I could not wait to use this Pink Princess CookBook with my two little princesses.  My little girl earned a SPECIAL night and so we whipped out this cookbook and made a couple of the Princess treats for our tea party.  There were a lot of ideas to choose from and my little girl spent about 20 minutes just looking through the book, deciding which treats were her favorite.  

For this tea party we made the “raspberry tea sandwiches” but used blueberries instead, and star shine strawberry muffins…but swapped out the strawberries for blueberries….and then of course…I let her decorate the sandwiches and muffins!

The Pink Princess cookbook had such fun ideas, easy to make and fun to adapt to what you have in your home.  We will definitely be doing this again…and trying out some other treats in the book…We can wait to try the Pink Princess Pudding, Magic Princess Wands, and Enchanted Unicorn Horns.  If you are throwing a Princess Party, this is a must have.  I only wish I could have used it when I planned a Princess Party for my daughter:)

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