Yay!  Time for some fun Valentines craftiness!  In the next couple of weeks, we will be posting so many fun & adorable Valentines projects.

My favorite thing about Valentines Day is definitely the treats (well, that and the color pink).  🙂  I had so much fun making these fun pink Valentines cupcake toppers.

I have been on a pinwheel kick lately.  I just threw a Pinwheels & Pearls party for my baby girl who turned one, so I got really good at making pinwheels.  🙂    I think they are so unique and darling.  They are also really easy and inexpensive to make.

Here is a really simple tutorial for  making  pinwheels:

1.  Cut your cute paper into a square.  For the cupcake toppers mine were about 2 1/2″ X 2 1/2″

2.  With a pencil, draw an x from corner to corner on the paper.  In the center of the x draw a circle.  (I am really naughty when it comes to this step.  It is pretty easy just to eyeball it.)

3.  Cut each corner of your paper to the outside of the circle.

4.  Poke a hole in the center of your circle and fold each of  the opposite corners into the center.  Secure the folded in corners with a brad.  I have also just glued the corners into the center and then put something cute, such as a button in the center.  If you don’t care about them spinning, I think that this is an easier way to do it.  🙂

I also made some of these cute LOVE cupcake toppers.   If you would like to download these toppers for your own Valentine cupcakes, here is the link… http://www.4shared.com/photo/IsxYAhHV/lovecupcaketopper_copy.html

If you are looking for a fabulous way to deliver your yummy cupcake treats to your Valentine, I think that these boxes are the cutest!  I found them at Hobby Lobby.  They hold two cupcakes.  I tied mine up with some fun funky fibers.  Absolutely adorable!

Happy treat making!  Don’t forget to check back for more wonderful and darling crafty ideas for Valentines Day!

♥♥♥  Jen


  1. Jen THOSE ARE SO CUTE!!! I don’t know how you make your frosting look that way, mine never turns out that cute. I love the box too. I love this post!!!

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  3. Thank you for sharing the super cute cupcake toppers!! I have a question though….should it be the topper size when I download it, or do I need to adjust it?

    Thanks again,

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  5. Jenn,

    Where were these at Hobby Lobby? – Karen

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