Worms & Dirt Chocolate Bark

This Worms & Dirt Chocolate Bark is SO cute! What a great boredom buster or rainy day activity!

Hi guys!  It’s Keri – from Shaken Together!  What have you been up to since I shared these utterly delicious Rocky Road Brownie Bites last month? We had a birthday (how do I have a 15 year old?!), an anniversary and a new job!  It has been so busy and we are definitely counting down the days until school is out!  If your family is anything like ours, the boys are ready to cue the sleeping in, tons of time outside, hanging with friends and fun Summer activities!  Speaking of Summer activities, how about a delicious treat that is a great boredom buster or rainy day activity?! Make a batch of Worms & Dirt Chocolate Bark! This chocolate bark is a spin on the classic worms & dirt pudding – layers of chocolate pudding, topped with dark cookie crumbs for the dirt and sweet wiggly gummy worms.  Instead of pudding, those same cookie crumbs and gummy worms {and maybe some sprinkles thrown in for good measure} are [Read More…]

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Rocky Road Brownie Bites

Rocky Road Brownie Bites! Take the chocolate, marshmallow and walnuts in rocky road ice cream and pile them on soft chewy brownie bites for brownie bliss!

Hey guys!  Keri from Shaken Together here and beyond excited to be back with YOU and the Chicks today!  I hope you brought your sweet tooth and left your diets at the door because I have got a super easy {semi-homemade} recipe for little bites of brownie bliss that you do NOT want to miss! Rocky Road Brownie Bites I am a bit of a mixed bag in the kitchen.  See, I love to make things from scratch – my grandma’s creamy broccoli cheese soup, peanut butter Bundt cake or ooey gooey butterscotch caramel cashew bars.  But I am also a busy working mom and wife, so there are days that I proudly wear the crown of the Queen of Semi-Homemade!  And believe me when I say that no one will care that you didn’t make homemade chocolate fudge buttercream.  And when they are licking marshmallow fluff off of their fingers, they won’t say a word about the brownies from the bakery.  Because these Rocky Road Brownie Bites are pretty [Read More…]

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I’m Wild About You Valentines for Girls

Super cute non-candy Valentine idea for girls and teens! I'm Wild about You Valentines with animal print emery boards, nail polish and a hair band!

Hey there, guys!  Keri here from Shaken Together … I am so excited to be back with you today sharing a super cute Valentine idea for girls!  Now, I have been blessed with two boys.  They come with a lot of baseball, stinky shoes, sweat and dirt!  And I love every second of it!  BUT, when my mom got married to a sweet man named Bill, I was lucky enough to become an aunt to a beautiful niece.  A girl!  A teenage girl!  So I came up with this fun “wild” Valentine idea that would be perfect for tween and teen girls … I’m Wild About You Valentines for Girls!! Would you believe each of these Valentines cost less than $3?!  For all that glittery animal print goodness!  That makes them so reasonable to put together for a few of your favorite tween or teen girls or for your girl to gift to her besties! Here is what you need for each I’m Wild About You Valentine: Animal [Read More…]

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St. Nick’s Nibblers – The Easiest Chocolate Covered Pretzels!


Hi Crafting Chicks readers!  It’s Keri from Shaken Together and I am so excited to be back with you sharing a fun no-bake sweet treat!  I love to make seasonal treats – you may remember my Red, White & Blue Summer Snack Mix from this Summer.  And this Mayflower Munch Mix is always a huge hit at Thanksgiving!  Since Christmas is right around the corner, I thought a little red and green was in order!  Take a peek at the easiest chocolate covered pretzels EVER {and they make a super cute holiday gift} … St. Nick’s Nibblers!! I have made tons of chocolate covered pretzels before – these pumpkin pie spice pretzels just last month, in fact.  And while dipping pretzels in melted almond bark or white chocolate is not terribly difficult, I always spend a ton of time fishing pretzels out, waiting for the excess chocolate to drip off, getting a smooth pretty surface while wielding two forks or skewers … needless to say, the whole process [Read More…]

7 Swans a Swimming Mason Jar Gift:: Bloggers Best 12 Days of Christmas

Celebrate one of the 12 days of Christmas with an easy whimsical 7 Swans a Swimming Mason Jar Gift!

Hi Crafting Chicks readers!  It’s Keri from Shaken Together and I am so glad to be participating in the Bloggers Best Christmas Series: 12 Days of Christmas!!  Gift giving is one of my favorite things! There is nothing better than having a little gift giving arsenal of quick gifts for friends, co-workers, neighbors and teachers!  My aunt is the queen of great little giftables stashed away in her closet … she picks up fun things all year long and always has something on hand if she needs a gift.  I am not quite that organized, but I do have a super cute {and quick!} mason jar gift idea to share with you! 7 Swans a Swimming Mason Jar Gift You will not believe how easy this is to make!  There are literally only a handful of basic craft supplies needed: Mason Jar (or recycle a spaghetti jar) White acrylic paint + foam brush White feather trim Hot Glue Gun + glue [Read More…]

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Black Crow Halloween Cupcake Toppers

Black Crow Halloween Cupcake Toppers

Hi Crafting Chicks fans!  It’s Keri from Shaken Together and I am back to share a super easy Halloween craft with you!  This is just my favorite time of year!  Pumpkin everything starts flooding the shelves, the weather starts to cool down and the holiday crafting season is upon us.  And what holiday is complete without cute cupcake toppers for holiday cupcakes? I have made cupcake toppers out of circus animal crackers, washi tape bows and even a flower punch I transformed into a bunny! But today’s cupcake toppers are definitely for the birds!! Beady eyes and shifty feet, these black crow Halloween cupcake toppers, are the perfect way to top a treat!! I love “cute Halloween” – is that okay with you?  My boys would love it if I would embrace the ghouls and gore, but I tend more towards friendly ghosts and chubby jack-o-lanterns.  So, these black crow cupcake toppers fit the bill and they are SO easy to make! [Read More…]

Quick & Easy Coffee Filter Party Favors

Quick and easy coffee filter party favors!

Well, hey there!  It’s Keri from Shaken Together and I couldn’t be happier to be here with you today!  Now, despite all the exclamation points, I am still trying to come to grips that this time of year means that I now have boys in middle school and high school {say what?!}.  But, I have decided I have to shake off the back to school blues.  Want to know why?  We are heading into party season!  Back to school parties, class parties, birthday parties, football parties, holiday parties and just because parties!  And in my book, every great party needs a really great party favor.  So, I am sharing a super cute {but totally inexpensive} party idea that you can make for any holiday, season or theme … Quick & Easy Coffee Filter Party Favors! That’s right!  Can you believe that those super cute stamped pockets start from humble cone shaped coffee filters?  They are naturally the perfect shape to hold candy, confetti, [Read More…]

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Cinnamon Toast Crunch White Chocolate Popcorn

Sweet and salty, totally fun Cinnamon Toast Crunch white chocolate popcorn!

Hi everyone! It’s Keri from Shaken Together and I’m back with another super fun no-bake treat that is perfect for your Summer road trips, pool parties or movie nights: Cinnamon Toast Crunch White Chocolate Popcorn!! Now, my boys could live on cereal. They go through cereal and almond milk like it’s their job!  We are equal opportunity cereal lovers, but hands down, Cinnamon Toast Crunch is a family fave.  My hubby has even been known to sneak out for a little bowl in the wee hours of the night! Since we love the mix of sweet and salty when it comes to snacks {like these triple buttered popcorn sundaes!}, it was only natural that I added our favorite sweet cinnamon cereal to a bag of salty buttery popcorn!  And made it even more delicious with a generous drizzle of white chocolate! If it has cereal in it, does it count as breakfast?!  You can decide, but if you smell popcorn in the morning [Read More…]

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Red, White & Blue Summer Snack Mix

Quick and easy, red, white and blue Summer snack mix!

Well, hello Crafting Chicks readers!!  I am so excited to stop by today to spend some time with you and share a fun Summer recipe! I’m Keri …  home cook and creative crafter over at Shaken Together!  I am also the wife of my VERY patient hubby {14 years and counting}, mother to two baseball obsessed boys and lover of lists, the color red and singing at the top of my lungs!  Now, it won’t take you long to realize that I love to celebrate!  Holidays, birthdays, achievements … give me something to celebrate and I am on board!  In addition to family and friends, food is one of our favorite things to add to any celebration.  With the 4th of July coming up, I put together a little of this and a little of that to create a perfectly patriotic, red, white & blue Summer snack mix! I really love this combination of Summer snack mix ingredients because there is no chocolate to melt [Read More…]

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