This last weekend we went to the EVO CONFERENCE (Evolution of Women in Social Media) in Park City Utah.  We go to this amazing conference every year and always walk away with so many amazing new friends, new info that makes us better bloggers, and a major lack of sleep ;0!  If you can imagine, it’s hard to go to bed when you are with friends that you have so much fun with.  The 5 chicks were all there, and we stayed together in a two-bedroom suite right there at the Canyons Resort.  IT WAS AMAZING.  We want to thank all of our sponsors that supported us at EVO…

SHABBY APPLE-our dresses for FRIDAY 

The first sponsor, SHABBY APPLE was generous to let us each pick a dress to wear while we were there. Their dresses are AMAZING!

Did you know that Brookie and I are cousins????  If you didn’t know that, now you know ;).  Brooke is so cute, and smart, she hates it when I say that about her.  Brooke does an awesome leprechaun dance too…as for me, I’m just a big nerd.

Jamie looked so cute in her gingham dress and Beck in her wrap around dress.  Jamie loves the word troll and torso….Jamie is always making us laugh.  Becky is so fun and is always looking like a little hottie. Nik, not shown here, brought her baby, the cutest little snuggle bug EVER!!!

Here are the shots of the dresses we each ordered from their website!

Di1.  Nikaala’s pick:  El Dorado

2.  Jamie’s pick:  Overboard

3.  Becky’s pick:  Martha’s Vineyard

4.  Brooke:  Barefoot in the Park

5.  Kirsten’s pick:  Toe The Line



We are CRAZY about these custom shaped cards and the pearl finish that is on them.  They are the best.  BLACK RIVER IMAGING was absolutely fantastic to work with and we LOVE the business cards they made for us.  We generated QR codes (the funny-shaped codes that are on the back of our cards.  QR codes are nice because you can edit the info as often as you would like on the SCAN.ME website through your free account.  There are direct links that the code is connected to, whichever links you choose…does that makes sense…probably not, but we LOVE QR codes, and they are FREE to generate.

 Other amazing examples of their work….they have many shapes and sizes they offer as well as many other products!!!

PICK YOUR PLUM-the best deal of the day website!!  

We did a really fun game at the conference.  We gave those who gathered all 5 Crafting Chicks business cards, a DARLING Pick Your Plum owl necklace as a gift.  We thank Pick Your Plum for always being sooo supportive and generous.  THEY ARE THE BEST site and if you love anything remotely crafty, you must subscribe them to their daily deal alerts, you will not be disappointed!  Here are some of the cute examples of things they sell.  YES, those are personalized wooden cut-outs, SO FREAKIN’ CUTE!!

We want to give a special shout out to our readers, because without YOU, we wouldn’t have any reason to grow our blog because there wouldn’t be anybody to see it ;).  So THANK YOU READERS & SPONSORS!!!


  1. I have one of those business cards! I’m glad I could meet Nikkala and Becky at evo.

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