I can finally dig through my October 2011 photo file and post this party!  I really haven’t wanted to re-live it all…until now.  October is quite a crazy month to say the least…4 birthdays in 2 days…need I say more!!  At the end of October, I always tell myself…NO MORE PARTIES!  and then April hits and I already have fun ideas for the next parties!  Why do I do this?!  (my husband would like to know!)  I do have so much fun planning parties, especially for my kids and their adorable friends.

My little Abby loves ballet and was so excited to have a “Ballerina Party” for her 5th birthday.  I’m excited to share all of the details in photos today.


I usually make digital invites, but went a little crazy with the paper (and tuling this time).  I printed out the invite wording (font: LD Adornment) on pink paper and then cut out little leotard shapes.  I then bunched up some black tulle and added a little tutu to the invite.  I LOVED the wording “COME DANCE & TWIRL WITH THE BIRTHDAY GIRL!”  I added mini sticky pink jewels to the top.


Using my Silhouette, I cut out Ballerina dancer shapes and made a banner using pink and damask (I used ribbon to string the pennants on).

I found the pink and black lanterns at Hobby Lobby…love those.  They fold away nicely for another party!

I loved the pink, white and black-damask and polka dots!


I made strawberry cupcakes and frosting and added toppers with the number 5 in a bracket shape and mini ballerina dancers.


Along with a tutu, we had damask paper bags filled with all sorts of fun goodies for all the little girls.


What is a ballernia party without a tutu right?  In the invite (at the bottom) it says to come in a leotard and tights.  We had these little tutus ready for the girls when they arrived.  I’m not gonna lie, this was a bit much, so maybe just have the girls come in tutus and save some time.  They were fun to make but after number 4…I was done!

To make these, I cut strips of hot pink and light pink tulle and did a loop knot around fabric elastic (that I had already sewed into a circle).  I then took pink silky ribbon and looped it around each tulle knot…and tied it in a bow at the end.


I found these sparkly foam crown shapes at a craft store and using painted wooden dowels (cut about 12 inches long) ribbon strips and sticky jewels, each of the girls made princess wands.  They loved this.  You can see the picture of the girls holding their wands below.


We played Musical Chairs, Freeze Dance, Pass the Wand, and at the end had fun hitting the pink castle pinata!  It was adorable seeing these little ones run around whacking a pinata in their tutus!


  1. soooo adorable.. i love it!

  2. LOVE the invitation!

  3. I love the invitation. How did you do the Tulle at the bottom?

  4. We have ballerina parties at our dance studio and I love, love all your suggestions! These are all wonderful DYI things that parents can do and bring with them to our studio. Thanks for sharing!

  5. How did U do tutu at the bottom? Hve my lo 1st birtgday in month time
    Thinking its a great idea.. Cn email me pls

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