Photography Training Giveaway!


Are you ready to FINALLY master your camera and take your photography skills to a whole new level?

There is NO BETTER time than now.

You can have access to every single tool you need to go from knowing nothing about photography to being a true professional photographer.

It’s all in the Key to Pictures Academy.

Over 70 photography tutorial videos PLUS a personalized monthly Q&A and photo critique session just for you.

Click here to see exactly what you will be getting.


Key to Pictures Academy is the most comprehensive photography training you will ever experience. And what’s even better…I have been able to break down those difficult and sometimes hard to understand photography concepts into SIMPLE and EASY TO UNDERSTAND chunks. It’s like I’m sitting on your sofa teaching you step by step ON YOUR TIME.

Like I said, you have a chance of winning an entire year of membership at the Academy. But I’m also having a SPRING SALE that ends in one week! So for a limited time I’m offering a membership for only


Crazy, I know. It’s really a no brainer.


Click here to take advantage now.


If you sign up now, I’m giving away 5 FREE PHOTOGRAPHY EBOOKS just for giving the Academy a try!


(If you sign-up and then happen to be one of the lucky 3 winners, I will gladly refund your payment.)

Bonus Giveaway…

For all who sign up for the Key to Pictures Academy in the next 7 days:

You will be entered to win my entire Digital Combo pack including my books, The Key to Taking Pictures Like a Professional Photographer & The Key to Natural Posing, and my handy guide,  Photo Essentials: Exposure. ($70 value)


So hurry, get in while you can. This is only a limited time offer.

Please let me know if you have any questions! (

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  1. Dale says

    I just got my first SLR and this would be an AMAZING prize to help me learn how to use it. Please pick me!

  2. says

    I want to learn how to get good photos of my glass and jewelry for my shop. I take tons of pictures and never get really good shots. There’s too much glare from glass and beads. Plus I’d like to learn how to set up a good shop with just enough background/props to not take away from the item or person I’m taking pictures of.

  3. Tammy Burnett says

    I love taking pictures, I want to learn how to use my camera to the fullest and get great pictures.

  4. Jenell Yoder says

    I’ve been wanting to do something like this…need to learn to run my camera on manual!

  5. Lindsay says

    I would love to learn how to change the different settings on my camera! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!!

  6. Emma says

    I have just bought my first dslr in the last 2 weeks, am reading a beginners photography book but would love this course x

  7. Kelly Riley says

    I would just love to get to know my new camera to be able to capture memorable pictures of my son, and to take pictures for friends and families!

  8. Robin P says

    I would love to feel more confident about getting gout of the “auto setting” on my DSLR Camera.

  9. Alexis says

    I’m most interested in which equipment to get and how to take the best portraits (of my own children & family).

  10. Lindsey says

    I have always had an interest in taking pictures and my husband recently gave me a DSLR camera. Now that I have the camera I would love to learn which settings to use and when.

  11. Heidi Anderson says

    I love taking pictures. I have had a few classes and a little experience but a good overall refresher would be great along with ideas on how to take pictures with limited editing needed.

  12. Cristy says

    I would just love this package. I’m due to have a baby (my first in 8 years) come September, and I don’t have to tell you how the world newborn photography has changed in 8 years and I would love to learn how to take great shots of my new little one. Thanks!

  13. Melissa Norwood says

    I love taking photos of children, so I’d love to know how to always get nice sharp images of them. Also how to work manual a lot better, exposure, lighting, etc.

  14. Renee L. says

    This would be fantastic! I have a Canon & have spent years fiddling with it…but would love to learn how to photograph my kids the proper way!

  15. Sarah s. says

    I want to learn what all my camera can actually do. Also learn to use the manual settings better

  16. jan c says

    The contest is a great opportunity to win a year’s worth of valuable creative and technical photography. Best of luck to everyone, Jan

  17. Jade Grubbs says

    This is a do bulbous giveaway! I would LOVE to learn how to take beautiful pictures of my child and family!

  18. Jade Grubbs says

    This is a fabulous giveaway. I would love to learn how to take beautiful pictures of my child and family. I need lots of help on mastering focus!

  19. Jen Abeijon says

    I would love to learn how to take my camera off auto and photograph my son better. I would also love to learn how to take better pictures for my blog!

  20. says

    I have had my camera for a while now and just want to learn how to take really great pictures and adjust the settings to my advantage. I love taking pictures!

  21. Kristen says

    I’ve had a DSLR for about 5 years, and I STILL don’t know how to use it! I need this!! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  22. Kim B Valliere says

    I absolutely love taking pictures. I try to snap at least one per day and while I’ve transitioned to relying on my iPhone, I’d still love to purchase a DSLR and go crazy.

  23. Sandra says

    I would like to learn how to take better pictures of my kids doing indoor sports, when lighting is terrible

  24. heydy.v says

    I would basically die if I won this giveaway. Ever since I was in 5th grade when I went on a SF school trip I became obsessed with snapping pictures. Back then I had a disposable camera but soon enough I upgraded little by little and now own a SLR. Friends and family have always told me to take my talent more serious as it could result in a great business venture but never really saw it that way. I just love snapping pics and perfecting that would be the best! :)

  25. says

    My daughter is a wonderful photographer and only 15. I would love for her to continue growing as a professional photographer and continue to be the best she can be!

  26. Erika says

    I have been looking for an affordable way for me to learn more. Classes can be very expensive. The topics you cover are perfect, the areas that I want to master before moving on. This would be awesome to win! Thank you for the chance!

  27. Amber Bollinger says

    I would love to learn more about lighting (finding flattering light), composition, and posing :)

  28. alyssa p says

    I would love to learn how to use our DSLR. And I would love to have quality pictures of our family rather than just settling for what I capture with my phone.

  29. Melody says

    I have 3 young boys who are growing up way to fast! I need to be able to take great pics with my DSLR!

  30. Amy says

    I want to be able to take great pictures of my kids. Something they will love later in their lives.

  31. Amanda Crawford says

    I would like to learn so many things, but I am very interested in new born and child photography. I would also like to learn more about editing.

  32. Kelsey T. says

    I would love to win and be able to learn more about my camera as well as better editing skills. I would love to be able to take better pictures! :) How fun would it be to win?!?

  33. says

    I really would love to figure out how to use this camera. I use it now in the program mode, hoping some day I will become enlightened… (lol) Thank you

  34. Danielle J says

    I fell in love with the art of photography several years ago! I would love to be able to continue learning new posing tips and tricks as well as any new lighting suggestions!

  35. Heather Wood says

    I have tried to learn by myself the tricks to using manual. But, I keep defaulting back to auto. I would love to finally master that SLR camera!

  36. Londberg, laura says

    I love everything and anything about photography, I have been looking for a class to take to become a professional photographer, I do not have a fancy camera but I HAVE MY EYE ON ONE my top photos are my children playing and being in natural yet my daughter Loves her pic taken, I cherish my photos, SECOND IN the list animals, and the beauty in nature. moments pass by so fast that one click of a button, that moment stands still for as long as the photo existes (sp) sorry)) But if taken care of they will last for MANY generations… the photo business has come a long way, I read an article on how our ancestors in 1800s had to hold a pose for minutes for the exposure to take… Photography is my passion, and would love to Learn all I can about the new dslr? it would mean a great deal to me if I had won and btw LOVE,LOVE,LOVE your site, great job!!! thank you for allowing me to post a comment
    have a wonderful day
    laura londberg

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