Chalkboard Notebooks for Back to School

sm chalkboard notebook

I’m excited to surprise my kids with these DIY Chalkboard Notebooks….it’s a chalkboard and notebook in one!  Super easy and fun to make.  It’s always fun to personalize projects like these with names too!  Let me show you how you can make one too.  It’s the perfect back to school gift for your little student. sm chalkboard notebook 1

What you will need:

-Bright Spiral Notebooks…the nicer ones with a plastic cover

-Cricut Explore

-Cricut Hook tool

-Chalkboard Vinyl


sm chalkboard notebooks 2

In Cricut Design space, I used a simple scalloped rectangle for the girl notebook, and a rounded corner simple rectangle for the boy notebook.  I added names one each shape at the bottom with the type tool.

Then super easy…load your chalkboard vinyl,  set the control to chalkboard vinyl and hit go!
sm chalkboard notebook 3 sm chalkboard notebook 4

Remove the cut out from your sheet and apply it to the front of your notebook….It sticks well and stays in place.  I love how their names pop!
sm chalkboard notebook 6

I took some chalk and “seasoned” the board by rubbing the whole chalkboard shape with chalk. (rub with the chalk sideways)  This helps it get ready for all the chalk messages! sm chalkboard notebook 10

I’m excited to surprise my kids with these before school starts!  Love this simple & easy Diy project using my Cricut Explore.
sm chalkboard notebook 5
sm chalkboard notebook 9 sm chalkboard notebook 8 sm chalkboard notebook 7

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