My name is Erika and I’m so excited to be blogging today on the Crafting Chicks! I have LOVED this site since they began and was thrilled when they asked me to share one of my recent date ideas. I am one of eleven Divas from The Dating Divas – a group of gals who love our husbands but found that once we were married it takes some work to keep romance alive. We share a new, inexpensive date idea each week along with marriage tips, quick and easy romance ideas, craft tutorials, and much more to improve relationships.

I recently did a date with the theme “Tied to You.” This could easily be used for any date night or a romantic night like an anniversary or Valentine’s day.

Start your date off-right with this note on the door.

Get your “Tied” poem here!

I wanted to create a “Tied to You” theme since I’m lucky to have tied the knot to my wonderful husband.

After reading the note, he opened the door to this:

It is difficult to capture a picture of thin white string, but I had spent the afternoon running some string through our ENTIRE home – making one incredibly large spider web. We had hidden upstairs when he was due to arrive home and we listened as he followed the string all over the house.

At the end he found his surprise! Brown paper packages TIED up with string…inside were a few of his favorite things. 🙂

Download the Brown Paper Packages note.

This was a fun way to wrap a few simple gifts and keep with the ‘tied’ theme. The brown paper is Scotch mailing paper – you can find in the mailing/wrapping section of most major stores (like Wal-mart, Target) or craft stores.

In one of the packages was a new TIE! My husband loved it and I informed him that he’d need to wear it that night as we went out for some THAI food! (You could easily pull out one of his old ties, and lay it out for him if he doesn’t need a new one!) We don’t dress up too often to go out, but this was a good excuse for a romantic night at a cute little Thai restaurant.

If you aren’t wanting to go out, you could definitely get Thai takeout or make your own. Set up some candle light and enjoy a romantic night at home with your hubby. This date is a great reminder of why you “tied” the knot to your Man! Make sure to check out all of our other date ideas. You will not be disappointed! And thanks again to the amazing Crafting Chicks for letting me stop by!



  1. Ranna Perdue Says: March 31, 2011 at 7:34 am

    What a super cute idea! Men love to to feel special too!

  2. I {LOVE} the Dating Divas…they have such fun ideas on their blog!


  3. SO CUTE! I am going to check out their site!

  4. I tried to click the link to their blog and it did not work. Just an FYI

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