{Simple St. Patricks Day Decor Ideas + Free Download}

candle ribbon2 copy

I love the color green, it is one of my favorites.  I already have a lot of green in my house, but for St. Patricks day, I like to add a few more touches of it.  I added green ribbon to my white candles.  It was so easy.  I just wrapped thick green wired ribbon around the candles and attached it with two pearl ended push pins to make them extra pretty.  I love anything with pearls.    You can use ribbon without wire too, I just think it makes it hold its shape nicely.  Also, you could use any kind of pins instead of the pearls or no pins at all.  You could just hot glue it on.   I like my candles wrapped in the ribbon so much,  I might just leave it on there all year long.  I needed to add some green to my dining area, and I had these pretty green flowers.  I just stuck them [Read More…]

{Shabby Chic Crafts & Roberts Crafts Giveaway Winners!}

Congratulations to the winners of the Shabby Chic Crafts giveaway!!!   #9 – Shirley L  I am a new follower of the Shabby Chic Crafts blog!  #76 – Crystal   cannot decide between the spring numbers & the spring is in the air artisan journaling spots! love them both so! made sure to become a fan of Shabby Chic Crafts’ blog & FB page…their creations are DIVINE! hugs!       Congratulations to the winner of the Roberts Crafts giveaway!!!        #132 – Jenn I LOVE your site and I would LOVE this basket! Times are tough and the first thing at my house to get cutback is my crafting stuff! Crafting makes my soul happy!   Yippy!!!   Please email us at craftingchicks@gmail.com within 48 hours to claim your prize!        

{Makia Creations Craft Contest}

It’s here! And it’s HUGE! $4422 Huge! A craft contest that will have you earning MONEY for your ideas. That’s right! There is $4422 up for grabs. Makia Creations Craft Contest Just think of what you could create with that cashola! Makia Creations is about finding the best ideas and turning them into ‘kits’ that are classy, fun, fresh and easy to assemble. Makia was designed to help women get their ideas into production. We know you have the creative talent, so let’s get you earning some money for that brain of yours! Hurry…This contest runs TODAY through March 11. So, there is no time to waste. If we love your ideas, you just might find YOUR craft: Produced as a kit (you’ll be earning royalties) Featured on the Makia Blog Displayed in homes across America! Sold in Makia Creations Happy crafting, and GOOD LUCK!!

{Valentine Hair Pretties + A Free ♥ Day Download}

lilyphairclip2 copy

I love making cute and unique things for my baby girls hair.   Here is a little something that I made for Valentines Day… My darling little Punk Doo. These cute little hair clips are SO easy to make. You will need: -Some fun fabric (I found this hand towel in the $ section of Target) -A cute center(I used a sparkly brad that I had) -An alligaitor-type hair clip -Some ribbon that matches your fabric First, cut out three circles.  One big, one medium and one small.  I just found things from around my house to draw a circle on the back of my fabric.  I used a Coke can for the big one, love my coke!  Once you have your circles cut out, you pull along the outside edges to fray them.  This part is fun because you can make them look so different by how much you decide to fray.  I trimmed any stray pieces of fabric, so it didn’t [Read More…]

{Mini Mailboxes for Your Little Valentines}

mailboxes finished copy

These sweet mini mailboxes were one of the fun Valentines crafts that we had on display for our feature on Fresh Living on Monday.  They are perfect for Valentines day and any other day.    I plan on using them year round to leave little love notes and little surprises for my kids.  It will be fun for them to leave little notes and thank yous for each other as well. All you need for to make these darling mailboxes are: -A mini mailbox of some sort.  I found mine in the dollar section of  Target a while ago.  I have seen some really cute ones at Hobby Lobby. -Fun scrapbook paper.  I wanted to use something that wasn’t really Valentiney so that I could use them all the time. -A  monogram or other supplies to add your childs name. -Mod Podge First, I traced and cut my paper to fit on my mailbox and each of the lids.  The [Read More…]

{A Sweet Treat for Your Valentine ♥♥♥ + Free Download}

toppers finished copy

Yay!  Time for some fun Valentines craftiness!  In the next couple of weeks, we will be posting so many fun & adorable Valentines projects. My favorite thing about Valentines Day is definitely the treats (well, that and the color pink).    I had so much fun making these fun pink Valentines cupcake toppers. I have been on a pinwheel kick lately.  I just threw a Pinwheels & Pearls party for my baby girl who turned one, so I got really good at making pinwheels.      I think they are so unique and darling.  They are also really easy and inexpensive to make. Here is a really simple tutorial for  making  pinwheels: 1.  Cut your cute paper into a square.  For the cupcake toppers mine were about 2 1/2″ X 2 1/2″ 2.  With a pencil, draw an x from corner to corner on the paper.  In the center of the x draw a circle.  (I am really naughty when it comes [Read More…]

{A ‘Fancy’ Toothfairy Box}

ky toothfairy box4 copy

When my Kylie  lost her 5th tooth the other day, she informed me that she wanted some sort of  ‘fancy’ box to put her tooth in for the Toothfairy.  We usually put it in a plastic baggie, which is not so great.    So, we came up with this… To make our Toothfairy box, we used: -A small box (we got ours at Hobby Lobby) -A piece of cute scrapbook paper -Mod Podge -Some fun ribbon or fibers -A monogram letter for their name I cut the paper to fit the top and the sides of my box, then Mod Podged the paper on.  After it was dry, I stuck on our monogram letter and tied our fun fibers around the top of the box.  So, so easy and fun to make.  Oh, and I LOVE the sparkly K that she chose! I was going to put some sort of felt tooth or something on it, but I like that my [Read More…]

{My Favorite Christmas Song as Decor + A Free Download}

silentnight finished1 copy

  One of my very favorite things about Christmas time are Christmas songs.  I have a few favorites.  I love the feeling I get when I hear these songs being sung.  One of my very favorites is ‘Silent Night’.  Such sweet words.  I decided that I was going to frame the words and display them in my living room by my Christmas tree this year. For this project, you will need: An 8×10 frame Paint in whatever color you like Glitter The words to your favorite Christmas song typed up *I have included a free download for the Silent Night words that I digi-scrapped at the bottom of this post.  First I took the back off and the glass out of my frame and painted it.  I used a shimmery silver paint since my Christmas colors in my living room are silver and green. While the paint was still wet, I sprinkled some sparkley white glitter all over my frame.  [Read More…]

{Fun & Festive Candle Decor}

deck the halls banner sm

Recently, while playing around with my Silhouette, I found out that the leftover part of my vinyl after using the center makes a great stencil.  I have wanted to make some new decor for my mantle and this was perfect.  Sparkly stenciled glass candle holders… They look much better in real life than in the photos.    Also, a bright colored candle would look better behind the silver snowflake and would make it show up much better.  To make these festive candle holders, you need: –A glass candle holder. ( There are so many shapes & sizes.  I found mine at Micheals for really cheap) –A stencil of some sort.  (I used the leftover vinyl from my silhouette shape)  –Paint in the color you like –Some sort of glitter(I used these really cool little silver ball glitters, they are Martha Stewart at Micheals)   First, I attached my stencil.  The leftover vinyl worked great because it is sticky and stuck perfectly onto [Read More…]

{South African Milk Tart – A Yummy Holiday Treat}

deck the halls banner sm

My  wonderful husband is from South Africa.  He is always making treats that he loved when he lived there.   A lot of these treats I don’t particularly like (some are a little strange), but I do like South African Milk Tart.   I really like the texture and I love cinammon.  My husbands family made Milk Tart a lot around the holidays, so that is when we make it too. My sweet husband makes this for our family often and he usually makes just one normal sized pie.  He found these darling little mini pie crusts at Wal-mart and so he made everyone there own cute little Milk Tart.    These are so perfect for holiday family dinners or get togethers.  Our recipe that we use was enough to fill 16 of these mini crusts. If you would like to make some Milk Tart for your family this holiday, I have made this cute recipe card with the delicious recipe for you.   You can download [Read More…]

{ Simple Holiday Gift Ideas For Teachers & Neighbors}

deck the halls banner sm

Yay!!!  I am so excited to be ‘decking the halls’!  I love Christmas and I love giving gifts.  I am always trying to come up with cute and fun Christmas gift ideas for teachers and neighbors.  I don’t want to spend a lot and I want them to be something that they can use.  This year, I decided to make some little Christmas magnets and put them in some darling little tins for my kids teachers. Here is the one I made for my Kylie’s teacher… I used Altoids tins.  I found them at Smith’s grocery store.  I had a really hard finding them for some reason.  Altoids tins are the best, you can do so many fun things with them. I made some cute, Christmasy magnets.  I used the December Flair kit by Crystal Wilkerson.  Her Christmas kits are so adorable, I love using them!  I am LOVING the colors in this holiday kit, I think it is so fun because it [Read More…]

{More Fabulous Deals!!!}


If you are looking for a fun pesonalized Christmas gift for someone special this year, photo canvas prints from Canvas People are great!  Canvas People  is offering 50% off everything and free shipping when you use coupon code “blackfriday” at checkout. This deal is good until Dec. 3rd, so if you’re planning on giving a canvas for Christmas–here’s your chance.     How adorable are these canvas’!  They would make someone very happy on Christmas morning! And…For amazing deals for all your digital scrapbooking needs, Two Peas in a Bucket is  having a HUGE sale on over 1,000 digital products!  This sale will run through the weekend and end on Monday!! You must check it out.  Just click on the link below the image!   Over 1,000 digital (personal license) products will be 50-75% off Friday through Monday night! Happy Shopping!

{Pretty & Cheap Fall Wreath}

fall wreath finished copy

Okay, so I am still totally thinking in fall mode.  I can’t yet move on to Christmas.    After Halloween was over, I couldn’t wait to take down my decor and put up some festive fall decorations. I love to change out the decor on my front door.  I get really bored with having the same thing up for long, so I need some ideas that won’t cost me a fortune.  I wanted to spend around $10 on something new and pretty for fall.  Here is what I came up with… So simple and SO cheap!  Everywhere I looked for wreaths, they were really expensive.  And, most of the less expensive ones were less than pretty.  I found this Better Homes and Gardens grapevine wreath for $3 at Wal-mart.   I got the bunch of yellow flowers for $3 and the bunch of fall flowers for $5.  They also are both Better Homes and Gardens.  They have such pretty decor items. I [Read More…]

{‘Thanks’ Board-Display What You Are Thankful For}

thanks board finished copy

 I love Thanksgiving!  I love that it is a holiday where we don’t get or give gifts or treats.  I love that it is just a holiday to enjoy family and think of all of the wonderful things we have to be thankful for.  Oh, and all of the absolutely delicious yummy food!  I love that part too.  I wanted my children to really think about what they are thankful for, so I made this ‘Thanks’ board to hang in our family room thoughout the year.  I didn’t use the typical Thanksgiving fall colors, because I wanted it to fit in with my decor since I am leaving it up.  To make this, you will need: -A wood board -Wooden or chipboard letters (I used chipboard) -Coordinating scrapbook paper -Small clothespins -Thin wire -Paint -Mog Podge  I started by painting my board.  I mixed a dark brown with white and got kind-of a taupe color.  Next, I Mod Podged a [Read More…]

{Welcome Miss Plunkett Boutique:: Giveaway!}

miss plunkett

We are excited to welcome Miss Plunkett Boutique to The Crafting Chicks. These two ladies sure have some super fun designs on their site. I am just dying over the creativity that they use to make these interchangeable hair accessories for girls. Here is what they have to say about their exciting site. “We are just two creative moms who wanted something to keep ourselves and our girls looking stylish without breaking the bank. It’s really fun cause we work so well together and feed off each other’s ideas. We do have a tendency to go overboard so keep your eyes peeled for new products including felt, tulle and more just in time for the holidays. We are open to any new ideas and custom orders too. “Our name, Miss Plunkett actually came from my “gruncle” (great-uncle) who calls us silly names cause I think there got to be so many of us girls that he can’t always remember which [Read More…]

{Check Out These Great Sites}

Gwen Violet

Check out our amazing sponsors and their crafty goods! {Miss Plunkett Vintage Trimmings} This adorable unique accessory shop allows you to choose from many different interchangeable pieces to accessorize your little sweetheart. {Moo Moo’s & Tutus Party Designs} This fun Etsy party shop will make your celebration even more special! {Down This Road Designs} Angie over at “Down This Road Designs” has created some very cute and festive Halloween digital scrapbooking kits. {GG Digital Designs} Another VERY cute Halloween digi kit over at our fabulous sponsor GG Digital Designs.   {Say It On the Wall} Vinyl lettering and images for home decor and holidays. {Poppy Seed Projects} Darling “do it yourself” craft kits over at Poppy Seed Projects. {Sugar Pop Designs} Sassy camera straps to die for over at Sugar Pop Designs!

{Personalized Decor – Sweet Wall Words}

girls room wall words5 copy

 I have said it before and I will say it again – I love personalized decor!  I especially love it in my kids rooms.  I think that it makes them feel really special when their space is all about them. I did this word wall on the wall above my daughters daybed.  My Kylie Joan & Lily Pearl share a room, so I wanted something that celebrated both of  them. This project was so simple and cheap.  I think it turned out so cute.  You will need: -Different sized pieces of wood (I bought mine already cut in packages at Hobby Lobby) -Coordinating scrapbook paper -Mod Podge -Spray adheisive -Vinyl words First, I traced each of the wood pieces onto the back of my paper and cut it.  Then I used my spray adheisive(love the stuff) to attach my paper to the wood boards.  Be sure to spray both the back of your paper and your wood board so that it [Read More…]

{Pumpkin Decor and Halloween Cupcake Toppers + Free Download}

trick or tweet banner2 copy

I am so excited to be posting some Halloween Goodies!  I love this time of year and I love Halloween!  I am not the best decorator when it comes to the smaller holidays.  I am trying to be better.  I saw this idea in a Pottery Barn catalog.  I had to do it.  So simple. So classy. I bought a few pumpkins in the produce section at the grocery store.  I got some different sizes.  Then I just found some fun black & white ribbon and darling Rik Rak (love it!) and tied it in a knot around each of the pumpkins.  I displayed them on an end table in my living room with a little BOO sign. Pretty much every holiday I make either cupcakes or cookies with my kids.  They love it!   I think Halloween cupcakes are the most fun to make! I decided that I wanted to make them really simple, but cute. I made these [Read More…]

{Hair Flower Tutorial & Giveaway}

hairflower lilypearl copy

***THIS GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED*** I ♥ flowers!   Having two little girls, I am always looking for adorable hair accessories.  I have found that I definitely like flowers the best.  There are so many fun ways to make them! This is my little Lily Pearl.  She is definitely my inspiration for most of the creative girly things that I make.  I have been making hair flowers for awhile now and I am in the process of starting up a little shop called Pearlie Girl Hair Decor.  My most favorite flower to make is one with tulle in the middle.  I am going to show you how to make it.  You will need: a flower (I love Hobby Lobby for my flowers) a small piece of tulle a piece of ribbon long enough to cover your clip a hair clip small rhinestones a gluegun Pull apart your flower and glue all of the individual layers together, then follow this simple tutorial: There are [Read More…]

{Simple Personalized Decor – Tuesday Tip}

simple photo decor3 copy

I LOVE photos!!!  They are definitely my favorite thing to decorate with.  I especially love photos of my beautiful little kiddos.    I am always trying to find new ways to display my photos.  I found a great post on mounting your photos onto foam board on  The Creative Crate.  I just had to do my own. You will need: foam board photos (any size) a craft knife spray adhesive I traced my photo with a pencil onto the foam board. Then, I just cut out the area that I traced with my craft knife. I used spray adhesive to mount the photo onto my board, so easy!!! I love how they turned out.  I love the no frame look, so simple and fun! We recently moved my 12 year old son, Ethan, into his own room.  I had to come up with something that was somewhat grown-up for his room.  I love any kind of decor with monograms, I [Read More…]

{Show Your Doggie Some ♥ – Homemade Dog Treats}

lu&durbs copy

This post is for all of my fellow friends to the animals out there.  I LOVE my dogs, they are a huge part of my family!  My dogs are Durban(the brown one) and Daisy, better known as Sweet Lu Lu Poo Pants.    They are my little miniature weiner dogs.  Sweet Lu and I are definitely BFFs and I think she is one classy gal. I love doing nice things for my little friends so , I was so excited to find a super easy recipe for homemade dog treats on a crafty website I love – Martha Stewart.   The recipe is really easy to make  and the ingredients are totally normal, not anything yucky.  They actually were really yummy smelling while they cooked. Here is what you need: 1 cup flour 1/4 cup wheat germ 1/4 cup brewers yeast 1 tsp salt 1 1/2 tbsp. canola oil (I was naughty and used vegetable oil) 1/2 cup low sodium canned chicken stock [Read More…]

{Healthy & Fun School Lunch Ideas}


  Back to school for me means making lunches for my kiddos every morning.  I will be making 3 this year!   My oldest son, Ethan, has Type 1 diabetes.  So, since he was diagnosed over two years ago, I have been making him lunch to take because it is easier for him to measure how much insulin he needs.  Also, my kids will not eat school lunch (not that I blame them).   So, I have made a lot of lunches!!! I must say, I LOVE the new lunch containers they have out now.  They are fabulous!  I really like the ones that can hook onto my childs backpack.  SO convenient!   Most of the new lunch containers come with a handy dandy sandwich container.  Love them!   It is so great to not have to spend money on tons of plastic bags and it is better for the environment.   A small plastic food container works great to. I always [Read More…]

{Tips For Making Toothbrushing Fun + Invisible Nasties}


We all want our sweet kiddos to have beautiful healthy teeth.  Sometimes getting them to take care of their teeth can be quite the battle.   Teaching them the importance of brushing regularly can be fun.  Here are a few tips for teaching your little ones how to clean their pearly whites: -Let them pick their own toothbrush(maybe a cool character of some sort) -Let them brush your teeth at the same time -Read some fun books about toothbrushing -Create a toothbrushing routine that they can follow each day(music, getting things set up,etc.) -Using a toothbrushing timer to time how long they need to brush -Sing some really cute & fun songs about brushing your teeth.  You can find some great ones at this darling site – Lucy Learns Try some of these helpful tips and hopefully your little ones will learn to love to brush their teeth! Colgate asked if we would spend a day crafting with our kids–letting [Read More…]

{I ♥ Canvas: Photo Wall Hanging}

canvas photo wall hanging4

I love canvas!   I like to do all sorts of fun things with it (and there are a lot of fun things to do with it!).  I also love photos (especially of my beautiful kiddies!).    I wanted something fun using canvas and photos for my girls’ room.  So I made this:  For this cute canvas photo wall hanging, you will need: canvas(I used 5×5″ squares), two pieces of coordinating scrapbook paper, Mod Podge, black distressing ink, black paint,  4 photos of your beautiful loved ones :), and wooden letters L O V E . I cut 4 squares from my scrapbooking paper (2 from each pattern), next I Mod Podged a piece of the paper to each of my canvas squares.  I inked the edges of my canvas before Mod Podging, but you can do it after you put the paper on or not at all depending on the look you want. I cut each of my photos to fit on the paper with enough room left to put my wood [Read More…]

{Yummy Summer Fruit Dip}

yummy fruit dip 1

This is the yummiest fruit dip ever!!!:)  I’m sure a lot of you have already seen this recipe, but for all of you who haven’t, I just have to share.  I wouldn’t want any of you lovely readers to be deprived of this heavenly goodness!!! You will need:              1 8oz. cube of cream cheese                                                                     1 7oz. container of marshmallow cream                              1 1/2 cups Cool Whip Fruit Soften the cream cheese really well in a medium sized bowl, add marshmallow cream and mix together.  Finally add the Cool Whip.  You can add more of the Cool Whip if  you like, I like just enough to make it nice and fluffy.   As for the fruit, I have a completely unhealthy obsession with strawberries (I seriously could live on them), so that is usually the only fruit I use.  Some other fruits that are great with this fabulous dip are bananas and pineapples. Perfect for summer and SO easy to make!:)  Now go [Read More…]

{Come On Get Happy!: Happiness Board}

happyboardfinished copy

  With life being so stressful and busy, sometimes we all need a little reminder of what truly makes us happy.  After reading  this article in Real Simple Magazine , I was inspired to think about the things that make me happy.  I decided to make myself a Board of Happiness.  I bought some corkboard and cute fabric  at  Hobby Lobby.  The corkboard was pretty cheap, I got it unframed.  The fabric  I chose is pink because it is my favorite color and makes me happy!    I used my hot glue gun to stick the fabric onto my board. Once I had my board covered with my fun pink  fabric, I needed some cute pins to hold on my happy  things.   I bought some plain thumb tacks and had to make them cute.  I made some little felt flowers to glue on the tacks.  I also found some really fun little glittery balls to put on them, and they were already sticky!  Yippy!     Once I got my fabulous pins made, I started [Read More…]

{Fun Ideas to Celebrate the Fourth of July}

lily baby star headband fourthofjuly 2 copy

I love the Fourth of July!!! It is my very favorite holiday! This year the Fourth of July is extra special for our family.  My husband, who is from South Africa, became a American citizen.  Some of my kids and I got to go to his Citizenship Ceremony and it was so neat.  It really makes you grateful that we are citizens of such a great country!!!:) This is what my sweet Lily Pearl will be wearing to celebrate the Fourth of July. I got her this fabulous outfit and had to have a cute headband to go with it!   I got three different red, white, and blue fabrics.  I cut two stars out of each of the fabrics, then I put interfacing in the middle of the two stars and stitched around it.  I put a button in the middle of each one and hot glued them onto a stretchy headband.  I love that I get to celebrate [Read More…]

{Reward Cards for Kids}

 Being the mom of six fabulous & crazy kids all home for the summer, I needed some sort of rewards system for them.  After the first couple of days of summer break, I was already done with the fighting and not listening.  So, I came up with this: Everytime that I catch my kids being kind, helping, or not talking back when I ask them to do (or not do) something, they get to pick a card.  The are a few different cards.  I picked rewards that they would be excited about, and that I could live with.   I printed the reward cards on cardstock and then had them laminated. When they choose a card, they can’t see which one they are getting, which makes it like a game.  They love it!  Some of the cards are 1,2, or 3 points.  They can save these cards and use them to get things at the ‘Point Store’.  They love being [Read More…]

{Flowery Frames}

I just re-decorated my daughters’ room in hot pink, black. and white.  I found these frames at Tai-Pan in just the perfect color to match their hot pink & white bedding.  They were so boring and kind-of cheap looking, so I just added some flowers to one of the corners.  So simple, but I really LOVE how girly and cute they look!!!:)

{ My Jett’s Milestone Book}

I finally finished this milestone book I have been working on for my little Jett. When I did this one for my Derek, I did traditional paper scrapbooking. Oh, how I now LOVE digi-scrapping. So easy and mess free!:) Jett is my number five of my six kids. After I had my fourth, I realized how fast they grow and change and I wanted to remember every little detail of them being babies. I wish I had written down more of the milestones for my first three. I made this book 8″x8″ and I love the size. I picked my favorite photo for each of the months for one of the sides, then I typed the milestones that I had written down for that month. I love to look back at their books and remember all of the little things about my sweet babes.:)

{Simple Bow & Flower Boards}

Fellow Crafty Chick, Jamie, and I made these really simple boards to hold all of our girls hair bows & flowers.  I was so sick of having them all over the place and not being able to find the one I needed. I just bought a 12×12″  scrapbook page frame at Hobby Lobby.  I painted the frame white and sanded the edges a little.  Then, I put in a page of scrapbook paper I liked and used Mod Podge on it.  Last, I hot glued on four pieces of 7/8″ ribbon on to hold the flowers & bows.  So easy!!!

{Kylie’s Pink Party}

My little Kylie just turned 7 in March.  She wanted to have an all pink party.  It was so fun!!! All of the decorations were pink.  We had pink polka-dot cupcakes and pink lemonade.  Each of the girls made a flower hair clip and we played charades and freeze dance.  My favorite part of the party was the party favors.  I put a bunch of really fun girlie songs (most of them from the 80’s on a c.d.,and made a really cute label to put on them.  I also put in a pink sparkly lip gloss.   The girls and the moms loved them! So fun, girl parties are fabulous!!!

{Cute Girly Hair Clips}

  I love making clips for my little girls hair, and now that I have had my sweet Lily Pearl, I am having even more fun making them.  I get so bored with the same old flower or bow clips.  I found the idea for these fun clips at The Creative Crate.  I loved how funky and different they are! This fun clip, I made from a silk flower that I bought.  I took the flower apart, and traced one of the petals onto some fun fabric that I had.  I cut the flower out of the fabric.  Then I just layered the petals back together adding the fabric flower.  I used a sparkly brad for the center and a hair clip to the back. So super cute!!!  I love having girls!

Keepsake Boxes

I have saved all of my kids things from when they were babies. Hospital hats, blessing shoes, bracelets, hair. I really needed somewhere to save it all, so I made these cute Keepsake Boxes. They were so easy to make. I got the tins at Hobby Lobby and Modge Poged scrapbook paper onto them. Then I just decorated them a little and put my kids initials on the top. So easy!!!

ABC & Number Books

Hi, it’s Jen. I made these these ABC & Number Books for my almost 3 year old, Derek. My cute friend, Heather, made one for her boys and I thought it was the best idea. Derek LOVES to look at photos of people in his family, especially himself. I did them pretty old school using paper and photos. I just bought a pack of 6×6 colored paper and found some fun letter stickers, then I found photos that I had for each of the letters. For the number book, I took photos of Derek’s stuff in the amount of whatever number I was doing. I got them both laminated and put them together with 2 rings. They were super easy and Derek loves them!!!

Tiffany’s Quiet Book

Here is my friend Tiffany’s quiet book that inspired me to get started on my quiet books. I love how she blanket stiched around each page-so adorable-just a lot of work! I also love her shoe idea and cute little velcro animals!

Thanksgiving Place Card Idea

I found this Thanksgiving Place Card Idea and just had to share! They were made by Jenny McGuire. How fun are these and they look pretty easy to make. I love that they have each person in the families photos on them. You can find the instructions on how to make them here.

Cutest Halloween Cupcakes Ever

I found these darling, spooky Halloween cupcakes at Bakerella. I LOVE the spiders, they are the Cutest Halloween Cupcakes Ever! This website had the cutest ideas for baking, so creative! I will definitely be attempting to make some of these cupcakes this month. To see these cupcakes and more fabulously decorated baked goods, the link is www.bakerella.com

DIY Baby Photo Album

I just finished this little DIY Baby Photo Album for Jett. It was so fun & simple! The album is a chipboard word album by Bo Bunny. I got mine at Hobby Lobby. They have other words too. I just did some of Jetts hospital photos with a few fun baby quotes. I LOVE how it turned out!

DIY Hanging Names

Here are some letters that I painted for Derek and Jetts room. I had Dereks done when he was born and just finished hanging Jetts. They are so easy and super cute. I know that Jetts are hanging a little bit weird, and I need to fix them! Anyway, they have the wood letters at Michaels for $1.99 each. These DIY Hanging Names came out great!

Milestone Scrapbook

I made this milestone scrapbook for my sweet Derek. I started with his pregnancy and went through his 1st 12 months. I had written down every little thing that Derek had learned to do each month and I wanted a cute way of keeping it. I wish I had done this with each of my other kids! It is so fun to look back and remember all of the little things that were so fun!