#1 Best Thing About Wooden Shutters

Wood Shutter #2 Post-2

Wood Shutter #2 Post-2

I’m excited to share this one thing with you.  I posted in June about the whole installation process and about Shutter 101 and all the things you should know before you do wooden shutter.  I won’t go into that all here, because you can read all about it on that post…details of the install, things to watch for, things to ask your salesperson, etc etc.  You can find that post HERE.  I experienced these shutters this whole summer and found my #1 very favorite things about these wooden shutters that I found while working with Wasatch Shutters.


Wooden shutters can almost completely seal off your window when they are shut.  I say almost only because when you shut them, there’s no actual seal, but there might as well be.  These babies really do shut out light and heat!! They also let all the light in when you want to.  I was most impressed with the ability that these puppies have to shut out heat.  We have a MAJOR HEAT PROBLEM in the summer.  This is my number one favorite things about these.  We have direct perpendicular sun exposure from about 10am until the sun sets. The other part of the perfect sun that creates the head problem in our house is that our man entertaining room runs all along the back of our house.  Summer entertaining has been unbearable until NOW.  Now that I have wooden shutters along the back of our house.

I can’t believe these before pictures.  You can see with the old blinds, there not a whole lot of opportunity to shut out heat or in the winter, shut out the cold.  They don’t have a frame around them and don’t shut like the actual wooden shutters.


_MG_1569wooden shutters


_MG_1571wooden shutters BEFORE:
_MG_1562wooden shutters


_MG_1567wooden shutters _MG_1558wooden shutters

AFTER:  You can see how they seal off the heat much better.



_MG_0720-23 AFTER:


I LOVE THIS PICTURE because it really shows how great of a job it does midday. _MG_0721-24

Here’s another picture with the other windows open so you can really see.


If we want to watch a movie midday, we are in business.


Let’s not forget, it saves a TON of money. So they really pay for themselves over the long haul.


There you have it…keeps the heat/cold out and allows us to entertain in cool temperatures all summer.  So awesome.  You can find Wasatch Shutters serving Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming.  You can also find them on Facebook HERE! Find my previous post with the other details HERE.

(this post is sponsored by Wasatch Shutters and I was provided with these shutters free of charge. The opinions are absolutely my own.)
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Lunchbox Laughs Halloween Version-“Ghost Giggles”

sm ghost giggles

Sharing a fun free printable today.  Ghost giggles…fun little lunchbox note cards. Just in time for October!  My kids love getting little notes in their lunch boxes.  Especially jokes!  Just print the 8.5×11 inch ghost joke sheet, cut them out, and add them to your kids’ lunch boxes.  A fun way to kick off October. *Personal Use Only Please.   Property of Crafting Chicks, LLP. Pin It

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How to Paint a Designer Pillow


I was given a Paint-a-pillow kit in exchange for my review.  All opinions are my own.   I love toss pillows. I think you can tell by the many versions on our site that we are fans of the added pop a pillow can bring to a room. So when Paint-A-Pillow asked if we wanted to try out their new system for creating pillows to match your decor and your style, I was excited.  I ordered up a couple pillows and paint options and gave it a go. First things first, I watched the very informative video to make sure I knew what I was doing.  Then I opened up the boxes and got all my supplies ready. Everything comes ready for you to start painting right away.  One suggestion I would make is to purchase the brush kit.  I didn’t realize when I choose my stencil that I would need an itty bitty brush, so I’m glad that I [Read More...]

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Ikea First :59 & Morning Motivation

ikea 2

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post from the Mom it Forward Blogger Network & IKEA. All opinions ideas are 100% mine. Don’t let these sweet back to school photos fool you…our mornings can be quite crazy!  Every year I try to think of ways to improve our week days.  This year one of my goals is to get more accomplished in the morning, so that our after school activities and evenings can go smoother.  Also, my kids are getting older and more capable of chores.  I think they feel better when they leave their rooms and spaces tidy.  We can also accomplish a few activiiteis in our morning, like reading and piano.  The goal is to check these off our list before our crazy afternoons.  Plus my kids are more alert and eager in the mornings (I’m the one who needs to work on morning alertness, oh to have their energy!) Being an educator and mother, I know that kids [Read More...]

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20 DIY Costume Ideas


We’ve been pinning away some fun ideas for DIY costume ideas.  Here’s a round-up of some of our favorites, but to see more, make sure you follow our Costumes Pinterest Board. DIY Frozen Elsa Dress from Kiki and Company DIY Twirly Butterfly Skirt from Andrea’s Notebook Hogwarts Baby Onesie from Rae Gun Ramblings 10 Minute Super Hero Costume from The Crafting Chicks Halloween Hat Pack Pattern and Tutorial on Fleece Fun 4 No Sew Sweet Costume Ideas from Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke Audrey Hepburn Costume from The Pinning Mama Marry Poppins Costume Tutorial from Craftiness is not Optional DIY Dino Tails from Andrea’s Notebook Candy Corn Tutu from The Crafting Chicks DIY Octopus Costume from Giggles Galore Shark Costume from Create.Craft.Love Mermaid Pants Tutorial from Rae Gun Ramblings Angry Birds Family Costume from Sugar Bee Crafts DIY Star Wars Costumes from Mission To Save Medieval Princess Costume from Its Always Autumn Madeline Costume Idea from Heather Sanders DIY No-Sew [Read More...]

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Babies and Diapers


This post brought to you by Huggies and Kleenex. All opinions are 100% mine. My sister and her family have been staying with us for the last week. Between the two of us there are two 2 year olds, and a newborn. Since those 2 year old are still in diapers-so in the last week we've gone through A LOT of diapers! And if there's one thing you never want to caught without it is a diaper.     That's why I buy the absolute biggest box of diapers I can from Sam's Club. In my 8 years of being a mom we've tried out a lot of diapers, name brands, store brands, and generic diapers and we always go back to Huggies® Little Movers. I love the elastic back to control the blowouts and the double grip strips on the sides for comfort that lasts. Right now specially mark boxes of Huggies® Products have a limited time photo offer. Check [Read More...]

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How to Throw A Neighborhood Carnival

How to Throw a Neighborhood Carnival. Great ideas and tips!

Balloon Time paid for the carnival but all opinions and ideas are from our Neighborhood! So this has become a fun neighborhood tradition.  I have a fantastic neighbor, Shauna, who delights in planning and preparing for this gathering every year.  So when Balloon Time approached me to throw a Party on a Dime I jumped at the chance and asked my neighbor if she’d like help with the carnival.  Of course her answer was YES! I took a bunch of fun pictures and will give you walk through of some of the best tips and tricks for creating a low budget, but amazing Neighborhood Carnival! To start off you want to gather a lot of help.  Here’s a list of things to ask your neighbors for. Ask neighbors if they have any carnival type games they could bring. A lot of games can be made quickly if neighbors are willing to put just a bit of time into it. Ask for [Read More...]

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Be The Good Challenge


We have been challenged by Jane.com and Cents of Style to #BeTheGood. Challenge accepted! What an awesome opportunity to do something, big or small, for another person. Through this challenge each of us Crafting Chicks is going to find a way to make life easier for someone else. We hope that you will follow along as we tell our story on our Instagram account. Now we challenge all of you to take a part in this movement and spread goodness throughout! See below for details: 1. Choose a good deed. Could be as simple as paying for the coffee after yours.  Taking your friend’s kids so she can have some time to herself.  Or just spending some time chatting with someone that needs a listening ear.  2. Share your goods. Pick your favorite social channel (Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Twitter, etc.), but first, make sure to take a selfie (or something appropriate to your story), and share your story, big or small. Be [Read More...]

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Rainbow Layer Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

6 Layer Rainbow Cake

My second child asks for this cake every year on his birthday. I’m pretty sure he figures the taller the cake, the more loved he is. And he is pretty loved, because every year I dedicate hours of my life to this birthday cake. My first rainbow cake was disgusting and the birthday boy was the only one who even ate a whole piece. It went into the garbage it was so bad. So each year I try a new recipe, and I’m happy to say that after a few not so good version that this one is an A+ cake. I made a few changes to this recipe by Who Needs a Cape and loved how it turned out. Mix up your batter and divide it evenly into 6 bowls and add food coloring.  There’s about 1.5 cups of batter in each bowl. Spray your pan, line with parchment, spray again and then flour to be sure the cakes [Read More...]

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5 Stroller Must Haves

5 things I never knew I needed in a stroller

I was provided the stroller for review, all opinions are mine. Eight years ago I became a mom, and eight years ago we bought two strollers that we have used like mad with all 3 of our kids. They’ve been great strollers and have taken us on many family excursions and adventures. But when B.O.B. offered to let us try the new Revolution Flex out, we jumped at the chance. I’m sure strollers have come a long ways in 8 years, but this is stroller was quick to impress even the harshest critic. My husband. Together we came up with this list of 5 things we never knew we needed in a stroller, but absolutely love now that we’ve tried them.   1. Swivel Front Wheel. This baby turns on a dime, but it also locks in place when dad wants to go for a run. 2. Extended Canopy. Before trying it out I thought the big canopy looked “dorky”, [Read More...]

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