We have this fun little project group in our neighborhood; We try to get together once a month, and one person is in charge so that we can hopefully get a project completed and not have one more thing we need to get done sitting around the house. It has been so much fun so far. In June we made these darling handmade burp cloths out of cloth diapers. They turned out really cute and were pretty easy, as far as sewing goes. It was just the pinning and ironing ahead of time that made them a little more time consuming. So here is a picture of the finished product. (I am using Kristin’s burp cloths cause I haven’t taken pictures of mine yet.)

So here are the instructions for making these:
You will need
about 1 ¼ yards ribbon or rickrack for each burp cloth
6” cut from a bolt of fabric will make 2 burp cloths, or 1 fat quarter will make 2 burp cloths (the fat quarter will be slightly more expensive but you won’t have to hassle with getting it cut from the bolt)
Thread to match material or ribbon

So once you have your material and ribbon/rick rack washed, you will need to iron and possibly trim the edges. Then you will pin the material and the ribbon/rick rack to the center of the diaper. Sew a line down the ribbon/rick rack, making sure that you are also sewing through the material to hold it down as well.

I hope this all makes sense. There are some really fun websites out there that have other fun ideas. Here is the one where we got this idea, but we didn’t sew the material on the back cause we thought it might take away from the absorbency of the diaper.


  1. really cute, becky! i am sorry i couldn’t make it to that. let me know what other fun things you guys are making and i might try and come another time. i’ve started feeding my creative side a little bit more, so i am looking for new projects. right now i am working on a headboard for my bed and painting our master bedroom. once it’s all done i’ll post photos on my blogs.

  2. Love them Becky-you little crafty one!

  3. I love them! Who wants to make me some!

  4. laura thompson Says: August 5, 2012 at 12:27 pm

    do you make cross stitch birth announcements

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