I found this awesome new site for bakers! This cute lady make the cutest cakes and cupcakes and I remember seeing her on the Martha Stewart show. Lindsay and I were thinking these Bikini Bears Cupcakes would be so cute to make for a pool party/bbq treat! Or what about a summer birthday party?! Are these not so cute?! I know my kiddos would just love these!

You must check out Bakerella!

Follow up! Lindsay and I did make the cupcakes! They turned out adorable and were a huge hit for our summer bbq treat!!!


  1. I am dying over the bikinis!! That is too funny!!! What a fun little treat!

  2. this is THE cutest idea ever. i think i might steal it for isabelle’s birthday party next week. thanks for the idea!!! again. you are just full of awesome ideas!

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