Cinnamon Toast Crunch White Chocolate Popcorn

Sweet and salty, totally fun Cinnamon Toast Crunch white chocolate popcorn!

Hi everyone! It’s Keri from Shaken Together and I’m back with another super fun no-bake treat that is perfect for your Summer road trips, pool parties or movie nights: Cinnamon Toast Crunch White Chocolate Popcorn!! Now, my boys could live on cereal. They go through cereal and almond milk like it’s their job!  We are equal opportunity cereal lovers, but hands down, Cinnamon Toast Crunch is a family fave.  My hubby has even been known to sneak out for a little bowl in the wee hours of the night! Since we love the mix of sweet and salty when it comes to snacks {like these triple buttered popcorn sundaes!}, it was only natural that I added our favorite sweet cinnamon cereal to a bag of salty buttery popcorn!  And made it even more delicious with a generous drizzle of white chocolate! If it has cereal in it, does it count as breakfast?!  You can decide, but if you smell popcorn in the morning [Read More...]

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Red, White & Blue Summer Snack Mix

Quick and easy, red, white and blue Summer snack mix!

Well, hello Crafting Chicks readers!!  I am so excited to stop by today to spend some time with you and share a fun Summer recipe! I’m Keri …  home cook and creative crafter over at Shaken Together!  I am also the wife of my VERY patient hubby {14 years and counting}, mother to two baseball obsessed boys and lover of lists, the color red and singing at the top of my lungs!  Now, it won’t take you long to realize that I love to celebrate!  Holidays, birthdays, achievements … give me something to celebrate and I am on board!  In addition to family and friends, food is one of our favorite things to add to any celebration.  With the 4th of July coming up, I put together a little of this and a little of that to create a perfectly patriotic, red, white & blue Summer snack mix! I really love this combination of Summer snack mix ingredients because there is no chocolate to melt [Read More...]

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