I am loving these Bare books you can find at http://www.barebooks.com/chunky.htm. They are blank board books that come in squares 5×5 and 8×8. They even have 8×10. Check it out. They are especially fun for making mini digital scrapbooks. The square ones have 10 pages inside. What is so great is that all of the blank board books are between $1 and $1.50!
{This is a 5×5 mini Valentine book I made for Brian-He loved it!}

{This 8×8 book I made for Brian for our last Anniversary-it is a little story that rhymes about us-so we can read it to Abby & Bryson}
We had a writer’s workshop when I taught first grade and I wish I had known about this website, for my students to publish their own little books on these board books. You have to order at least $20 worth, so you might want to find a few friends to order them with. Let me know if you think of fun themes or ideas for these bare books. These Bare Books are fabulous!


  1. I love your little book about you and Brain that you made for the babies. It is so super cute. Such a reasonable price for these too.

  2. ha ha i love that they are called “bare books” so cute and adorable as usual jamie! you go digi scrapbook queen!

  3. what a great idea. jamie you are so creative and talented!

  4. Jamie you blow my mind with your creativity!!! I only aspire to create things that cute!

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