This beautiful girl is my friend Tiffany. She made this DIY Adorable Felt Playhouse. I thought it was fabulous, so I had to have her do a guest post. Here are some photos and her directions for this cute and crafty felt playhouse.
Felt Playhouse

This whole project is my sisters fault. She sent me a picture of a house like this, and at a moment of weakness, I started it. I am actually very glad that I made one, and it didn’t take as long as I thought it would. I used for pictures and some of the ideas. You can make one to fit any size table; I chose to use an old card table so that I could also take it outside. I have seen some that are made to fit kitchen tables.

I completed each side panel first, and then sewed the side panels to each other, then the roof to the panels. Measure the width, length and height of your table. Be sure to add a few inches for seam allowance. Then just start decorating!!

Front Panel

I made everything miniature—I did not make the door big enough for the kids to go through because that would have taken up the whole panel and there would not have been room to embellish. So, I cut a slit up the center of the front panel and sewed a 2” flap to the slit the same color as my house to allow the kids to enter. I am a guesser, so I just started with the door and decided how I thought it looked good and then based the size of everything off the door. For most of the lettering that is on the house, I used cotton fabric. I cut the lettering with my “Cricut” machine and used fusible webbing to attach. That way I didn’t have to sew on individual letters. The mailbox has a flap to open and close. I made the mailbox lid flip up, just so it looked better when hanging. For the window, I cut out the size I wanted the opening and lined the top with white felt, and made purple shutters for the sides. I doubled white felt over and sewed it together for the windowpanes. The flower box is sewn on the bottom and sides, leaving the top open. I made little pockets by sewing straight down from top to bottom. The flowers are cut, sewn, turned and stuffed. I put pipe cleaners in the stems for stability.

Right Side Panel

The window is the same as the front panel, just a little bigger.

Left Side Panel

This one is a little plain, just a simple doghouse and half of the wrap-around apple tree. I sewed the whole doghouse onto the panel. Sew on the inside of the “door” about ½” from the inside edge of door. So there are two sewing lines about 1” apart. One on the outside of the door, and one on the inside of the door. Then just cut between the two sewn lines through the main house panel and the dog door. That way it is sturdier because it is doubled fabric…does that make sense?? The apple tree is the exact same on the Left side panel and the back panel. I made the trunk and branches mirror images of each other. The apples have Velcro on them and there is Velcro on the tree so the apples can be picked. For the leaves, cut out and just sew straight down the middle, so the edges fluff out and give more dimensions to the tree.

Back Panel “Garden”

Tree – see the left side panel directions. The corn stalk is pretty self-explanatory. The pockets to hold the corn are made by folding felt to look like a cone and the bottom half of the cone is sewn to the stalk. The lettuce is cut, sewn and turned. I hand stitched some details through both layers of felt. I put Velcro on the lettuce as well. The carrots are in the “ground”. I made this the same way I did the flower boxes. Then the kids can take them in and out.


I found a pattern for fruit, vegetables, eggs, desserts and the bags at JoAnns. The egg carton is fun, but was a bit of a pain.

Since making this, I have thought about making more things out of felt, pizza ingredients, sandwich stuff and a toolbox with felt tools.


  1. SO cute, I need to do that sometime soon. I LOVE IT!!!

  2. Baker Family Says: April 30, 2010 at 5:22 pm

    That is absolutely darling!!!

  3. VERY cute and I love the groceries, too!!

  4. sooooo cute! Tiffany is so talented!

  5. This is awesome! I saw this on homemadebyjill and bookmarked it. Thanks for reminding me that I want to make one. 🙂 You did an amazing job, Tiffany!

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  7. Hey~Where is a good place to find felt?? in great colors too?

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