We are so excited to welcome Abby from A Feathered Nest to our nest!  I love reading Abby’s blog and seeing what creative and clever things she is up to. She has stopped by to share a fun quick project.  We hope you enjoy and go visit Abby!
Hi Cute Ladies!!!  I’m Abby over at “A Feathered Nest” and I’m SO excited to be a guest here with the Creative {Hot} Crafting Chicks!  {scream!} I’m giddy that they would ask, so here goes.
Before we begin…do you even know how hardit is finding a project that hasn’t been done over a bazillion times?!  I mean, how many unique & easy Valentine thingies can there BE out there?!  After my hysteria settled down, I talked to my BFF Kadie and she told me, “just make one of those candy stands I made you for Christmas. It’s easy.”  {gasp!} She nailed it, gave me the inspiration for something that hasn’t been over-saturated yet, (to my knowledge) and now may I present her/our idea:
…and it takes 2 seconds to make…wahoo!
Isn’t it ADORABLE?!  
 I found a cup for $1.99, a plate for $1.99, and some “Quick Grip” for $4.99. 
Remove those tacky stickers….
Apply a bunch of glue to the bottom of the glass…
Center it on the plate, and press down.  I was able to find a seriously awesome weight to press down on my glass.  Use anything heavy.
After a couple of hours, my stand was all ready for me to fill ‘er up.  EASY, right?!
NOW here’s where you get creative and have some fun.  You can make a variety of stands – you just have to get creative!  If you have a birthday party, random event, special holiday, mix and match your options.  When yard sale season comes up, keep a look-out and stock up on random dishes and glass stand items.  You’d be surprised at the great stuff you’ll find for CHEAP!  
Some cute glass filler ideas are:  marbles, gum balls, hard candy that won’t spoil over time, colored beads, or whatever your theme might be.  Party stores and dollar stores are full of small items that would be a lot of fun.
Fill glass containers with something fun…
 I’m in LOVE with this polka-dot plate from Target!!! 
This is a ceramic ice cream dish I found on clearance
And look at this cute little heart-shaped candy dish!  I found it at Target a few years ago on clearance and it looks great on this candlestick holder!  (Can you tell I live at Target?)
Add a cute plate in the mix…
You’ve now got a double-decker!  
You can even get creative with non-dish items like this cute nest-basket I found at the Pottery Barn outlet.  LOVE it!!!
This plate is an old, vintage tin plate on top of a candlestick I got at a yard sale.  I LOVE this one!!
Same vintage plate on top of a Mason jar filled with cherries.  Makes a great summer serving platter.
The possibilities are endless!!!  Go have some FUN with that glue!!!


  1. that is so funny that you used your quad scriptures for you weight.
    but I do seriously love this idea

  2. Just brainstorming after I saw your post… I was thinking maybe (on some of the plate/cup combos-i know it wouldn’t work with all of them) you could use velcro so that they would be interchangeable!

  3. Theses are adorable. I also love the great use of the scriptures. They are really heavy. 🙂

  4. Interesting velcro idea…they use that stuff to keep bumpers on cars, so with the right stuff, you could make it work. I giggled when I saw the Quad, too. My fav is the nest basket.

  5. Super cute idea! I was admiring that serving platter yesterday! thanks!

  6. Fantastic idea and exactly my speed – super easy. Although I think for you it is time for an intervention. Just put the glue down before your good china is harmed. 🙂

  7. One more thing – where did you get that adorable “Be Mine” sign? Could it be – Target?? Please tell. Love the entire display!

  8. Makes me smile! Looks great.

  9. I made some “LOVE” blocks after I saw the ones on your site. check them out on my blog!

  10. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Alison and AFOMFT Blog, The Crafting Chicks. The Crafting Chicks said: Abby from A Feathered Nest is showing how to make these cute and fun candy dishes! http://fb.me/RyNa38Ed […]

  11. Those are all so cute I want to make them all! Thanks so much, I’ll be linking.

  12. These are great! Thanks for sharing such a fun idea.

  13. Love Love Love this!!! how creative! thanks for sharing… can’t wait to try this out:)

  14. Love how well this turned out and how cute it looks. Plus it seems like something I can actually make myself! Thanks for the pics and inspiration.

  15. Aww-thanks, ladies! And I’m LOVING the velcro idea!!! Is there anything you CAN’T velcro?! haha. Oh, and the “Be Mine” sign came from JoAnn’s last year. The one thing up there that didn’t come from Target!!

  16. Just love ideas this resourceful and creative! Thanks for featuring Abby’s work!

  17. Cute! I almost made something like that the other day, but ran out of time at the store. Thanks for sharing!

  18. I have used a simular idea but with ugly plates and things I find at the thrift shop. The shape is usually but the color is terrible. I glue them together and after they dry I spray paint them whatever color I need. I make sure to put a paper doiley on top if using it for food. But they can be repainted to match your party theme.

  19. SO DANG CUTE!!! I love that velcro idea too 🙂 How fun is this. Great post, thanks for posting on our site 🙂

  20. Great Idea! Dollar store here I come.

  21. OMG! Brilliant! I am going shopping today! I LOVE these!

  22. This is simply genius!! lol

  23. I love these …can’t wait to check out Tarjey for that polka-dot plate!!

  24. Great idea! Love the quad for the weight! 🙂

  25. BeingJennifer Says: February 9, 2011 at 10:56 pm

    Love these! SO cute!! Isn’t there a blue or clear resticky-type clay or wax stuff that could work to reuse them too?

  26. I loved your idea so much I couldn’t wait to get to Target! I even made a post about my project, which is yours with a twist of my own. You’re invited to check it out if you’d like at http://lynettesphotoart.blogspot.com/2011/02/fun-pedistals-and-valentine-freebie-2.html.

    Thanks soooo much! Can’t wait to take it to the Valentine fellowship dinner at church this Sunday!


  27. Thopter Says: March 2, 2011 at 1:55 pm

    Sorry, but some of these look like plates glued to cups. The one with the sundae glass glued to the bowl? Looks like a glass glued to a bowl. The ones with the candlesticks are much nicer.

  28. how cool- such creative ideas- turning bland into fab!
    love it

  29. angel brionna n mya Says: November 21, 2011 at 10:09 am

    how about a double heart plate with a stile-do flat stem

  30. What a great idea and expecially the velcro. Storage is always a problem for me.

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