanie says

    We cook at home about 6 nights a week. We rarely go out, but usually have dinner with our extended family once a week.

  6. Jaynie says

    I love to make easy things my kids will love. Homemade mac n cheese, nuggets, fries, healthier cakes and cookies, smoothies, etc.

  7. Birdiebee says

    I cook from home 6-7 days per week. I go to lunch 1 time per week and eat dinner out about once a month. I love to cook so being in the kitchen for me is fun.

  8. says

    I try to cook at home at least 4 or 5 nights a week. I also try to make sure my 14 year old son cooks one meal (with my help if he wants) at least once every 2 weeks!

  9. Megan says

    I cook nearly everyday for my family. It’s always a challenge cooking for a 4 year and 19 month old! However, I really do enjoy cooking and especially love kitchen gadgets!!

  10. Bethany Presten says

    I like to cook healthy and get creative in the kitchen but I currently have one pan to cook with. We have recently moved back from living overseas and we had to leave everything behind so Ian finding myself starting over with a family of 4. This would be just the thing I need to set up our new home.

  11. Becky V says

    I cook from home 5-6 nights a week – and we homeschool, so I’m making breakfast and lunch for everyone every day as well. Lots of cooking here!

  12. Kristin C. says

    All the time! We might eat out a bit more on Fridays or the weekends but we’ve been trying to cut back on that. It’s hard to eat clean when eating out.

  13. says

    I would absolutely die if I won these. I cook a lot and things such as my knifed & pans definitely show it! *Pick me, Pick me*

  14. says

    I love spending time with my family with everyone learning to cook. This would be amazing to win. We need new pots and pans so bad. Thank you for this chance.

  15. Alisa Huskinson says

    I am graduating from graduate school in 3 weeks! yay! Because I am a student I was lucky if I made a meal 2 or 3 times a week. I am so excited to spend more time in the kitchen and winning this giveaway would only make me more excited!

  16. Paula Durkin says

    I had 4 boys and cooked LARGE every night. It’s had to adjust to cooking for fewer, so I still make the same but freeze some. Makes a really nice, quick meal a few times a week.

  17. Linda from Arizona says

    This would be such a nice gift for my grandson and his wife. They recently moved and had to leave every thing behind because they could only bring their things that would fit in a suitcase on the plane. They are starting over at the tender age of 20.

  18. Nikki Hammon says

    My son just got married and this would be an amazing gift for the newlywed. Thankyou for the opportunity!

  19. Jessica Chapman says

    I cook each day and bake quite a bit as well. I have 3 hungry girls, a Husband who eats everything and 1 on the way due in June. :)
    I enjoy making fresh meals for my family and would love to have high quality pots and pans instead of the cheap ones I have.

  20. Austyn says

    I married my best friend last June and have been slowly learning to cook delicious, healthy meals for us!

  21. Crissy says

    I love to cook!! Typically it is an every other day for supper (left overs on the other days). Always love to try new recipes and ideas!

  22. Jennifer says

    I cook from home every day! We only eat out once a week and thats to grab a breakfast sandwich from our favorite shop when we go out for errand day as a special treat!

  23. Trilby says

    I cook and bake every day of the week – this would be SO nice, as my old pans and knives are starting to be, well – old!!

  24. Judy says

    We cook at home around 6 days a week. Although sometimes “cook” may be too strong of a word for the food assembly that happens before running out the door for sports practices.

  25. Meg says

    I cook practically everyday, and usually 2 or 3 meals, i do daycare so we usually eat a real breakfast (oatmeal, or toast and eggs, etc) and a big lunch (what would be a typical dinner type meal-roast chicken, pot roast etc) and sometimes even for snack (crepes, muffins etc) by the time the kids all leave i usually just eat leftovers (im single with no kids) but sometimes i make a real meal for me too! Thankfully i love cooking/baking!

  26. Tasha Triphan says

    I only can cook 1 night a week right now but in 80 days when my fiance and i are married, I hope to cook a LOT more at home for us!

  27. Candice says

    I cook several times a day. As a stay at home mom to 2 girls, someone is always hungry and we are always cooking.

  28. Tasha Triphan says

    I only can cook 1 night a week right now but in 80 days when my fiance and i are married, I hope to cook a LOT more at home for us! These tools will help!!

  29. Abigail says

    My husband is the chef and Im the baker but we usually eat at home almost every night – its tough to go out with 2 little ones

  30. Cassidy says

    I cook breakfast, lunch and dinner almost every single day. We probably eat out maybe one to two times a month. So I cook a lot!

  31. Jesharelah says

    I generally cook both lunch and supper every day of the week except for Sunday afternoons. We do eat out about once or twice a month, thankfully!

  32. Bryleigh says

    I cook all the time, and winning this giveaway would be so awesome for me to expand my cooking skills!!

  33. Kerrie says

    I cook 4-5 nights a week but I cook breakfast every morning. The others we usually eat leftovers from the previous nights so we don’t waste or have to clean up from cooking.

  34. nichole says

    I cook mon-sat every week. It sure would be easier to use more then a large skillet, a medium pot, and a small pan. :)

  35. Kristine says

    I cook from home every night except on either Friday or Saturday. We do eat out (rather we eat in, mostly delivery pizza) 1 night of the week. I love to cook and bring new recipes to change up things every once in awhile.

  36. Tiffany M says

    Of course it gets tough making it work around soccer practice, gymnastics, homework and other activities. But we always find time during the week to whip up a delicious meal. Happy Birthday to Carrian!!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  37. Taylor Hilton says

    I love to cook and I would make dinner 7 nights a week if I could, but it just won’t happen due to our busy schedules. I usually cook around 5 nights a week.

  38. Pattie F. says

    I have been looking at buying new pans and new knives! It hasn’t been in the cards, so this would be an amazing catch!!!

  39. Pattie F. says

    I cook from home 6-7 nights per week, depending on my work schedule! I would love any of them, but I have been eyeing up new pans and knives for quite some time!

  40. Marissa says

    I cook at least 4 nights a week during the school semester, and 7 nights a week when I’m out of school! <3

  41. Emily K says

    I don’t cook as much through the summer as I do through the winter. I try to manage 4 nights a week on average.

  42. Maneesha Pradhan says

    I cook pretty much everyday. Somedays every meal. I love doing it and even more everyones faces when they are enjoying it.

  43. Qusie says

    Cooking relaxes me after work when I can do it. More often, I cook big on the weekends, and use pre-prepped meats and veggies to do quick meals during the week.

  44. AShley says

    We cook about 5 nights a week – plus 5 lunches and 7 breakfasts! Our kids are little and stay home all day so there’s a lot of cooking going on!

  45. Dawna says

    We try to cook at least four nights a week. However, sometimes with sports and gym classes, the best laid plans fall by the wayside.

  46. Alisha Hodges says

    I cook more than once a day about 5 times a week. I cook dinner most nights, and then I cook breakfast and lunch for my daughter quite often too, even if it’s something simple.

  47. Emily R says

    I love cooking with family recepits! We cook every day, at one meal of the day. I enjoy to make healthy delicious meal for my family.

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