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It’s the season for roller coasters and ferris wheels!  You know I love to go to Disneyland, but I also love going to the local amusement park, Lagoon, and all the water parks nearby as well.  I’ve developed my list of go-to items that are easy to pack but are things that are good to have on hand.  Since I go so often, I have people ask me all the time what they should pack and take with them so I thought I’d share it with you all too.

Water Bottle:

I like to have a water bottle for each member of the family.  Our family favorites are these Camelbak ones for kids


and these Camelbak ones for adults


First-Aid Kit:

It never fails that someone, either that’s in your group or not, will need a bandage.  I have found taking this little first aid kit saves a lot of time and stress.


Jogging Stroller:

This is one of my FAV-OR-ITE purchases EVER!  I love this stroller and it is a must for going anywhere with kids.  We take this to the zoo, swim parks, Disneyland, and any other amusement park we may go to.  You really don’t have to spend a lot of money, but the BOB Revolution was the stroller that had everything I wanted in a jogging stroller.  We fit all three girls on this.  One just sits on the foot rest part. It’s probably not something that’s suggested but it sure makes it easy to take everyone where you need to go. 😉



I like to pack a variety of healthier snacks so we aren’t spending so much time, money, and calories on park junk food.

I’ll throw in a protein bar for everyone.


Some string cheese


and some fresh fruits and veggies




You’ve gotta have something to pack all those snacks in.  I love to pack it all up in this great little cooler.  You’ll want to make sure you can pack in snacks, but most places will let you. 91wBrZgyD+L._SL1500_


You do not want to be caught out in the sun without a pair of sunglasses.


Make sure your kids have some too.



Sunscreen is a must for being outside. Make sure you pack it with you so you can reapply.



It’s always a good idea to have a small, compact umbrella with you.  Not only does it stop rain from ruining your day, but it can also block out sun when standing in lines. 319Nl1eNUjL

Lip Balm with Sunscreen:

If you are out in the sun you for sure need to make sure your lips are protected and so taking a lip balm with sunscreen is the answer.


Autograph Books:

If you are going anywhere there are characters, like Disneyland, you’re kids will probably want to visit and get an autograph. Autograph books can get a bit pricey at the parks, so shop early and bring one your kids can pick out before hand. Make sure you bring a pen as well.


Photography Essentials:

I hopefully don’t have to remind you to pack a camera. But don’t forget the fun extras you can pack to use with your cell phone.

I just saw this Extended Selfie Arm all over Disneyland on my last trip and thought it was amazing! People were walking and recording video and taking picture with ease.


There are also these great cell phone lenses you can snag.


Then you don’t have to lug around your huge, nice camera.

Glow Sticks:

I learned this trick from my cute friend Amy.  If you have any kiddos that are scared of those cute rides that are dark, just throw a glow stick on them.  They will be so excited to have the glow stick that they will forget about being scared of the dark.  These also come in handy for those night parades or parties.


So that’s my list of amusement park necessities.  What do you take that I missed?


  1. Another benefit of glow sticks, is that you can bring them out at night, when the park starts selling THEIR glow sticks for crazy prices! Saves money…happy kids!

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