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Ali Childs

Hi! I'm Ali from Dream Crafter. If you want to know a little about me, I think there is just one word that sums up who I am: "Goof-ball." ( that technically two words?) I try not to take myself too seriously. What is life about if you can't have any fun?! (Am I right?) I am a mom of three boys who keep me hopping and keep my race-car sound-effects up to speed...get it? "Speed?" I am married to the man of my dreams who is literally Super Man (don't tell anyone I told you his real identity.) And they all put up with my crazy DIY shenanigans. If you want to know a few things that are too personal keep reading. I talk to myself A LOT, I love to watch reality TV shows, eating chocolate frosting by the can (my husband says I will die of a heart attack at an early age with a frosting can in my hands) and drinking luke-warm water instead of ice water. I hope you stop by my little corner of the Blog-o-sphere at and say hello! Seriously...just come by and type, "hi." That would make my day!

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